the perfect first massage

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The Perfect First Massage

Saturday night special

Just after dinner I had felt that I needed to select something else other than staying at home
So I had went to one of the adult book stores, and kind looked through the magazine section
And that got me going into the movie shows in the back of the store with a pocket of coins
I had started to drop a coin into the box and started to get into one of the porn shows, so then
I got curious what the peep holes were all about one on each side of the center that I was in
Then about that moment I say a finger come through one of the holes like a if who ever was
In the other booth wanted to see something and as the way I was feeling after stroking on my
Cock, I said to my self what the heck maybe the person wanted to see what I had so I stuck my
Cock in through the glory hole all 6-inch and never before has a man ever sucked me
Before and it felt very different and good, but before this there was a few times when I had got
A massage from one of the massage parlors that I usually head to when needed the gorgeous
Asian girls ask if I had ever been sucked, or fucked by another guy, and now this was a weird
Time for me to experience this.
So all along while being sucked it got me even more hernia so I let my self cum into the mouth
Of who ever was sucking on me and about that time the flick had finished, so just before leaving
The shop I looking into picking up a few goodies meaning after leaving the adult book store
They’re where a couple of women that had been looking for stuff also so not to make it so obvious
I kind of brought up the subject as what she thought was as being a good goop for fantasy massage
On men and she looked at me and started to really go through all sorts of jells so thinking to myself
Without making it to obvious how hornier and flushed I started to feel, so I imagine she sensed that
Also and she said that she was sorry for making me feel that way, so then she pointed out some other
Goodies like strap on dildos and other toys and that got me even hotter so after we had finished
Going through all the goodies I tried to keep from laughing and making myself feel like a kid in a candy
So as we had walked out of the store she kind of glanced at the massage parlor next to the parking lot
And knowing what was on her mind and I told her that I was heading to one of the massage parlors that
I normally go to, and just as we started to walk to the car someone opened the door from her car and it
Must have been either her boyfriend of her escort so she said not to worry it was a male massage escort
Service and she had plans to get a massage also so she mentioned to me why don’t you let us follow you
To the massage parlor that I had planned on going to so I said sure that will be perfect, so the information
Was writing down as to were I was going and as she was getting into her car she looked and smiled and
Said we will have a good experience and a good evening today, so all the time I was thinking about what had just happened just then and what a feeling it’s going to fulfill of fantasy of what the oriental woman
Wanted to see and encounter, so after driving for about twenty minutes I had finally got there and the girl
That I had met at the adult bookstore has not been there yet, so I had gone into the massage parlor and was
Greeted by the clerk that works at the front desk and I said that I was here to meet with another couple for
A group massage, she looked at me with a tingle in her eyes and was thinking she more than likely felt as
Horny as I did so any way she said that the other couple had paid for the service of all of the house and us
So then she said they had to go back to the store to pick up somemore goodies, and about that time I felt
A lump in my throat show as beautiful as the oriental woman was it made me feel that everything was ok
So then she had come to the main door to let me into were the rooms were because of the office is secluded
From the street and behind a wall I could not see the oriental lady very well but after she opened the door to let me in I felt a lot less nervous.
Then she grabbed me by my hand and planted it on her curvy ass and damm does she have a nice body
For being a mature lady of the orient then I quess she remembered that through all the times that I had been
There and all the sexy massages now I will have the chance to show you and help us through the fantasies
And I said yes mamma, and her body is what makes it all that much better and easier to focus on what’s going to happen so while we are waiting for your friends why don’t you go on and start to get undressed and take
A shower if I wanted to and as she walked out the room she had left the door cracked open a little so while
I was getting undressed as she ordered I looked through the door and in the next room I had seen her and another lady looking into my direction and I was completely naked and my man hood was semi erect by the
Thought of what may and will happen and on occasion there were times I had both of these woman share me during my visit here while one would be massaging my back the other would be rubbing on and around
My asshole and playing with my cock,
Well after having all my clothes off I needed a towel and there were none in the room so I had walked out of the room naked good thing there were no other customers around so as I walked out of the room asking one of the ladies I need a towel and they played as they not herd me so I walked into were they had been watching a porn movie and rubbing on each other so I finally got there attention and asked for a towel
So that I could shower and as one of the younger of the two reached into the closet the mature lady looked at me and murmured something and started to suck on the head of my cock damm that felt good so as I was giving the towel both ladies looked toward each other and said well maybe we will have to wait for now
So off back to the room I went with the towel half around my waist as I closed the door to the room I had taking of the towel to lay down on the mattress on the floor so while waiting for the ladies to come in I grabbed a magazine to read and through the stack I had found a XXX rated one and started to enjoy it so
About that time the younger of the two ladies knocked to let me know she was entering the room so as she came in she said her name is Naomi so I said hello meaning I had been there few times before I had asked if she new, so Naomi said no in a sexy broken voices, that is my MOM and I looked at her and said to myself wow her daughter is beautiful but during the years at one point the mature lady said she has a daughter but at that time she was only thirteen years old, so while I had my face in the book she glanced
Over my shoulder and said what are you reading it must be very good so as she tried to be as quit as she can taking of her top then kneeling down next to me and I can smell the lotion that she put on her hand first
Then started to rub my back and then went toward my feet and started to gently rub from my feet up to my butt and about that time I herd a soft knock on the door as it was starting to open it was the mother of Naomi so as she walked in I looked up at her and smiled she looked happy to see me again as we always teased each other by saying things like meeting her daughter and then she said well do I think I was worth
Waiting for and of course I said Yes, so she replied now I have met her mother and her daughter and I said all of your family are not only gorgeous but talented so as I was talking to the mother about our experiences
Naomi started in on spreading my ass cheeks to get a better view of my asshole so she can start rimming me out for what they are planning.
So mean while the mother said well finally
we can fulfill our fantasy and I said of course, Naomi is as gentle as the mother using her thin fingers to spread my hole,
and as that was going on the mother started rubbing and massaging my back with oil and they were chatting very quietly so about that time I herd the front door bell ring, so Naomi excused herself to see who it was as the mother moved down to the position of were Naomi was and started in with rimming my hole and playing with my cock and she noticed that I shaved my cock during shower and then she said what about my ass if I was going to shave that I said I could not reach that part so she asked if I wanted her to help clean it up so I said YEEP, so while her daughter was attending the door we went back in to the shower area that had a stand up shower area that was very large so while she soaked me my the water again she then went on to lather up my cock again and my asshole to get a clean shave she shaved my ass first then my cock and man it felt so good to have a woman shave those parts, so back into the room we went and spread oil back on my asshole a started to massage my hole and she asked to raise up my ass so she can penetrate me easier she is very gentle not to hurt and asking if I am hurting you so know how many fingers can I fit into you she started with one then two then three, then I felt unconft but she got all four into me but it felt soo good so I had told her that this was starting to feel great and she agreed and that she was getting hot, so then about that time the door opened and her daughter came in first, then the other couple followed and they all looked down at us and said that we are going to have are own party here and I had swallowed hard on my saliva
But looked forward into having a good time with what the mature lady had planned for some time for both of our fantasies, so the lady that I had met at the adult store started to strip naked she took of her top and she had big knockers and while she was taking off her skirt I was still looking through the magazine then looked up to say something to her and I noticed that she and she had a 8inch cock as she caught me looking she asked I I liked what I was looking at and without a doubt I said yes, only in reality do you see this then again I said yes, and as I was looking at the shemale Naomi and her mother looked at me and said that I will enjoy our oriental fantasy and as if they knew the experience I was going to encounter and enjoyment, and while in what I thought was her escort started stripping to his name is Dick which never was introduced but the name goes with his tool size so while both of them were getting ready and showered, Naomi asked whats in the surprise bag she brought out a cock pump, a strap on dildo that was picked up at the adult store along with some anal lotion, now the other stuff that was brought is some special mixture that’s should numb my asshole during insertion of whats going to be used during or party, so while we are waiting for the couple to clean up Naomi explored and got me ready for the treatment that I was going to be getting and as sexy as she was it smooth things out, so the first was the special mixture that was brought to numb my nerve endings in the anus, and it worked I did not feel nothing after a few minutes, so as she entered my ass with the dildo which was not made of hard material she popped the head in then more then before to long she had half the thing into my ass and as she was enjoying herself with that her mother sat on my face and I started sucking on her juices it was as sweet as ever and for a while during being sucked she started touching my cock making sure not to make me cum she said it’s better this way so after a few minutes of masturbating me she started to play with Naomi’s breast and about that time the couple came into the room wrapped in a towel then the first thing that happened after they were on the mattress the shemale asked Naomi if she didn’t mind so the shemale reached into the bag and brought out another tube of ointment this one is stronger to numb my ass so Naomi knelt next to me and the shemale so she can get a good view of what’s is going to take place then the shemal took out the dildo out of my ass and I could not feel nothing at this point still so the mom got off me and the shemale told me to roll onto my stomach so that when penetrating my ass it will feel better, now the shemale called Nick opened the jar and put some jelly on his fingers and rubbed my asshole with it and in few seconds nothing was felt and then he came over to my face and said to suck him but not to make him cum so I started sucking the head and he said take it all the way in man this was so good it made me hornier than ever I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and took it deeper in my throat so now he said no more for now Nick went back to my anus and stuck his prick into my asshole little at a time as Naomis mom had asked not to be rough so after that Nick asked Naomi to come to my asshole and fist me with her small hand and she did it was good so while this was going on the mother said to me softly I always wanted to watch you try something different than using my finger fuck your asshole so now that I’m hot as heck said the mother iwant Dick to fuck my pussy and me suck your cock and my Naomi to dildo your asshole again. Now we can say this was our first good massage

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