The Wine Tasting

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The Wine Tasting

I arrive early enough to find my husband at home before I am getting ready for our party tonight. He’d poured himself a glass of white wine and had just taken a sip, letting the liquid penetrate his mouth. The look on his gorgeous face revealed that the wine was of good vintage.

I casually stroll up behind him, putting my arms around him, kissing his neck. Startling him, he turns around, “I didn’t hear you come in.” I kiss him in return; a long, hard, tickling kiss with my flat tongue. I immediately feel his cock growing inside his suit pants, struggling to get free. I put my arms around him and scratch up and down his back, driving him wild.

“Don’t start this now…our guests will be here soon.” I only smile wickedly as I put my hand up my skirt to my now warm pussy. It’s starting to get wet with anticipation. I slide my middle finger into my cunt and work it’s juices onto my clit. His cock is now rigid is his pants, it’s full figure outlined in the soft material.

I walk over to his glass of wine, stick my wet finger into the goblet and then proceed to lick the Pinot Grigio off my finger and let out a moan with how good the wine is mixed with my juices. “Veronica, baby, don’t do that. Look what you’ve started.” I groan with pleasure as he grabs at his love pole. I take more wine and proceed to lick off my finger. He comes over to me and sticks his tongue down my throat. “You dirty little girl.” I groan and grab his throbbing unit through his pants. “You want a taste of my wine? Let me give you some.”

He removes his clothing, revealing a pair of black silk boxers that shadow his manhood beautifully. He takes a bit of wine onto his finger and rubs his cock through the silk boxers, making the material shine and fill the air with aroma of Pinot Grigio. Being the horny woman I am, I lick the wine-soaked wet spot on his penis…the silky feel of the garment caressing his wanton cock. His hips buck into my face as if to ask for more.

I remove the rest of my clothing, including the black, lacy, barely-there bra. I dip my finger into the wine and start tracing my nipples. They grow hard with the coolness of the alcohol and the anticipation of being sucked. My husband takes his boxers off, revealing his love for me. He stands there stroking his erect nob, driving me wickedly jealous, as he knows how much watching him jack-off turns me on. He lifts his chin to the ceiling as he strokes his throbbing dick harder and faster. Not being able to take this sight, I begin sucking my own nipples, dripping with wine. He strokes faster. He watches me apply more wine to my hard, dark nipples and to my swollen clit.

He stops what he is doing and rushes over to my naked body, poised upon the kitchen table which we and our guests would be dining on soon. Taking the glass of wine from me, he proceeds to dip his cock into the glass, in the meantime his cock pre-cums. He outlines my lips with his cock as I slowly lick the dripping penis. The taste of the wine mixed with his salty pre-cum sends a wave of ecstasy through my body as he twists my wine-soaked nipples in his hands. He grabs the back of my head and starts steadily and deliberately fucking my willing mouth. His balls are slapping against my chin as he slams his rod full throttle into my throat. His unoccupied hand reaches into the wine glass, and then into my cunt as he finger fucks me with the same furious pace as he is fucking my face. I start to moan with ecstasy as he feverishly face-fucks me. I cum on his hand…he withdraws his purple, aching cock from mouth.

He puts his wine and cum soaked fingers up to my mouth, and I lick them clean. He pushes me flat onto the table, placing my legs upon his bare chest. He shuts my eyes, I then feel the splash of the cold wine on my engorged clit, and I almost come again. His tongue finds its way into my wine-filled cunt, lapping up every drop of the expensive wine. His flat tongue licks up and down on my entire slit, making me cry out in ecstasy. He easily brings me to climax.

He pours more wine on my naked, abandoned body, and licks me with his long tongue. His cock is tickling my clit, more precum emerging, making the area smooth and slick with his fluid. His rigid cock finds it’s way inside my hot, dripping cunt and he starts fucking me unabashedly on our dining room table. His thumb finds its way to my clit and my fingernails make a mark on his back, he trembles with pleasure. Taking his throbbing cock out of my body, he tells me to turn over and he enters me from be hind, almost animalistic. His cock finds itself deeply inside me, his finger tickling my clit. I bite my lip as I am about to orgasm again and release my honey for him. Feeling that I am about to climax, his finger finds my rosebud and explores it deeply. I scream with pleasure as he pours the rest of the wine glass into my ass as he fucks me frantically.

He grunts and moans, and with a bucking motion of his hips, he delivers his seed in four delicious spurts, filling my cunt as never before. Prolonging my orgasm, he withdraws his cock, and fills my ass with it fingering me into another orgasm.

As I catch my breath again, he brings me upright, and my cum and wine filled holes leak onto the clean plate beneath me that we are to use in 15 minutes when our guests arrive. He picks up the china from under me, his naked body gleaming from all the liquids of our lovemaking. He gently washes the plate with water, and dries it, replacing his place setting with the one he just washed. He takes my hand and whispers, “That was the best vintage yet…”

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  1. keren

    Great story, I shared it with my husband who really wants to try it tonight

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