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Hello every1!
This is the 1st story that I m writing here and it is purely true and not a single word is fake or imaginary. This is about my 1st sexual experience with my fiancée who was just my boyfriend at that time but now v r both getting married pretty soon.
Well when I fell in love with him I did not know anything about sex or physical contact as sexual. I was very silly and stupid. Though I knew that there is something b/w a male and a female but I did not know what it was.
V both had r 1st kiss 3 days after v proposed each other and frm then I had been aroused whenver he touched me either on the lips or anywhere else like my neck or cheeks even my hands but he had never gone beyond that like touching me in my private areas.
1ce I just saw a few nude pics on the internet which were 4warded in my mail and those pics had sexual 1s as well and that was the 1st time I had come across any such thing so I was quite surprised by that.
The next day I went 2 by fiancée and he saw that something was disturbing me and so he asked me. I told him that I had seen such pics but I don’t know what they are supposed 2 mean. He just laughed and then he gave me a deep kiss on my lips and started caressing my body. V were both alone in the house then and had no worries of being disturbed or caught. I was loving every minute of that as he continued 2 kiss my lips then my neck and then my ears. He licked my neck as well and I was in a garden of pleasure. I had never felt anything like that b4. it felt so gud, a feeling that can’t be expressed in words. He kept on licking and kissing my body and caressing as well. By then I was quite wet and I cud feel that. My fiancée then opened my hair and kept looking at me and said that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and he was so lucky 2 have me in his life and kept on saying “I love u”.
I was so aroused by the kissing and licking that I really wanted more of him badly so I started kissing him on the neck and he moaned in pleasure and started 2 caress my body. I was loving that. I licked him and kissed him wherever I cud. He then started 2 put his hands under my shirt and caress my stomach and my belly button. Oh! How I loved that. By then he just moved back and looked at me with love filled eyes. And then came close and started taking of my shirt. 4 some reason I did not even stop him or hesitate but just closed my eyes as if permitting him 2 do so.he took off my shirt and then his own and laid me on the bed and started kissing my stomach. That was the 1st time I had some1 on my stomach. I was so in a trans. I wanted it never 2 stop. I w3as moaning in pleasure and pushing his head making him kiss me even harder. I cud feel his teeth and his tongue working in my stomach. Then he took my hand and guided it 2 his cock. It was so hard and big. I had never had a cock in my hands b4. I must say my fiancée was quite cooperative in this regard as he knew that I don’t have any experience in it so he took my hand on his cock and started stroking it. It felt so gud and I guess he was also feeling gud as I cud hear him moan as he continued on my stomach. Then he went 4 my bra and unhooked it and released my boobs. He started pinching my nipples and squeezing them. He moved up and started sucking my nipples 1 by 1 and licked them and bit them. I was forcing his head and making him suck even harder. It got me more wet
Then he stopped and started 2 take off my trousers. I was so mesmerized that I didn’t even stop him. He took off my pants and I helped him in it. He had already taken off his pants when I was stroking his cock which was quite hard by then. He took off my pants and then went 4 my panties and put his hand in them and played with my boobs with 1 hand. He even fucked my boobs with his cock by sliding it b/w my boobs while he squeezed them.I felt so gud and let out a moan in pleasure. then he continued 2 caress my pussy which was very wet. I just wanted him badly now and never 2 stop. I made him take off my panties and that’s what he wanted. He took them off and gave me a kiss on my pussy. How gud that felt. I had seen a pic of a female with a man licking her pussy and I wanted him 2 do that 2 me so I forced his head in my virgin pussy which he obeyed and moved his tongue in my pussy and started in circles and licked my clit. I was moaning in pleasure so loudly that if some1 wud have been there then v both wud have been in trouble. He knew I was liking it and so he continued 2 do it even harder than b4 that I cud feel his teeth. I was so wet and I cud feel that he was liking it in my pussy. Then he took 1 of his fingers and forced it in my tight virgin pussy hole. I just let out a small scream as it hurt in the 1st time but then he continued 2 lick and suck my pussy and then his strokes became harder forcing his finger in my pussy. I was loving that. I had arched my back and moved my legs so high so that he cud have a better access in my pussy and he continued 2 lick my pussy I guess 4 half an hour or so. He did not stop 2 finger fuck my pussy when suddenly I felt I will piss and I just came out. It was my 1st orgasm and it felt so gud. It lasted 4 atleast 5 mins and the whole time my fiancée was sucking my juices and taking every drop in his mouth.
Then I got up and took his cock in my mouth as I had seen a girl do that in 1 of the pics. I took it in my mouth and sucked it. My fiancée was moaning in pleasure and forcing my head 2 suck him harder and faster. I was chocking in b/w but loving it as well. I suddenly felt something salty on my tongue which I came 2 know afterwards that it was his pre-cum. I loved sucking his cock and I cupped his balls. He made me suck his balls even and I loved the way he moaned when I sucked his balls. He was loving it as I was and then he cudn’t control anymore and turned himself so that he cud suck and lick my pussy again. I loved that position, he was eating my pussy and I was sucking his cock. V continued this 4 quite some time when at last he xploded in mouth. I loved his cum and I took as much as I cud. He was a bit embarrassed by that but then he started kissing my lips again and v French kissed 4 what seemed like a lifetime.
Then he got up and made me lie on my back and got on top of me and tried 2 push his cock in my pussy. But I hurt me and I screamed and closed my eyes. He took it out immediately knowing that I cud not have it in me. But I made him do it and said that I wud love 2 have him in me even if it hurts. He 1st slapped my pussy with his cock teasing it so that it cud open a bit and then tried again and this time I did not scream but let him do that. I kept looking his eyes and this made him do that coz he cud c frm the look in my eyes that I wanted him in 1st he was gentle so that I cud get used 2 his cock and then after a while he became fast and hard. It felt so gud. He was going in and out and was loving it as much as I was. Then he stopped and made me get on all fours. I must say that it was quite difficult 4 him 2 enter frm the rear as I cud not adjust myself in that position but then after some time I got it right and then I njoyed him in me like that. I was loving every second of it. It also hurt frm the rear but it felt gud as well. He had both of his hands on my ass cheeks so that he cud easily enter me. Then he got faster and harder and then he came out and rested on my back and kissed it. I asked him why he had stopped and he told me that he just came but did not want 2 do so in my pussy as he did not want 2 get me pregnant. I love him so much 4 that. He made me lie down again and entered me again frm the front and was looking in my eyes the whole time. I had my arms around his neck and then I realized I had just come again and no sooner had I cum then he came again as he again pulled his cock out of my pussy. After that v lay there in each others arms kissing each other 4 some time then dressed up as I had 2 leave. I can’t 4get that day. V both r each other’s 1st love and had never had any1 else other than ourselves. After that till now I have had
sex with him so many
times but he had never cum in my pussy even though I tell him 2. he just says that he will do so 1ce v r married which is quite soon.

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    Reading that story was like I’m reading a text message. Nex tym try 2 rite it all out. Dont B sum1 who rites lyk this.

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