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She knew he saw her sitting there. How could he miss her, all that red hair, and Oh, those eyes. Her legs went all the way to her neck and her ass was just perfect. Her breast were like two mountains, waiting to be climbed and he lips just called out to him. He had to see her. He just had to, she’d spent an hour getting ready for this. Tonight was the night
He saw her at the bar, he knew she saw him come in. He wanted her to sweat it out a while, let her fantasies run wild. She was sexy, men stared every where she went, and tonight she would be his.

“Hey, waiting for me?” He asked, letting his eyes run slowly down her body. Her skirt barely covered her and her shirt did no better, he was going to get hard jsut watching her.

“I was about to give up. Go home, yah know.” She winked, he knew what that meant, they weren’t going to get past to appetizers at this rate.

“Let’s get a table, and order and then…..” he suggested.

“I said I had been waiting a while, how bout the men’s room, then the table.” She winked and grabbed his hand, and took off for the washrooms.

Once they were safely locked in the mens room, she unzipped her skirt, “See, no panties.” She grinned.

She took off his pants and began to stroke his balls, he liked that, his cock jumped in appreciation. she stood up and before she had time to think he had her sitting on the counter.

He spread he legs and stuck two fingers in her wet pussy, she moaned loudly. H slid his cock in and began to pound her.

“Ooh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” she moaned and his hard cock filled her over and over.

He stuffed her over and over until she thought she would burst.

“I’m gonna cum,” she panted.

He thrust harder and harder until they came at the exact same second.

“Lets skip dinner, and go somewhere more private.” She said.

10 minutes later they were in a shower, naked and both eager to go again.

He spun her around so her ass was infront of him. He bent her over and spread her pussy wide. His trobbing man meat begging for her dripping we cunt, her cunt begging for his hard cock. The fucked right there for an hour.

He then took her to the bed and lay her down. He put his face between her legs and began to lick her clit. She couldn’t help but sqirm, the pleasure was too intense.

“put your cock in me.” she begged, they fucked on last time, his cock rock hard and ready for action, they fucked on the bed, the fucked on the floor, but he stopped and carried her onto the patio.

“I am gonna stick my cock in you right here and fuck you til you cum.” He took his huge meaty rod and stuck it in her ass. She moaned and began to buck against him. he trust harder and harder. He stuck hiscock in her pussy and thrust, she screamed his name she pulled his hair, oh how she wanted to come, but it felt so good, he fucked her harder and harder and she begged his harder and harder.

His juice filled her pussy and then some and they fell against each other.

She looked up and grinned. ” After five years, we sure can still fuck.”

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