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Week End Switch
Devin and Melina has been married for seven years, they have three kids, and are financially stable. Devin works and Melina is a homemaker. She has a lot of time on her hands; there is not much for her to do in the small town they live in. One day she told Devin she wanted to do something adventurous, but was afraid he would be mad at her for even thinking about it. Devin finally coaxed it out of her,
She told him she wanted to switch partners, Devin was so happy he has been thinking the same thing for along time now but not wanting to hurt Melina’s feelings he just asked her who she had in mind and her smile grew so wide as she said Jimmy and Sandy, She knew Devin has had a crush on Sandy for along time and Devin did not know she has had the hots for Jimmy also.
Devin says do you really think they would go for it. She sure hoped so. They decided to invite Jimmy and Sandy over the next weekend for a barbeque. Jimmy and Sandy have been their friends for a long time they had kids that are all about the same ages. They also decided to see if they could interest the other couple Melinda vowed to flirt non-stop with Jimmy to see if he would take the bait, and Devin was to do the same with Sandy.
Devin called Jimmy and invited him and his family to the barbeque for the weekend, Jimmy said he had to check with Sandy to see if they would be free, he told Devin he would get back to him later in the week. Thursday morning after Devin and the kids were gone Melina was washing the breakfast dishes when she heard someone knock on the door. She was still in her robe she and Devin sleep nude so she had nothing on under her robe, She peeked out the window and seen Jimmy at the door. She seen the perfect chance to see if Jimmy was interested, she loosened her robe and went and answered the door, As she opened the door her robe slid open enough so that Jimmy could see her breasts. She pretended not to notice her boobs hanging out and greeted Jimmy.
Jimmy was staring hard at her chest area and she looked down and acted as if she was surprised that her robe was opened she turned around and adjusted her robe, when she was done she turned around her face was flushed but not from embarrassment but from excitement she was sure he liked what he saw. She told Jimmy sorry and he smiled and said it was ok he did not mind too much. Melinda asked him what brought him here and he said that he tried to call but there was no answer, and was on his way to work and noticed her car in the driveway and decided to stop and tell her that Sandy and himself would be at the barbeque but they would not be bringing the kids, Because they was going to visit his sister out of town for the weekend. She told him that would be fine that she would just let her kids go visit their grandparents for the weekend so they would not be bored.
He told her goodbye and drove off. Melina did not go back to the kitchen to finish the dishes she went into her bedroom, got out her vibebrator, and thought about Jimmy as she brought herself to several orgasms. That night while Devin, Melina was getting ready for bed Melina told Devin about Jimmy coming over, and what she done, and that she got so hot she had to please herself with her favorite vibe. While she was telling him Devin got hard just thinking about it, he grabbed Melina and pushed down on the bed and since they slept nude he had no trouble with clothing her went strait for her plump little pussy sucking and licking so hard that Melina came so hard her juices pored out of her cunt, Melinda grabbed Devin’s dick and started to suck, his dick it’s 9 inches and thick but she was so used to it she just sucked it right down her throat sucking him hard and then softer licking all over until his cum spewed into her waiting mouth, he came so much it overflowed her mouth and dripped down her chin onto her breasts, she they rested for awhile talking about the days events. Devin asked her if she would mind if he pretended she was Sandy while he fucked her and she told him no it was ok because she was going to pretend he was Jimmy pounding into her wet pussy, well talking about it made the hot again, Devin climbed on top of Melinda and pushed hot hard dick into her tight hole he imagined fucking Sandy like he has wanted to half his life, He fucker her hard, fast and deep giving Melina orgasms after orgasms. They made love until they could not move.
Saturday Finally came Devin and Melina’s kids were gone so they decided to pick up some beer and whiskey so if anyone wanted to drink it would be available. Devin and Melina had their favorite brand of tequila some limes, they were so excited about what they were going to do Sandy was dressed in cutoff jeans that showed her ass cheeks and a tube top, Devin wore cut offs as well and a muscle shirt, they had nice hard bodies and were very attractive. Jimmy and Sandy arrived at four o’clock. Devin had the fire going already so all they had to do was put the meat on and make a salad,
Devin asked if anyone wanted a drink and Sandy said yes what do you have of course they had ice tea, beer and whiskey, she asked if they had some vodka and orange juice she wanted a screwdriver and Devin told her he would love to give her one every one laughed, he told yes he had it that he would make her a drink and asked Jimmy what he wanted, Jimmy wanted a beer, well after everyone had their drinks they all went outside to sit by the poolside table. Devin and Melina had their bottle salt and limes with them, Melina looked right at Jimmy and shook some salt out on her hand and licked it sucked on a lime quarter and took a big drink of tequila she loved the mixture of lime, salt and tequila it kind of tasted like cum which she loved to taste, Jimmy smiled and took a shot of tequila. Jimmy said he was going to check the meat on the grill and Sandy said she was going to go pee. Melina asked jimmy if she embarrassed him the other day when she answered the door, He told her no that he enjoyed the show she laughed and told him he better have
. After everyone was back at the table Jimmy asked if anyone wanted to go swimming and Sandy said she did not bring her suit with them, Melina said she had one she could borrow and they went inside to change, since they had known each other since they were kids they had no qualms of getting undressed in front of each other, the suit Melina gave to Sandy was a very tight bikini and Sandy’s tits were a little bigger than hers, the suit barely fit over Sandy’s tits. Melina chose a thong bikini that barely hid anything. When the girls walked out of the house both of the men whistled at them. So they started to pose for them the guys walked up to the girls, Jimmy turned to Devin and told him something the girls could not hear, Devin smiled and walked up to Sandy and grabbed her and picked her up and jumped into the pool with her and Jimmy done the same to Melina. As he grabbed her Melina felt his hand stroke across her nipple, she could not help moaning aloud. Jimmy just kept on going towards the pool and jumped in with her.
When Melina’s head came up out of the water, looked around and seen Sandy trying to push Devin’s head under the water, She wondered if Devin coped a feel of Sandy’s tits also, or other body parts. Melina went to Jimmy and through herself into him grabbing at his head to try to dunk him under as her lower body brushed against his she felt his hard erection rub her belly. As she wiggled against him, his dick grew harder, her pussy started to tingle. She had to get away from him She was so hot she was tempted to attack him on the spot. She moved away as Devin and Sandy swam over to them.
She went to Devin, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him and whispered in his ear that she thought Jimmy would definitely be willing to switch, he told her that Sandy grabbed his dick acted like she done it on accident. He thinks she would be willing also. The couples swam for a while, and then Devin and Jimmy got out checking the meat on the grill, and finding it done. After every one we
nt and freshened up they
sat at the poolside table and ate, Sandy complemented Devin on his meat, and she blushed and said his barbeque tasted delicious.
It was dark out when everyone was finished eating so everyone decided to go inside Sandy offered to do the dishes, But Melina told her no because she was a guest and plus it was not very many dirty it would not take her long. Sandy went to use the bathroom and Devin said he had to make a quick visit to his Parents who lived next door. Melina was at the sink doing dishes when she felt someone press up against her, she looked back and it was Jimmy he whispered in her ear, you have been teasing me all night, do you feel what you have done to me? She could feel his dick pressed against her butt it was as hard as a rock. She told yes I could feel your hard meat, what you want to do about it, he told he wanted her to suck his dick; Melina said that it could be done but she wanted his big piece of meat inside her. She told him of Devin and her plans; Jimmy asked why they just did not come out and ask instead of waiting. He told her that he and Sandy has fantasizes about them for years that it would happen he just needed to tell Sandy about their plans.
Melina could not contain her excitement she raced out the door to go find Devin, She met him at his parents door she told him how Jimmy came up behind while she was doing dishes and the conversation they had. Devin told her lets get back to the house and see what Jimmy and Sandy have decided to do. When the got to the house the other couple was standing in the kitchen kissing, Devin cleared his throat, But before he could say anything Sandy told them that she want to switch partners but It was a bad time for her at the moment. In addition, that next weekend her kids will be with their aunt still and they would love to come over then. Everyone agreed to this and after Hugs and kisses and I can’t waits, Jimmy and Sandy left.

Devin and Melina could not wait for the weekend to come. Melina kept thinking about Jimmy and what kind of lover he was. Devin could barely get through work because all he thought about was Sandy and wondering if she was as hot in bed as he always thought.
The girls were kind of nervous so Melina got her stash of pot and once everyone had a good buzz going they decided to split up Jimmy and Melina got Melina’s and Devin’s bedroom and Devin and Sandy decided they would just take the couch in the living room. As soon as they got in the bedroom Jimmy told Melina he has been wanting to fuck her since they day they first met. Melina admitted she had thought about him to. Jimmy started kissing Melina and started undressing her. As soon as she was undressed jimmy pushed her down on the bed and grabbed her hand and put it on his rock hard dick and said see what your doing to me Melina’s heart started banging against her chest as she felt his harden jump under her hand, she unbuttoned his jeans and helped him pull them off along with his underpants while she finished pulling off his pants he took of his shirt.
Finally, both naked Melina grabs Jimmy’s dick and starts rubbing it and asked if he wanted her to suck it, he says no later I want to eat your pussy first and dives down to her pussy and starts devouring it while Melina starts twisting and moaning.
In the living room, Devin and Sandy are on the couch both already naked and ready. Sandy starts sucking his dick and does not bother even asking she has wanted this for a long time. While Sandy sucked on his big dick Devin starts rubbing her pussy it is so hot and wet he cannot wait to eat it. Sandy stops sucking and lays down on the couch and He starts eating her pussy licking and sucking so hard she cums all over his face. However, Devin does not want to stop so he keeps sucking while he is sucking he puts two of his fingers in her hole and starts pumping making Sandy moan with pleasure.
Back In the bedroom Melina is screaming out as she cums all over Jimmy’s face
Taking a few minute’s to get her breathing back to normal Melina and
Jimmy lies back against the pillows. He asked her if she enjoyed his mouth
And she tells him she enjoyed it very much and that he was going to enjoy
Hers much more.
After resting awhile Melina scoots down and takes his dick in her mouth
And starts licking and sucking making him moan as she sucks his dick it
Goes deeper and deeper into her throat until its all in. Melina starts gagging
And pulls her head up until she stops and starts all over again.
Back in the living room Sandy’s cuming again and starts begging Devin to put his dick in her pussy. Devin sits up and moves her to where her ass is at the edge of the couch and puts his big dick right at her opening and teases her for a second and all the sudden just thrusts in hard and deep making her scream out almost in tears of pleasure. Devin Can’t believe how tight her pussy is its so tight it seems to be milking his dick, while fucking her hard and deep he sticks his middle finger in his mouth tasting her pussy juice on it and gets it wet and gently starts rubbing her asshole making her moan even more. He inserts his finger deeper until its all in her ass. All the sudden Sandy starts cumming cum running down her crack all over her ass making Devin’s finger even slicker he starts pumping his finger faster making her cum again even more.
Devin’s turn to cum He pulls his dick out of her pussy and puts it over her face Sandy grabs it and sticks his dick in her mouth sucking him dry.
In the bedroom Jimmy pulls Melina’s Face up to his and kisses her hard
And long
And tells her to get on her hands and knee’s he wants to fuck her
Doggy style.
Melina tells him to wait she has something she wants to get first she goes to
The edge of the bed and reaches under grabbing a bag and opens it she
Pulls out some KY, and a dildo. She says she wants to use these later as
She gets on her hands and knees Jimmy rubs his hand over her pussy
Checking to see if she was wet which she was very wet. Getting on his knees
Behind her he puts his dick up to waiting pussy and rubs it over her clit
Receiving a moan from her. She pushes her pussy up against his dick
Begging him to enter her. Slowly he enters her not believing how tight her
Pussy is as it pulls his dick deeper in until he was all in.
Melina cries out his dick feels so good while she rubs her clit making it feel
Even better.
After awhile Melina tells him to get the dildo and to put some ky on it and
put it in her pussy with his dick Jimmy did not think it would fit but he figured
She would know best so he did as she said. The feel of Jimmy’s dick and
The dildo in her pussy together Melina came undone screaming out her
Pleasure. Jimmy Put some ky on his finger and rubbed it over her asshole
Making her moan more inserting it a little he felt Melina’s Pussy tightening while she came he
pulled his dick out and stuck the tip of it into her asshole and shot his load
into her ass.
After Jimmy and Melina was clean and rested went to the living room.
Devin and Sandy were sitting on the couch munching on some chips and
Melina Went and sat on Devin’s Lap and told him that she loved him very
And told him she had fun. They sat around for a while telling each other
What they did and that they would defiantly do it all again some in the future.

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