what a cruise!

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This was Jack’s first time on a cruise ship and I wanted to make it very special for him. He’s 6’3″, faint six pack, part time model, (brown hair with blond tips. Looks great in tight shirts!) Anyway, Im getting ahead of myself.
We stopped at a little porn shop a couple blocks away from the ship and picked up some necessities; such as that edible vanilla lotion and some other stuff. Finally we got on board the ship and made it to our room with a drink in our hands. We got settled into our room and were about to go to dinner when he said he couldnt find the key to lock the door. I gave him my glass, so now his hands were full and before I found the key, I decided to say, “hey, I think I found it Jack” as I grabbed his package and started rubbing it, teasing him. Before he could do anything I stopped, picked up the key then left the room, leaving him dumbfounded! His face was priceless because his hands were full and his mouth was gaping open and he couldnt do anything. “Do we have to go to dinner?!?!? he cried after me as he shut the door behind him and ran after me.
I was smiling the whole way through dinner because I couldnt wait to get back to the room and try out that lotion we bought. You could tell that Jack was getting restless because, while I was eating my dessert, ever so slowly, to tease him, he was sitting next to me with his hand on my thigh climbing inch by inch to my already wet pussy. Jack starts fingering me under the table!!! I couldnt even finish my dessert before I high tailed it out of the floating restaurant and back to our dim lit room with a tiny window overlooking the crowded deck of people looking out at the ocean! I handed him the key to open the door to our room, and he was fumbling for the lock as I was groping his package through his jeans from behind him, my body resting on his, I was amazed he actually opened the door. Finally, we’re in our room and as soon as the door shut behind me, he pins me against it, passionately kissing me, hungry for my touch. I unbutton his shirt, slide that off his toned shoulders and work my way to his baggy blue jeans. DAMN THAT BELT!!! Why’s he wear it! I think to myself. Jack stops kissing me and helps me undo that damned belt and in unison, his pants and his boxers drop to the floor. He helps me out of my tight pants, carressing, kissing my stomach, each thigh, then plunges his tongue into my cunt. He makes his way back to my mouth, I kiss him deeply then push him onto the bed. “This is what I want” I said as I positioned myself to get better access at his dick. He fondles my breasts as I open the edible vanilla lotion and squeeze some of it on the head of his dick. Its cold, he shutters. I massage his member and get it into a good lather before I go down on him. I tease him some more, my tongue circles the head of his cock slowly, I can hear him moaning with pleasure. His naked body glistening with sweat from the hot room, I just wanted to take him right there, but no, I had to hold off, make him beg. I slowly sucked on the head of his cock, making him want it more. Jack was moaning with pleasure, then finally I took his whole dick in my mouth, deep throating it, making it mine! His moaning was getting more intense, I decided to stop sucking and add more vanilla as I stroked him with my hand. Watching his facial expressions made me hot, I grabbed one of his hands and placed it on my pussy, his eyes still closed and head rolling back and forth from pleasure. I was so wet at this time, he stuck to fingers inside me with ease and started finger fucking me. When I went down on him again, another intense moan came from his lucious lips and and I started sucking harder, faster! I moved my mouth to his balls and started licking, nibbling, sucking as I stroked his cock with a free hand. In no time flat he came! I was watching him and when he opened his eyes I smiled. I then started caressing his chest, kissing his stomach, licking the cum off his body. Before I was done, he grabbed me and pulled me up to his face, passionately kissed me again. He rolled over on top of me, kissing every part of my body, then ate me out.
So, that was the first night we were on the cruise, but it was only a 24 hour cruise and I wanted him to experience everything about it, not just the room! Whenever we were out, say, in the casinos, I would slightly touch his package when he was least expecting it, or if we were in the elevator alone, I would push him hard against the wall and grope him and caress his whole body, hungrily kissing him.
Lets just say, this is the one cruise he will never forget.

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