When i got caught

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One day I invited my girlfriend April to dinner a really nice restaurant. I knew she would love it if a did something nice like that. So when I went to pick her up she answered the door looking beautiful. The hot red head she came out in a short black mini skirt that made you hard just by looking at it, she had a white tucked in t-shirt. And her breast perked out and said hello. I was expecting her to walk towards the car with me but instead went in side and invited me in this confused me a lot. As I walked in she asked me so who’s Stacy. When she said that one word I knew it was trouble. I said Stacy who knowing exactly who it was. She was my other girlfriend who I just started dating a week ago. “What Stacy I don’t know any Stacy baby” right as I said that I walked into the living room and saw non-other the hot blonde with beautiful perky breast a white belly shirt black thong and a pair of black lowride jeans it was Stacy. I sat down staring at the ground and then I heard Stacy’s voice say relax your not in trouble. All of a sudden I heard April say I just found out you had a other girlfriend and decided to meet her. She’s very pretty. I can understand why you like her. Bur instead of eating out lets eat in here. I was shocked hearing this from April she wasn’t the type to do wild things but today she was. I saw Stacy get on her knees and crawl towards me she scrambled to take of my belt and then unzipped unleashing the cock that smacked her face Stacy was always a wild one and loved tasting cock. She licked the bottom of my shaft and moved her tongue up and down making me grow to a full 8”. She put her tongue on the tip of the head and licked gently and then without warning shoved me down her throat. She bobbed her head rhythmically making me cum in an instant but she didn’t stop there she kept going. She immediately shoved all of my one again throbbing manhood down her throat and let her throat muscle do all the work I came again making her swallow of my delicious cum. Then she lifted her head up just as I glanced at April and saw her masturbating sticking her finger in and out like a cock pumping into her. I looked back to Stacy horny and un-pleasured I stuck my hand up her belly shirt and lifted it off. She had a pink sports bra on I took that of as well and dove in to those tits licking her left nipple and pinching the right, squeezing them both. Stacy was getting aroused to the extreme. I went down and took off her jeans over her high heels revealing her thong. I took that off as well. I was now looking at her juicy pussy. I put my mouth on her thigh and started licking it. I moved towards her slit I ran my tongue up and down it awaiting an opening. Finally she open up I stuck my sharp tongue in her and ran up and down the pussy flesh giving her multiple orgasms. I took my tongue out and turned her around I ran my cock into her has fast has I could I put my hand on Stacy’s tits and starting messaging them and I laid her head on the bed in front of April masturbated pussy Stacy knew what had to happen. Stacy put her tongue into April’s pussy and starting feasting while I ran my huge rod in and out of her tight pussy her muscles squeezed together milking me. I looked up and saw April pushing her pussy into Stacy’s face like she those when I’m fucking her with my dick. I waited for April to cum then I lifted out of Stacy I picked up Stacy’s head and saw the juice all over her face except around the mouth where she licked it all off. I turned to April who was exposing her pussy to me telling me to fuck her I waited I stared trying to make her hornier saw it would be far more better when she came. Then I ran my fierce cock into her swelling pussy moving in and out in and out pulling her in and out while I enjoyed her warm juices I waited for her to clamp down to cum wich was very hard to do my cock was overwhelmed with cum finally it happened and we came together making the pleasure far better I collapsed after a hard days work cum dripping down my dick and a smile on my face

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