Daddy and his Princess, Chapter 1

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CHAPTER 1 ~ Daddy Comes Home

It is the end of the week…Friday…end of June, when it starts getting extremely nice. This particular Friday is a gorgeous Summer day. It has been a long and busy week for you at work. Today has been rough, and you can’t wait to get home. The thought of two whole days away from work, to be able to do whatever you want, sounds delightfully glorious.

 It was one of those days that has ended with leaving you feeling achy and sore. You want nothing but to get home, take a nice hot shower, eat dinner, and finally relaxing on the couch and snuggling, losing yourself in whatever movie might be on television that night. You might even be up for ordering a movie. As usual, when you pull in the driveway, you see my car parked in its usual spot. Nothing out of the ordinary…just the daily routine of the week. You put your vehicle in park, undo your seat belt, get out and head for the door to the house. I hear you open the door…”Hi baby!” you hear me gleefully say.

As you walk into the kitchen, you smell the aroma of my cooking. You can’t help but smirk a little because it’s one of your favorite meals. *Just what I needed! What a great way to start my weekend* you think to yourself. And that’s when you get your first view of me since you left work this morning. What a difference! When you kissed me goodbye and left for work this morning, I was still in my pajama’s and looking a little rough around the edges because I was still tired. Little did you know then that I had this dinner planned for you since Wednesday. Knowing that you were having a rough week at work, I wanted to make the ending of this week a little better for you.

I was standing at the stove with my back to you. My ipod was blaring some Country music that I was dancing and singing to while cooking. One of my favorite things to do…dancing and singing to my music. You just stand there, leaning against the counter, watching me dancing and singing while cooking. I look so relaxed and carefree in my favorite pair of shorts. You know the pair; the most comfortable pair I own that also displays my voluptuous booty. The top that I am wearing is one of those tops that accentuates my twins very nicely. It’s your favorite shirt of mine, which is why I am wearing it. It comes to a particular part that is the instrumental break in the song. Not realizing that all your attention is on me, I start shaking my booty a little while slowly spinning around. I suddenly come to a halt as I make eye contact with you. The look on your face brings a huge smile across my face. It’s one of my favorite looks on you…the look that tells lets me know that I am the center of your attention at that particular moment in time, and you’re really taking in and enjoying the view. I can see it in your eyes and by the way you are smiling at me. I dance over to you, run my hands up the back of your head (as if to massage it a little), and pull you down and kiss you in a slightly passionate way for about 10 seconds. “Dinner is almost ready. Go take a shower daddy, while I finish up” I say. Mesmerized by what has just occurred, “okay” is all you can manage to mutter before you go grab some clean pajama’s and head to the bathroom for a shower.

Once your shower is over, you’re feeling as refreshed as ever. You can hear me in the kitchen singing along to a new song. You put your pajama bottoms on, waiting to put your shirt on until the very last. As you’re putting on your deodorant, a coy smile runs across your face as your brain suddenly receives an idea…you go to where all your cologne is kept and pick out a very particular bottle of cologne. Your hand automatically reaches for it before the sight of it reaches your eyes. It’s such an automatic response because it is my favorite. There have been nights that we have spent just snuggling while watching tv that I have made you wear it just so I can smell you. Knowing the effect of seeing you with no shirt on combined with the smell of my favorite cologne, you put a little on. Just the right amount that you know will drive me crazy.

You come out of the bathroom and head for the kitchen. Your eyes locate and lock on me. You have one mission, and one mission only…as I’m putting the meal into dishes, you come up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist and gently kiss the back of my neck. You know that this act also drives me crazy. I immediately freeze where I’m at. You cannot see my face, but you know that my eyes are closed and I have the biggest grin on my face. I put everything down, lift my hands up to your head, and start massaging it. “mmmm, baby” you hear me whisper in your ear as your kissing my neck. I suddenly feel something hard poking my booty, and this turns me on a little more.

My breathing starts to speed up a little. Knowing this as a cue that you definitely have my attention but I’m trying to fight to keep composure, your hands run down to my shorts. All of a sudden, I place my hands on yours as my booty starts swaying back and forth against you to the rhythm of the current song. I feel you grow harder as you pause the kissing of my neck. Knowing you too well, I realize this is a cue that you are having an inner fight to retain your own composure. I can feel you start to breath a little heavier yourself…my hands go back up to your head and resume massaging it…I feel you grow ever harder against me.

In my moment of taking over control, all my concentration has been placed on what I am doing and the effects it has on you. I forget to keep a little bit of that concentration on your hands and what they are doing. By the time my brain catches up, your hands have been swift enough to undo my button and zipper, and one of your hands has slid down into my shorts…into my panties…and has been placed on my very wet pussy. You hear a gasp leave my lips. I bite my lip to prevent any other sounds from leaving my lips as your hand is stationed firmly against my lips. You do nothing with your hand…it does not move, just stays stationary where it’s at. You know that this drives me insane. Now the tables have turned. You are the one grinning as I fight to control myself, my breathing as heavy as ever now. You know that this is a sign of you taking control of the battle that has been going on between us. You know that you could win at any moment..and you know
> exactly what it will take for you to win. After making me go through this about 30 seconds, allowing me to get extremely wet, as I’m on the verge of begging you…you insert a finger slowly, my juices fully covering your finger. You slowly insert your thumb, find my sweet spot, and start playing with it. My eyes roll back as a moan escapes my mouth. My knees start to get weak…and at this point, you know that you have won.

You know that you have full control of me now. You resume your kissing of my neck, only now you add some nibbling of my ear. You start to direct me to the living room, to the couch, as I’m still moaning. Somehow, my shorts end up coming off and I manage to lay down on the couch. You slide of my soaking wet panties and waste no time in digging in to eat my pussy. And it is exactly the way you like it. Absolute perfection…you keep eating and eating and eating, until I have cum 3 or 4 times. One right after the other…only about 30 seconds between each. This has gotten you so extremely horny that you can’t help but to fuck me until we both cum together. I’ve never heard you grunting so loudly. It’s finally over as you collapse onto me. We lay there, in the quiet of our breathing, for a minute. Your head nuzzled into my neck, my hand instinctively starts rubbing your head. “Babe, you ready to eat dinner?” I ask as I kiss the top of your head. “Yes my princess” I hear you mumble as you kiss my neck a few times.


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