Dear Stephanie!

It was a beautiful cold snowy morning, February 15, 2012. Somehow I knew it was going to be a wonderful day. Me and my guy friend went over to his cousin’s house for a little laughter, drinks, fun and games (as usual). There were 2 extra people (a couple) added to the excitement that we was about to overcome.
We started off by playing a round of cards, (that was it for my night) losers take a shot of vodka, it seemed as if every hand I played I lost. One, two, three, four after my fifth shot of vodka I was bombed.

I decided to go to the nearest bedroom to lay down, to at least stop some of the spinning that was going on in my head (I was drunk). A few minutes to a hour later (I was definitely unsure of the time that has passed) I felt my guy come in and take off my pants and panties and start eating my pussy. It felt all too good and way too different, I looked up and to my surprise it wasn’t my guy friend. It was the young lady who was pouring the shots, my mind wanted to tell her to stop but my pussy thought otherwise. I was so hot and horny for her, her hot tongue was licking and sucking on my wet pussy. I laid there legs wide open with her head buried in my pussy in sexual bliss.

The vodka had me feeling really freaky and horny. She went from sucking my pussy to licking up my belly button to my 40 D cup size breast. Sucking, nibbling and softly biting on my nipples. It felt so good to me, I was letting out soft sweet moans. She knew exactly where my erogenous zones were, she put her tongue in my ear and whispered, “I’m ready to taste you again, I want you to cum in my mouth again,” them words had my pussy leaking with my pussy juices.

She followed the same trail back down the way she came up. She sucked, nibbled and softly bit my breast, licked all the way back down to my belly button and took full control of my already wet pussy. Her tongue was magical the way she put her tongue in my pussy hole bringing all my wetness out then sucking on my clitoris. I couldn’t ¬†hold out anymore I climaxed all in her mouth, she licked it all up and disappeared in the dark.

For so many years I fantasized about her and that night. Her name was Stephanie.

Dear Stephaine, I would do to another young lady what you did to me, cause it was really amazing and someone deserves to feel the way you made me feel, since I couldn’t return the favor. Thanks!

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