Debt Collection (As Told by Money Clip) Part 1

Memoir Elaine. Ha, don’t make me laugh. It’s Memory Layne, her stripper name. Yes, she was a stripper before she started writing these stories. Telayna was real timid when she first came to work at my club. Wore tight sheer cat suits or low cut front short ass dresses never the bra panty sets most wear. But she was down for her paper. The club changed her though or maybe brought it out. After about two years of working she became the only girl that was not a lesbian or bi, so she mostly kept to her self. One of them butches tried her though and she got straight beat down. I had to suspend Telayna for a week and that other chick she did not come back. But soon I knew Telayna was about to quit. Her “virtue” was fading. So, when the bar tender and bouncer reported to me what she was doing, well I had to call her into my office.
Julian and Roy both wanted her but knew dating one of the girls is too much heartache. Telayna came in as usual, greeted everyone that she felt like speaking to a proceeded to the locker room. She dressed in her newest uniform navy sleeveless top that tied in the front (I wonder how her big F cup titties fit in that, ummph) with V-cut shorts accenting her big luscious ass (girl had one of those thaaaangs, shit) and went out to the club. She knew some the others were eyeing some because they wanted her, some wondering of the past few weeks change, so she smile at them like “Whatever” and went over to the bar. Julian, the regular bar tender looked up as she took a seat on one up the stools.
“Let, me get a Paul Masson and Vanilla Coke,” she ordered.
“Naw, You can’t have one”, Julian replied .
“Why, the fuck not”
“Money Clip said, you need to pay up y’all bar fees before you drink again. Especially, y’all whose bill is in the hundreds. That includes you, Memory Lane.”
“Shit” She paused for a second to think. Then, she lean over the bar untied for top and gave Julian a peep. “I’ll make it worth your while, if you make that drink for me” She lick her lips and rubs her right nipple as Julian’s manhood hardened. He couldn’t resist but did so by making the drink and telling Telayna to get away from him before he did something he regretted. She adjusted her top to its proper position and winked and walked away. She knew she won that fight, for now.
Later that night after Telayna finished her show but was working the room. She probably was breaking all the rules of the clubs. Having “lap dance” orgies, letting dudes feels on her ass and tits and charging $75 a touch. It was so against the rules to touch the dancers and she was working Roy’s nerves because he was the one pulling fools off her ass. Then the ultimate was happening. A customer was taking a hundred dollar bill a running it back and forth through the crotch of her thong basically touch her clit. Telayna standing with leg held by the chair in front of the man rubbing her nipples was giggling and getting off. Roy ran over to the couple.
“I’m tired, Memory”. He grabbed her the arm, snatching the money from between her legs.
“Hey watch it, daddy, that get’s me wet”, she smirked. Rubbing her pussy against his hand, whispering, “Why don’t you finish what he started”? Roy looked at Telayna. The warmness was turning him on and the offer was tempting.
“Good night, Memory”
Memory got dressed in her street clothes, came to my office to pay her nightly fees, and told me she would see me tomorrow. Upon her exit out of my office, Roy and Julian were entering almost pushing her like she was trash. I ask them what was the problem and they let me in on the day’s events with Telayna. We have to devise a plan to get her to pay up plus I told you them fool wanted her ass anyway. Plus ain’t nobody getting none in my club unless I get some too.

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Debt Collection (As Told by Money Clip) Part 1, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. honeykink

    Your story is good in a sence that it put me there in the club with Memory. YOu have a unique poit of view and I like that… its not like all the other smut in here. good job, you have a real future in this. do something with your talent.

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