Dream 2

I turn on my laptop to see if you are online…you are and it take’s me a few minutes to get the courage to type to you…i finaly type and ask you are you sitting down as i have somthing to tell you…you reply yes i am why do i ask…i type that i am here and have been for a week i have been waiting for just the right time to tell you…you reply are you realy here yes i say you dont reply for a bit…i ask should i have said i was here earlyer still no reply…so i wait another 10 minutes pass and you finaly reply where the hell are you tell me now…with a smile on my face i say i don’t know if i should…you say i had better or you will never talk to me ever again…knowing i could never let that happen i type where i am…you reply if i still want the promise i asked for yes is all i type…you reply i will be there in 20 minutes and that i had better be ready i am i type and with that you logg off…i am so not ready and start to get ready for you i start organizing the camper and get the bedroom ready…the promise i asked of this amazing and beautiful young woman is that she arive where i am without any underwear on and be ready for the punishment we have talked about for so many month’s leading to this meeting…i had just finished getting everything ready when there is a knock at my camper door…i slowly open the door to see you standing there wet from the rain and with such a stunning smile..i take you by you’r hand and pull you to me hugging you as i had promised i would…i lead you to my bedroom and get a towl to dry you off i enjoy this as i finaly get to touch you even more…i turn you around and ask if you are truly ready for the pleasure you will get from the punishment we have talked about…you smile at me and say yes a warm feeling goes thru my whole boddy as i realize that i will finaly get to please you in all the way’s that you have asked me to…i stand back just enuff so i can see all of you then i slowly pull you to me and kiss you with all the passion i have for you…it is a kiss that is so wounderfull i can hardly contain myself not to just throw you on the bed…but i hold back the erdge and enjoy you’r sweet lip’s that i have so wanted to kiss for such a long time…we pull away smiling knowing how good it felt to finaly kiss…i put my arm’s around you and hold you as i have been dreaming for this for so long i want to enjoy every moment…you put you’r arm’s around my neck and tell me you want what i promised to give you…i say i will and i promise to give you all you desire you smile and lean into me so i can feel you’r warmth…i push you back and remove my arm’s from around you and start undoing you’r top…as each button is undone i start to see more of you’r beautiful skin and with each button undone i see that you have kept you’r promise as you’r oh so beautiful breast’s are set free from you’r top…i slowly slide you’r top over you’r arms and let it fall on the ground as i slide my hand’s up from you’r belly to just under you’r breast’s you reach down and start to play with the bulge that is showing thru my pant’s…as i slide my hand’s onto you breasts and rest my thumb’s on to you’r hardning nipple’s with each stoke you do on my bulge i slowly yet firmly start to run my thumb’s around you erect nipple’s…i now lean in and gently kiss you as we are kissing you move you’r hand’s on to my belt and unbuckle i take a deep breath in antisapation and the realization realy set’s in that you are finaly touching me as i have so wanted you to do…we stop kissing and look at each other both smiling and see the hunger in our eye’s is such a feeling i have only dreamed we would finaly have…as you unzip my pant’s with one hand as i slowly kiss you’r neck and work my way down to you’r breast’s…just as i start to kiss you’r breast you slide a hand into my boxer’s and take hold of my hardon i lick you’r nipple and as you are stroking me we both let out small moan’s…i step back so that we can both see the pleasure we are giving each other i kick my shoe’s off so i can remove my pant’s that around my ankle’s…you remove you’r shoe’s and as you do this i put my han’s on you’r hip’s slowly move them down to the bottom of you’r skirt as i reach the bottom i place my palm’s on you outer thigh’s and with my thumb’s lift you skirt up…i look down to see you’r nakedness and look up into you’r face with a smile and say you really kept the whole promise i see..you smile back without a word you push my hand’s aside and tell me to take my top off…as i do this you pull my boxers down and release my throbbing cock form within you smile and again start to stroke it this time harder…i take another deep breath and grab you’r skirt at the side’s and tell you to help me remove it as it drop’s to the floor as it hit’s the floor i slide my hand up you’r innner thigh tracing my thumb up till it reast’s on you’r wet and sweet pussy lip’s…you moan as i slowly trace my thumb in inside you’r lip’s up to you’r clit and start to rub it with firm yet slow circlular motions…our moans are getting louder and breathing faster we look at each other then at the bed i stop playing with you’r sweet and wet clit palce my hand’s on you’r sweet check’s and lift you up…with you’r legg’s wraped around me i carry you to the bed and place you on you’r bottom so that you’r legg’s are hanging off the bed…i kneel in front of you and spread you legg’s and start kissing you from you’r knee up you’r inner thigh…as you lay down i slowly place my thumb’s on you’r cunt lips and spread them just enuff so i can slide my toung up and down you’r wet cunt..you start moaning for me to lick faster but i am enjoying the tase of you so much i ignore what you say but only for a moment…as when you realize i am not doing as you ask you slide up the bed so that i will do as you ask…i look up and say sorry but you taste so good i want to enjoy the taste of you as long as i can the look on you face tell’s me i’d best do as you ask…i move up beside you and roll onto my back and smile at you with a smile that lets you know what i want to do…you turn around and sit you’r wet and beautiful cunt above my face and lower it down so i can enjoy licking every part of you sweetness…as i start to continue what i started you lower you’r mouth onto my hard cock…it feel’s so amazing as you start to suck my cock faster with this i spread you’r lips with one hand an insert a finger into you while sucking on you clit…as i insert my finger you stop to let out the sexyest moan i have ever heard and this drive’s me to push my finger deeper into you…with this you start to suck me even harder i now stop sucking you’r clit to let a moan of my own out but only for a second as i am enjoying the pleasure we are giving each other so much…i can now no longer hold back and with that i push on you sweet ass so that you’r sweet pussy is above my cock i tell you to turn around so that i can see you..you do so knowing what i have been waiting to do to you for so long you grab my cock with one hand and lower yourself onto me…you are so wet and so tight the feeling of being in you is more than i can handle and with this feeling i grab you’r hip’s pull you down and push up so that all of me is in you…you fall onto my chest and let another sexy moan out as you start riding my cock you look at me and ask if i will fuck you as hard as you want me to and that i promised to…i lean up and kiss you then rest my head down and simply say i will give you all you ask of me and you know i will…you start riding my cock faster and each time you lower yourself on me i raise my hip’s up so i can ram all i have into you’r dripping tight cunt…i can no longer hold back the urge i have to realy give you what you want and roll you on you’r back…i spread you’r leag’s and push you legs back so i can give you every inch of me i slide my cock in you as deep as you asked for…i start deep and slow but soon i know you will ask for it hard and before you can say a word i slam my cock in hard and deep..you let out a loud moan at the same time i do with heari
ng that i start to go faster and as deep as i can giving you all you can take and all that i can give…i can feel you’r juice’s sliding past my cock and onto you’r thigh’s then i see the look on you’r face that i have been waiting so long to give you..as you have you’r orgasim i hold off as long as i can so you enjoy it even more i look at you and you know what is next so you let me stop and you sit up and take my cock in you hand and make me cum on you’r stomach so hard i could nearly pass out…i fall onto you and kiss you with all i have left i roll on my side and pull you onto me…we hugg for what seem’s like we never want to let go i turn to you and say so how was the frist part of the punishment for you…all you can do is look and smile knowing that is all i need to see…..

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