Dream 3

It’s early in the morning i roll over to you and kiss you on the check you move on you’r side facing me and smile…i say good morning beautiful and kiss you’r sweet lip’s and ask is there anyhting you want for breakfast…you smile and say just you i smile back and kiss you again this time i wrap my arm’s around you and hold you tightly so i can feel you’r nakedness against me…i pull away and smile and say first thing’s first as we will need all the energy we can for what i have planed for the morning… i put my pant’s on and walk into the kitchen and make us some breakfast and get some orange juice…as i bring the tray with the food on and walk into the bedroom you sit up and i smile at the sight of you in my bed…you smile as i walk over to you’r side of the bed and place the tray across you’r lap and lean in for another sweet kiss of you’r lip’s…after we finish eating i take the tray back into the kitchen clean up and head back toward’s the room…as i enter the room i find you sitting on you’r knee’s looking at me with a smile that give’s me a warm feeling all thru my body…the sight of you is alway’s a stunning sight…i take my pant’s off and kneel infront of you as soon as i sit down you grab my semi hard cock…as you are stroking my cock i slide a hand up you’r inner thigh and place my other hand on you’r check and pull you to me and start kissing you’r neck…my other hand is now resting on you’r sweet mound and i am slowly slide my middle finger up and down slow and firm so the tip of my finger is sliding between you’r lip’s…with each motion of my finger you moan so quietly and you start playing with my cock even harder geting me fully erect and wanting you even more…i move my free hand down onto one of you’r supple breast’s while i move from kissing you’r kneck and work my way down to you’r other breast…as i start to suck on you’r nipple i slide my finger into you now wet pussy as i do you arch you’r back just a little and moan…i remove my hand from you’r breast and sweet cunt and i sit against the back of the bed and pull you to my side…and tell you to suck me cock and keep that sweet ass of your’s so i can reach you’r wet tight pussy…as you start sucking my cock i slide my hand behind you and slide a finger into you’r sweet cunt as deep as i can…with each time you lower you mouth onto my cock i push my finger in deep and hard as we increase our speed and our breathing increase’s i slide a second finger into you…as soon as i do you sit up and let out a moan of pure pleasure i slide down and roll onto my side and tell you to do the same but to keep you’r head where it was…as you start to continue to suck my cock i lift you leg back and up so you knee is up so i can continue to pleasure you…i move my head so i can now lick you’r sweet clit while pushing two finger’s slowly into you but this time as gentle as i can but still as deep as you love it…with each time i push my finger’s in deep you start moaning more and more this make me hrnyer than i can handle so i increase the speed of my toung on you’r clit till i can feel you shake as you orgasim you’r juice’s flow over my finger’s…i pull them out slow as i can and lick them of the sweet taste of you then lick the rest off you’r inner thigh…you push me on my back and start sucking on my cock faster knowing i am close to cumming it only take’s a few minute’s till you feel my cock pulse hard…you let a little in you mouth and the rest hit’s you’r sweet breast’s you keep pumping my cock with you’r hand till every drop is spent…i reach over to the towl that is at the side of the bed sit up and as i wipe you’r cum coverd breast’s i kiss you…i throw the towl away and lay you on you’r side facing away from me with you’r legg’s bent up i lay beside you and lift you’r legg up just enuff so i can slide my cock into you dripping wet cunt…when i am all the way in i lower you’r leg and put my knee’s in behind you’r so i can get even deeper into you…with my free hand i reach over and start playing with you nipple and lean over enuff to kiss you’r kneck…at first i go slow and deep with each thrust of my cock but as time goes on i increase my speed and start going as hard as i can knowing you will love it so much…with each we start breathing heavy you start moaning more and more and i am loving the pleasure i am giving you….i slow down just enuff so i can give it to you like you want it deep and hard and it the way i love giving you my cock i can feel you’r cunt tightning up as you finally have another orgasim…the warmth of you’r juices sliding over my cock is to much for me so i pull out and let you relax before rolling you on you’r back….i spread you’r leg’s and leave them resting on the bed as i lay above you and as i do you guide my cock into you…i am so close to cumming i enter you slowly and as deep as i canso as not to cum in you but enuff for you to still receave the pleasure i get from being in you’r wet and sweet pussy…it only take’s about 8 thrust before it is to much for me to handle i pull out as quick as i can and place my cock on you’r lower stomac…you sit up and grab my cock as soon as you do i explode onto you with every last drop totaly spent we drop onto the bed i grab another towl and gently wipe you clean…i throw the towl away and roll onto you and hugg you and look at the smile on you’r face and smile back i reach down and grab the blanket’s and cover us up…i move up and kiss you then lay back on top of you we lay there just holding each other and fall asleep…..

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