Only A Dream

I felt her presence and opened my sleepy eyes to find Courtney straddling me with her magnificent body. I lay beneath her watching awe struck as she held her perfect ebony tits in her hands, looking down at me, smiling. My cock stirred, watching as she lifted one of her magnificent tits to her mouth, sucking and licking the nipple, with a teasing look in your eyes.
Reaching between her legs, Courtney smiled mischieviously, grazing her long fingernails lightly against my semi erect shaft. My cock responded, pulsating to her touch. I breathed in deeply as I felt her wrapping her fingers around the shaft, and stroking it. My body seemed to tense up. Courtney’s teasing touch brought me to a full erection.
Shifting forward, her gorgeous black tits hung just inches from my face. Taking her tits in my hands, I squeezed them gently, gliding my thumbs over her erect nipples. My black lover let out a soft low moan when I latched onto her nipple, pulling at it with my teeth. I sucked at her nipple, feeding on it like a hungry tiger cub with a bottle.
Courtney shifted more till the head of my cock pressed against her moist pussy, working its way in, spreading her pussy lips, impaling itself deep within her warm wetness.
It all seemed so real, even the sensation of her pussy squeezing my pulsating cock as she rode me.
Suddenly, Courtney’s image began to fade.
My eyes snapped open, suddenly blinded by the morning sun glaring through the window. My ears deafened by the blast of the alarm clock.
It was only a dream.

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