Back-Alley Fantasy

In the back alley the street light flickered as the woman slipped inside the dilapidated building. She wore her tan trench coat collar turned up and a dark hat pulled down over her blonde curls.

Inside the building the parlor was decorated in red velvet and sashays of purple bunting that hung over most walls. An older woman stood behind a counter and taking one look at the disguised woman knew exactly what she was after.

“The usual?” the woman behind the counter said, her voice startling the woman who looked around skeptically.

“I-I-I don’t know,” the woman stammered, looking around at the lewd photos and the overpowering smell of vanilla. “I’ve never been here before. My friend recommended this–you see it’s my husband–he runs around on me and I just–“

The older woman waved away the younger woman’s story. “Your story won’t affect what goes on here. What do you want?”

The younger woman thought carefully. “I want everything.”

The older woman smiled. “Very good. Give me a moment.”

She turned and disappeared through a beaded curtain that hung instead of door and the young woman looked around the parlor again, suddenly overwhelmed by the sheer bourgeois of the place.

The older woman returned wearing a very satisfied smile. “Follow me.”

The younger woman followed through another beaded curtain and down a hall, loud moans became audible. She blushed without thinking and she softly gasped. The older woman chuckled to herself.

“Here you go,” she stopped at a door at the end of the hallway.

The disguised woman paused uncertain at the door.

“Go ahead,” the older woman smiled. “I promise, you will enjoy it.”

The woman squared her shoulders and opened the door. It was promptly shut behind her and the younger woman was left inside the dimly lit room. In the center was a large bed nearly the size of the room itself. A sheer canopy hung from the rafters and through it, the woman saw a man in the middle of the bed.

What had she gotten herself into?

“Hello?” she called to the man who seemed to be tied to the rafters of the bed. He turned his head slightly and through the flickering candle light, the woman got an impression of him.

He didn’t speak and so she crept a little further inside the room. He was well muscled and tan by the looks of him. He had long black hair that held a curl as it ended at his collarbone. He was also exquisitely naked.

“I’ve never done this before,” she blurted out, as she neared the bed.

He smiled. “It’s okay. I am yours, mistress. Do with me as you like.”

His powerful arms quivered as they hung tied to the bed posts.

She hesitated slightly. She didn’t know how to handle this. She didn’t have one aggressive bone in her body.

“Perhaps you should take off your coat and hat, mistress,” he said, his deep voice vibrating deep inside her.

It seemed like a good idea and she did, revealing a very prim dress.

“You are very beautiful, mistress. I hope I please you as well,” he said in a deep voice.

She nodded, her mouth going dry as she stared at him through the sheer cover.

“You can come closer, mistress.”

She took a tentative step forward and brush her fingertips over the canopy. It was now or never. She had to find her nerve.

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“Very much so, mistress.”

“Tell me how much,” she said in a shadowy whisper, something strange coming over her–she was in control and she could feel the heady power taking over.

“I would like to undress you and fuck you hard. I would like to shove my cock into your soaking wet pussy. I want to suck your nipples and lick your clit until you cum sobbing in my mouth. I want to fuck your virgin ass and cover you with my cum. I want to cum in your mouth, mistress, as you lick my cock and suck my balls.”

She could feel the throbbing in her cunt and feel the slick wetness soaking her lips. She pulled back the curtain and climbed into the large bed. For a few minutes she merely knelt facing him, staring at his hard body and his hard cock. His hands were tied behind his head to the beams of the bed, but he was staring at her intently with nearly black eyes.

“Please, touch me, mistress,” he whispered.

She leaned forward and ran her fingers over his rippling muscles. Her light touch feathered across his skin–and he sucked in a breath as she grazed his nipple.

“Lower,” he said, his eyes clenched shut.

Her touch trailed over his abs to the patch of hair that dropped down to his nine inch penis. His dick leaped into her palm as she gently caressed it.

“You’re very eager,” she whispered.

“It is you, mistress,” he replied. “All I want is sink into you.”

She could feel her nipples harden at just his voice. Still her fingers explored him–his cock, his balls, his shoulders, his face.

“Kiss me.”

She felt compelled to obey, even though she was supposed to be the one in power. She leaned forward and her breath mingled with his. He moved his head forward and captured her lips in a close kiss. His tongue expertly explored the depths of her mouth while she seemed powerless to resist his plundering. Of their own accord, his hips began to thrust toward her and his arms tried at his restraints.

He broke the kiss. “Shall I undress you?”

She nodded and pressed herself against him as she reached behind him to untie his wrists. His soft sigh was audible as the last buckle came undone and he was freed.

Immediately his hands cupped her full breasts through the material of her dress and she moaned softly and arched her back. It had been so long since she’d been touched in such a way.

“You have amazing tits, mistress,” he said in a low mumble as he continued to knead them. “I want to see them.”

She pulled out of his reach and turned her back to him for him to unzip her dress. He did so, but held her in place as his hands snaked down the front of the dress to massage her breasts with just the fabric of her bra separating their flesh from touching. Gently he nudge the dress down away from her skin and she was left before his eyes in a very sexy black bra and black panties.

The dress was discarded and he took the time to lay her back on the pillows. Using his teeth he pulled the bra from her tits and began to suck on her nipples gently at first, but then with more force. Her hips began to thrust upward looking for the delicious friction. His tongue made lazy circles around her breasts and then came back up to kiss her.

His hands newly freed, crept from either side of her head to the apex of her thighs were she was already soaking through her panties. Using the material to tease her, he gently flicked her clit causing her sharply inhale. He returned to her pebbled nipples and continued sucking as if trying to nurse from her. His lips trailed lower this time, to her navel where his tongue dipped inside the tiny opening. She moaned as if this was heaven on earth. Slowly his tongue made its way to the fabric of her panties as his fingers found their way inside the fabric to her shaven mound. He smiled in enjoyment.

“I like your pussy very much, mistress,” he said quietly. “It’s wet and ready for me.”

She nodded as she felt two fingers slip inside her. Now, it was his turn to be surprised as her lithe body began to pump his fingers. It had been a long time for her, he realized. His fingers set a slow rhythm, and her body got used to the intrusion, so he added a third finger.

Her first climax was quick and overpowering. She came silently, afraid to make any sound at all, but he could tell by the dreamy expression on her face and the way her breathin
g became shallow.

He removed his fingers and licked them clean. He couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled her panties away from her dripping sex and tossed them away. Off came her bra and soon she
was as naked as he. Spreading her legs wide, he knelt between her thighs and inhaled the rich scent of female. His tongue found its way to her clit and he began to lap her up. Her breathing became shallow again and he knew she was about to enjoy her second orgasm.

“Scream for me, mistress,” he commanded.

Her moan started quietly but after a few minutes with the pressure of his tongue on her swollen clit, her screams reverberated off of the walls and rang in his ears. When she erupted, he made sure to lick every drop of her delicious gooey cum up, enjoying the taste of innocence.

Finally, he took a deep breath, unsure if he could handle anything else before fucking her silly.

“Would you like me to fuck you, mistress?”

“Oh, yes,” she said breathlessly.

He took his place between her legs, knowing that it would take her getting used to him before he could easily slide inside her velvety folds. He pressed the head of his cock against her and she ground her hips downwards trying to pull him inside.

The first thrust had him halfway inside her, she cried out in pleasure having never felt such a big cock inside her before. The second thrust nearly had him cumming and only landed him in three quarters of the way. The third time was the charm and he found himself jammed into her tight cunt all the way to the hilt.

“I love your pussy,” he barked in a raw voice. “So tight.”

She couldn’t speak because yet another orgasm had overtaken her. It had been so long that it took almost nothing to make the poor woman cum, he realized. He found himself moving a little and the effort had him fighting for control. He began to thrust more evenly before taking her with brutal force. He couldn’t stop himself. It was like an animal had overtaken him as he began to pound her little pussy with abandon. She was groaning and moaning from pleasure or pain he couldn’t tell nor did he care in that instant.

He pulled out just as he erupted all over her stomach. Gasping for air, he collapsed on top of her pinning his hard dick between them. They lay silent for a few minutes before he moved off of her and she, taking the hint, began to struggle to get off of the bed.

“Hey, hey, where are you going?” he demanded.

She blushed. “I thought we were done–I mean–“

He grabbed her arm and hauled her on top of him. His cock surged to life once again.

“Not quite yet,” he said with a smile, “we’re getting ready for round two.”

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    Very nice story!! Very well-written 🙂

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    every mans fantasy

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