How I Became A Gigolo Part Three

This is part 3 of the ongoing story of “How I Became A Gigolo: Became slave to guests.
Namita hosted a dinner party for the ladies association in the apartment. She informed me that I need to be in her house for all the household related work that day.
Since it was a Saturday I left for my daily routine. After Namita, Janny and the secretary service I went to Namita house.
She ordered me to arrange the terrace for dinner and made arrangement for a small place where I can sit comfortably on ground. She got the place covered with cloth.
I was wondering the reason for that.
The things in that compartment were a chair, table, dustbin. I didn’t focus on that and continued with the activities of the household.
Guests started coming at 5PM and they were seated in drawing room. Namita ordered me to sit in the small compartment until 9PM that night. I can see that there was no opening for others to see me. the seating was such that only the ladies foot shall be visible.
I understood that I have to foot massage all the feet of the guests coming for the party.
At 6PM the foot message service started and I was servicing each lady for 15 min. To my utter surprise the maid also got her feet massaged.
Since either of us couldn’t get to see each other Namita didn’t bother to introduce me.
I could hear Namita teling the ladies that the foot masaging was from an service center.
Tina also came for geting her foot massaged.
At 730PM I was tired of messaging all the ladies feet and the dinner was coming to a close.
That is when the things went out of control. Namita ordered me to come out and get to kitchen and clean all the utensils.
Although maid was also there, Namita ordered me to do so. I felt embarrased while the maid took lot of satisfaction.
She ordered me that I should clean the utensils well otherwise she will complain to secretary madam.
I had to obey her order as Namita and Janny  and Tina hold important records of mine.
At the end of the party the maid got her wild thought met. She ordered me to eat the left over food from the dustbin.
She was checking if I will oblige her. I intially didnt adhere but later on she intionally spat in the dustbin and threw the contents on the floor.
She ordered me to clean the floor.
Namita came in the meantime and kicked me for making the kitchen untidy and ordered to clean it.
As mark of punishment she ordered me to eat the left overs in the dustbin.
 I had to obey the order and the maid took lot of satisfaction.
She murmured in my ear that I am a slave to her also and I must obey her order next time. Else she would make me suffer more.
 I obliged.
It was 9pm in night and I was completely tired. Namita ordered me to clean the bathrooms also as the guests have used it.
Also she informed that there is a surprise for me next weekend. Janny was laughing.
Namita and Janny were exchaning words about the party and also talked how they saved lot of money from my service.
I could hear Janny speaking of opening a foot massaging unit in this apartment and earn money. Namita was saying its not a bad idea.
I was wondering like is this my future. I wanted to get out of this as soon as possible.
I left the place at 11PM after cleaning the house and came back next morening by 7AM.
After Namita’shouse and Janny’s house, I went to Secretary’s house.
I foot massaged her and in meantime 2 young ladies came in seeking for some discussion.
The secretary quickly kicked me behind the table.
The discussion went and secretary was leaving the house. She locked the house and left. Final words she spoke were
“Kutte, kahan jana mat. Main thode he der main ajayugi”
I was waiting for 30 min when the maid came in with the spare keys she was having. Just she sae me alone below the table she was happy.
“Kutte aaj tum akele ho. Chal aja aur mere pair daba.”
She was not scared of madam.
The agreement was for 15 min but she made me foot massage her for 1 hour during which time she was resting. After an hour she asked me to lick her foot just like I lick Janny and Namita madam.
She wants the same way.
Initially I hesitated but when she kicked me I had to start licking. The feet bore filty smell and were salty in taste. I had to bear it and do it. Se was deriving lot of satisfaction.
At that time only she told me that madam told her that I am in house and she shall come in 4 hours. So she needs foot massaging then, Since its Sunday and noboty is there to service the maid can use me for soem time.
The maid completed all her fetishes during this time.
She made me stand naked and kept my clothes in washing machine thus making me nude. She then prepared lunch and had and asked me to eat the leftovers from her plate.
She says this kind of satisfaction is unique.
I had to be in naked position for the day until the secretary came.
Meanwhile at 2PM the door knocked and I was scared.
The maid asked me to hide undert he table and she opened the door.
To my surprise Tina came as told the maid that Namita told that I am here.
So she wants foot service now.
Maid pulled me by my hair and took to Tina.
“Dear, I am sorry to see you in this position. ha ha. Let me take a snap for my satisfaction.”
She made me stand and took a nude picture.
“Dear, this pic sounds good to me because from today I can seek any service from you.”
“Just like u do service in this apartment how about providing this service in my apartment also.”
“You can resign from company and take this as full time .. ha ha … “
Maid was laughing like anything.
“Dont worry, continue with foot massage and also lick my foot clean along with the toe nails.”
She asked maid to get some drinks.
Meanwhile maid started to clean the house.
I becuase a tool for the ladies and getting things free of cost just because of a lift I took during one night.
At 4PM, the secretary came in greeted Tina.
Nobody was looking at me, Secretary then got her foot massaged.
I left the premises at 6PM with hungry stomach since I had only leftovers from the maid.
 Part 5: Transformation to Pleasure boy.
That night I got a message from an unknown number to check my email.
I checked my email and found my nude pic from Tina.
Tina asked me to come to a hotel at 10PM. I reached the hotel and the room and to my surprise I saw the maid and Tina in it.
One man came in and the maid and the man were speaking in native language.
After 10 min, the maid took 25000Rs from the man and Tina told me that I have to be a pleasure boy for a rich lady this night until tomorrow morning.
The maid needs money and hence she used me for this purpose. Tina will later start getting some share from this money once this idea works well.
Tina warned me that in case I try to play something then the nude pic will be uploaded in internet and in office also.
I begged Tina not to do it and I will oblige.
 This way I turned into a boytoy for Tina and Maid who made money using me.
I sometimes think how I got to be used by maid as well.
During this whole process it turned that the man was Maid’s brother and he is engaged in providing boy toys for women as clients.
But I had no choice and things became usual stuff through these months.
Now I got into and provide pleasure to my clients to their satisfaction by foot massaging, etc.
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