I can picture us sitting on the couch, or lying on the bed, just chatting away…

Slowly, I lean over to you, placing my hand just below your breasts, careful not to touch them.

First one, then two, then three fingers slide in-between the flannel. The tips of my fingers brushing your skin. The smooth, but hard skin, of my fingers causing your skin to tingle. Like an electric bolt, the tingling sensation floods your nervous system, your loins stirring in anticipation….

Slowly, my fingers inch forward, each movement leaving a trail of sensation on your skin. Your breath quickens, your eyes widen. You look up at me, with a deep hunger radiating through your beautiful eyes….

With a deft movement between thumb and forefinger, I loosen a button on your pyjamas. Then another button. Before you realise it, you feel the enveloping touch of my palm on your smooth skin. A giggle escapes your lips as you realise that you’ve been holding your breath. Before you can speak, your breath is taken away when you feel the palm of my hand enclosing your breast. Instantly, your nipple hardens. Stiffly erect, your nipple brushes against my palm. Each movement sending spine tingling rushes of excitement through your body…

Wild lust in your eyes, you longingly look at me. Sliding my other hand behind the nape of your neck, I bring you forward, looking hungrily into your eyes as I kiss you passionately on the lips. My lips nuzzle yours, my teeth gentling nibbling, our tongues intertwining, probing, excitement pulsing through our veins.

My hand slowly glides off your breast, each fleeting touch of your nipple causing your to involuntarily biting my lip, nearly drawing blood. Slowly the hand slides over your tummy, tracing a pathway of pleasure. The gliding fingertips briefly slide over your navel, the tingling in your loins accelerating with each closer movement. Reaching the top of your pj’s, my fingertips probe the elastic band, and slowly slide inside.

Sliding deeper inside your pj’s, moving all closer to your core, my fingers brushes against the soft tuft of pubic hair. Again, you inhale sharply, the heat of our passionate embrace slowly warming your core. The soft trails of moisture beginning to form along your labia, forced from within.

With a slight diverting movement, my fingers alter their course. Moving slowly along your inner thigh, inflaming where it touches, my fingers patiently follow the destined path, over the taut inner thigh muscle, tracing a pathway downward. The top of my fingers brush against one soft lip, coursing nervous pleasure and heightening your anticipation. With a soft groan, you shift your hips, pushing against my hand and angling for relief.

I feel the heat emanating from between your thighs, the warmth floating against my hand, the smell of raw passion driven by the rising heat. Abruptly, my fingers change course again, moving urgently to your core, hungry to explore your center. Arching your back, you twist and push hard against my body, crushing my fingers and hand against your wet pussy lips. The earlier rivulets of moisture now a raging torrent of passion, freely running.

Probing, my fingers scale the walls of your mound, hungrily embracing the warmth, enjoying the lubrication. Starting at the bottom of your lips, my fingers trace the inner walls of your labia, teasingly staying barely the breadth of a finger inside. You again arch your back, hungry for the releasing penetration. Deftly, my fingers avoid the thrust, lightly running along the top of your pussy. Suddenly, my fingers brush against the pinnacle of your pleasure, the little bud straining, fearful of touch and the waves of associated pleasure.

Without warning, my fingers reverse their path, but instead of returning the same way it came, they slowly, but deliberately brush your clit, forcing your body to erupt in convulsions, pleasure reigning without restriction. Moving down, my fingers easily separate the guardians of your pleasure, helped along by the, now freely oozing juices. Sinking into your core, the comforting warmth enveloping my fingers, my fingers explore the chasm. Fearlessly penetrating, seeking for a hidden treasure, they slowly explore…

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