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I am a twentyfive year old American male living in England. I am happily married, and just happen to enjoy an open relationship. No shit, it

actualy works. Now I know all you people who have tried open relationships and they dident work, and are all thinking “BULLSHIT”, But I shit

you not it actualy works. Take tonight for example. My birthday was last week, and our friends Rob and Jessica couldent make it so they came

over tonight. Now my wife Kim is Rob’s EX. They dated for like four years all through college, and have enjoyed a healthy sex life since

then. Jessica is Rob’s girlfriend (Rob dosent beleive in marriage, so Jess is his lifemate). So anyway where playing strip poker, which is

our normal killing time game, we drank heavily ( I put away at least two bottles of wine). Now Jess has always been uncomfortable aroung me

for some reason. Most of the time when we play Rob and Kim end up makeing out on the couch, Jess and I don’t mind since we know that they are

actualy in love with eachother as well as us. We all make desicions. So Rob and Kim start makeing out. Jess and I start to play videogames as

per usual. We get into that. Rob and Kim move up stairs. Jess and I run to the store real quick, for more booze. We start talking. You know

just bullshiting, the usual stuff (hows school, job, sexlife). We get finished and head back to my house. Kim and Rob are still at it so we

crack one of the new bottles and have our own fun. After half a bottle of vodka I turn to Jess and ask why she seems uncomfortable around me.

She asks me if it was really that obvious. I said only if your not blind. It turns out that she became uncomfortable after the first time we

played strip poker. The first time she actualy saw my cock. Rob had given her permission to sleep with me. It turns out that she is

uncomfortable about the size of my cock (I don’t see a problem I only have about nine inches). She told me that she is kind of afraid of it.

She really wants to fuck me but she’s never had one that big. I though poor girl would never make it in America where the average is about

ten to eleven inches. She look’s at me and aske if she can touch it. Now I have no problem with that so I say “sure”. She get’s on her knees

infront of me, I take my jeans off and tell her to go for it. I couldent beleive how soft her hand are. She started getting a rythem and I

started to sweat. She looked me straight in the eye and took me into her mouth, all the way to the hilt. Her mouth felt like liquid velvet.

Her tongue teasing my nuts. My eyes closed on there own accord. My hips started to buck. Her moaning was like a symphony. She took me out of

her mouth and wrapped her tits around me. She stopped for just long enough to get some baby oil from the bathroom. Liberaly pouring it over

her chest she continued with her teasing. My cock slid between her tit’s and it felt like I was in nirvana. Her tongue would dart out to

catch the end of my cock with every thrust. I could feel the sweet pressure of orgasm begining to build in the pit of my stomach. She stood

long enough to release the catch of her skirt and romove her skimpy red g-sting pantys. There she was in all her glory, her chest glistening

softly as the lamp light played off of her heavily oiled breasts. She smiled coyly looking a little embarassed. I quickly removed the rest of

my clothing on stood. Takeing her into my arms I felt my chest slid on hers. She looked up at me and told me that she had dreams about doing

this. I laughed and told her that I have also envisioned this moment. I pressed my cock into her stomach. I tilted me head and kissed her

deeply. Our tongues danced into eachothers mouths. our hands sought eachothers bodys, discovering new territory. We stood like that for what

felt like a delirious aeon. Finaly, our trance broken by our bodys need. I lifted her from the floor, smileing as I heard her gasp of

surprise (Rob is a very small man). I sat her on the couch and knelt between her legs, seeing for the first time her shaply pussy. I lent up

and started trailing my tongue over her throat, reveling in her delicious shivers. I traced slithering lines down the cleft between her ample

tit’s, stoping only long enough to take each rosebud nipple into my mouth. I continued down her stomach nipping her ever so gentaly with me

sharp teeth. Finaly Reaching my destination. My tongue outlined her lip’s. I was lost in the sweet smell of her arousal and could see the

pearly dribble oh her natural juices. I had to taste it. my senses kicked up a notch. I could see the crimson flush of her sensitive skin. I

could smell her desire sweat. Feel the flawlessness of her milky white skin. I couldent hold back anymore and my tongue delved between the

folds of her sex. Her clit stood proud and erect against the rosy backdrop of her pussy. My tongue found it, teasing it untill her hip’s

bucked. Her breath takeing on a ragged edge of her passion built toward insanity. Her fingers tangled in my hair as she pressed my face into

her crotch. My finger slid inside of her and found the spoungy feel of her g-spot, teasing and rubbing hard I coaxed out of her her first

orgasm. It rocked her hard. She bucked against my hand. Grabbing my wrist she fucked herself hard with my hand. Her breath still ragged she

pushed me to the floor. Mounting me she quickly impailed her self on my aching cock. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts telling

my to squeeze them hard. Her moans had turned into screams as she pummeled me like some primordial beast. Our bodys began to move of there

own accord. Our primal instincts takeing hold. Our bodys have wanted this for so long, who where we to tell them no? With an almost heroic

strength I stood bringing her with me my body not wanting to leave hers even for a moment. Her arms and legs wraped around me like silk

snakes. I walked into the kitchen and sat her on the counter. I fucked her hard and long. She tilted her body back so she could rest her back

on the wall. I took advantage of the situation and started to rub her clit with my thumb. Our moans and screams reacher a cracendo. Her pussy

spasmed in another orgasm. That sent me over the edge. Pulling out I emptied my nut’s on her creamy white stomach. Her hands rubbing my semen

into her skin. she placed one semen drenched finger into her mouth tasteing me. Finaly our passions spent, the beast sated we fell through

the void of post orgasmic exaustion. Suddenly from behind us we heard applaus. Rob and Kim stood there clapping and looking mighty pleased

with themselves. Jess and I couldent move and we paid them no mind as we kissed. after takeing a moment and getting my strength back I winked

at Rob and Kim. Picking Jess up I smiled as she melted into my arms. I carried her into my bedroom pausing only long enough to pick up the

full bottle of vodka and two glasses. Before closing the door I told Rob and Kim that they might not see us till morning.

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