Friends, Part 3

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The room was quiet again, for perhaps twenty minutes, perhaps a half-hour, as Ken and Elaine napped briefly. Then he felt her hand move from where it rested warm on his chest. She slipped it down across his belly, pausing for a moment to toy with his navel, then moving down further. She paused once more, briefly, tangling her fingers in his pubic hair, tugging gently at it until he made a wordless sound of protest, then giggling quietly, and whispering, “Just checking to be sure you’re awake.”

“’Course I’m awake, sexy woman,” he replied, “you don’t think I could sleep with your naked body against me, do you? Geez, I’d have to be dead!”

She laughed. “Just making sure, like I said.” And, as she completed the stealthy migration of her hand downward, brushing it across his cock and taking his balls in her palm to gently fondle them, she said, “I wouldn’t want you to miss anything, would I?”

“Mmmmmm … that feels good,” was his only reply.

Elaine raised herself up on one elbow, looking first into Ken’s face, then down to where her hand played with him. “Did I ever mention I like cock? Especially a nice, hard cock?” she asked, moving her hand from his balls and stroking his prick where it lay against his belly. “And you have a particularly nice cock,” she continued, “though at the moment it seems rather lazy. Maybe, if I gave it a kiss ….” So saying, she leaned over and kissed the underside of his prick, then put her tongue out and lapped at the sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft, all the while playing with his balls. Then she lifted her head back and regarded the result.

“Hmmm … I do believe we’re getting somewhere. It looks like it’s paying attention … or perhaps trying to stand to attention.” She grinned. “I wonder what would happen if I tried this?” And she leaned over again, raising his scrotum upward in her hand, and tonguing behind it. She took his balls in her mouth once again, one then the other, gently rolling them with her tongue. Then she turned her mouth sideways on his cock, and kissed and nibbled the full length of it, ending by nibbling gently on the glans, then licking all around it. Once more raising her head to look at his organ, she nodded decisively. “Yeah, we’re definitely doing something right!”

She lay down beside Ken now, and rested her head on his belly with her face turned toward his crotch. Lifting his prick – now showing obvious signs of reviving under her attentions – she very deliberately licked the glans again, then sucked it between her lips as though she was sucking a lollipop. Blood started to flow faster into his cock, and she continued licking it, but now from base to head and on all sides, and including his scrotum now and again. His cock continued to stiffen, and she started stroking it with her hand as she covered the head with her mouth and rapidly flicked it with her tongue. As she did, she felt Ken’s hand slide down her back, over her ass, and between her legs from behind. His fingers opened her pussy lips and slipped between them, finding her hot and wet and slippery. As he fingered her, she took his cock fully into her mouth and her head bobbed quickly on him several times. Then she released him, both from her mouth and from her hand, and she smiled widely as his full erection stood up, unsupported, pointing to the ceiling.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I was looking for!” she declared with satisfaction. “I told you I wasn’t done with you yet!”

Ken laughed and agreed, “And you were absolutely right. I won’t doubt you again. So … what’s next?”

Elaine sat up, laughing, and got to her knees beside him. “This is what’s next!” She leaned her hands against his chest as she swung one leg over to straddle him. She grasped his hard cock, raised her body just far enough, and rubbed the head of it up and down her slit, spreading her cunt lips and lubricating him liberally with her juices. She looked into his eyes, her expression turned dreamy, and she caught her lower lip in her teeth as she positioned him at her entrance and slowly lowered her body, impaling herself on his cock until it was fully inside her. She took Ken’s hands and placed them on her breasts, keeping her own hands covering them, as she began to move, raising and lowering her body so his prick slid out and back into her … and then suddenly her eyes flew wide open in surprise and she shuddered, her belly muscles rippling as her cunt tightened on his cock and she came once again.

“Oh god,” she gasped, “I’ve been wanting you inside me for what feels like hours, but I wasn’t expecting to come as quickly as this. I guess wanting can be as powerful as having, sometimes.”

“You amaze me, woman,” Ken replied tenderly, drawing her down to lie on him and kissing her passionately. His arms went around her as her breasts flattened against his chest, his hands grasped her ass, and his hips began to move, sliding his erect prick almost out of her pussy, then back in until their pubes were pressed together. He continued this movement, slowly and languorously, in and out of her, and she began to copy him, counterpoint, sliding up and down his cock, savoring every inch, every second of his penetration, all of the physical solidity of his rock hard erection filling her cunt.

And adding to the delicious feeling was the unvoiced thought, “This isn’t Rick, isn’t my husband fucking me, this is another man between my legs, another man’s cock inside me, making me come, and it feels so good!” She began to moan softly against Ken’s mouth, uhhnn … uhhnn … uhhnn, in time with each long stroke of his prick into her pussy. She broke the kiss, burying her face in the hollow where his neck and shoulder met, her breath hissing between her lips, through her teeth. Ken gradually started to move faster, and Elaine instinctively kept pace with his movements, faster and harder until his cock was pistoning in and out of her like a machine. Soon she felt the orgasm building in her belly again, and as it swept over her she cried out, “Ooohhh god Ken, fuck me, fuck me good, oohhh that’s soooo fine!”

Ken slowed his pace, letting Elaine’s ecstasy abate, her tension and excitement recede, but she realised he hadn’t come yet. His cock was still like a bar of hot steel in her cunt, slipping purposefully into and out of her body, though more slowly now. She raised her head to look into his face, and that was what he’d been waiting for. When their eyes met, Ken wrapped his left arm around her waist and rolled both of them to his right, quickly and smoothly, never pulling out of her as they traded places. She found herself on her back now, legs spread wide under him, and she hooked her heels behind his knees, wrapping her arms around his waist, digging her nails into his ass and pulling his body as close to hers as she could manage. The long strokes of his cock into her cunt continued, and she felt the pace slowly increasing once more.

He was propped up on his hands, looking down into her eyes, watching her expression as her breath began to come more and more quickly until she was panting. Her face took on the almost painful look of another approaching orgasm, and he could feel the muscles inside her begin to contract around his erection, ready to milk him when he was ready to come. He lowered his head to kiss her, their tongues meeting and twining around each other. His hips were moving as quickly as he could make them, driving his prick into her, dominating her, their pubes slapping together urgently with each stroke. At last she heard him groan, his breathing fast and deep, and she came once more as she felt his cock twitch and then begin to spurt powerfully inside her, depositing his hot cum into her depths. She kept moving, slowing down as the ripples of their shared orgasms slowed and gradually faded. At last they were still. Elaine turned her head and found Ken gazing at her from just inches away. She smiled and kissed him tenderly, a kiss that he reciprocated.

“Thank you, lovely man. I’m glad you came by today, and I’m ever-so-glad you wanted to fuck me, ‘cause I surely wanted to fuck your brains out!”

Ken chuckled, and leaned forward to kiss her again. “Then I guess we both had our wish granted! But I wonder … is this a wish that can be wished again? And granted again?”

“Hmmm. That’s a very good question.” She smiled mischievously and pretended to consider the matter seriously. “I think … I think it could be wished again, and if so it would almost certainly be granted again. Of course, I may have an addled mind – I’m told five orgasms in one session will do that to a woman – but until you hear otherwise … I’d say, keep wishing. I intend to keep wishing, anyway, and probably two wishes are more than twice as strong as one.”

They both laughed, and their lips joined once more, in a tender and gentle kiss of mutual affection.


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  1. Rainbow Writer

    I stand in awe. You tell one hell of a story.My wife will love this one.

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  2. Tomcat-ter

    Thank you, Rainbow Writer, for the kind comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. {:o)

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