A meeting worth remembering

The Meeting

After being invited into the hotel room by our watchful neighbors, we noticed that they were still smiling, they were a cute couple maybe mid 20s or so, casual dressed, and they both looked as they had spent some time recently in the sun, but not in a bad way you could see the girls’ tan lines showing as her dress revealed her shoulders. As we introduced ourselves we learned that their names were Chad and Leslie, they were recently married and staying here for their honeymoon. We then discovered the reason to why we had been invited in, they told us that watching us on the balcony was such a turn on for them both and asked if we would sit with them and have some drinks and Chad asked if maybe I would be interested in showing his wife, Leslie some things that would make their sex life a little more interesting for them both, and of course I looked at you and you nodded, so I agreed. If I had only realized what we had just gotten into.
It was reaching about 8′ o clock we had already drank a couple of drinks, all of us feeling nice and talking the night away and the hot topic, sex. Chad started telling us how Leslie had a problem with intimacy, she was afraid to put intimacy into anything that she did, how she was afraid to try new things, as I looked over her, she just smiled innocently. All I could think was what is he asking from us? And then he asked a question that puzzled me a little, he asked if I would kiss his wife, the way that I had kissed my boyfriend outside earlier, feeling a little awkward at first, I looked and I noticed my boyfriends smile so I nodded and got up and walked slowly over to her, rubbing my hands slowly over her face soft and smooth, running my hands through her hair, as I leant down and started kissing her on her neck she pulled away at first, a little hesitant but slowly she moved closer to me and kissed me slowly at first and then with more passion, her body movements undeniable that she enjoyed the kiss more than what she tried to portray, I could feel her hands pulling me in closer to her, kissing her lips and moving down her neck, her breathing starting to get harder. I looked up at you to see my boyfriend smiling, his hands in his lap trying to cover up his dick getting hard beneath. Her husband smiling in approval apparently, I moved away and looked down at her she had an innocent look on her face almost like she didn’t believe what just happened. I decided to sit back down in my boyfriends lap, straddling him, I whisper in his ear, “I’m wet and I want you right now.” He pulled me in to kiss me, instead biting on my neck, down my chest, looking up to see the couple looking at us, I just smiled. We start kissing passionately, as he teased me with his tongue on my lips, watching me as I tried to go in for a kiss he smiled and whispered “I Win” again. I could feel his dick rising beneath me, through his pants. I wanted him so bad, a little hesitant at first with our watching company; he started to unbutton my shirt revealing my skin underneath, nipples rising hard from the thought of his warmth against mine. The sound of kissing behind us, the couple behind us lying on the bed still watching us, fondling each other, apparently being turned on by what they saw. He starts kissing my nipples, nibbling on one, massaging on the other with his hand, teasing them with his tongue as my body arches in pure pleasure. Still straddling him, I slip my hand down and unzip his pants to reveal his already hard dick, moving from all the excitement, throbbing, just waiting to be wet from my warm mouth. I slide down in between his legs, taking his dick into my hands rubbing it, up and down. Seeing the excitement in his eyes, I lick it from the tip and move down the shaft, slowly at first, teasing the tip around my lips my hands moving in circular motions, as I lick my lips once more, taking it all in my mouth, sucking it harder and harder up and down. He moved my hair from my face as I make faster movements, listening to him moan uncontrollably. Moving up a little further, I slide his dick in between my tits, moving in up and down motions slower and faster, using different motions, taking his dick in my mouth to keep it wet, and continuing to fuck his dick with my tits. The couple behind us, undressing, turned on by what they see in front of them. I decide to sit up and face away from him, taking up my skirt to reveal my ass, bent over enough to see the lips of my pussy wet and dripping, waiting for him to place your dick inside of me, holding onto my ass he pulled me on top of him, still sitting in the chair, I place my legs on each side of him, sitting down slowly at first, taking it in a little and coming back up, just to tease him, back down again a little more this time and coming back up again and lastly sitting back down and taking it all in with a hard thrust, riding on top of his dick harder and harder, holding onto my tits pulling me down on top of him harder and harder, faster and faster as he sits behind me watching as our bodies meet after each thrust, moaning louder and louder, the couple in the bed watching as we see his wife climb on top of her husband, ready to ride him. I start screaming his name louder and louder, as we hear Leslie yelling also; almost to say we were having a competition. My pussy wet, dripping from the feel of his dick inside of me, it feels so great. He lifts me up from on top of him taking my back and arch it forward my hands touching the ground as he stands up and start pounding my pussy from behind, slapping on my ass and pulling my hair, harder and harder as I scream your name, “Yes, Oh GOD Daddy FUCK ME HARDER” I can hear him moaning behind me, the couple on the bed, going at it at a faster pace. My hips moving to his motions, to the left and the right, in circular motions, bouncing off his dick, harder and harder, faster and faster, “OH GOD DADDY YES FUCK ME! SLAP MY ASS!” Just as he takes the last couple of thrusts he tells me that he’s about to cum, I start thrusting my ass into him faster and harder, taking every inch in. Hearing the moans of the couple on the bed as they moan louder and louder. I start to get louder as I’m about to reach my orgasm, my knees starting to shake from the pleasure, “OH IM BOUT TO CUM” he bends over and bite me on the back just as I hit orgasm, I start to cum all over his dick, as he pulls out just in time to blow his load all over my back and ass. Looking up to see that the couple just finished along with us, all of us out of breath. the night is definitely going to be something to remember.

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