Be Careful What You Wish For

She woke up wet, again. It was the third dream this week that woke her to sweat on her breasts and juice in her cunt. It seemed so real she felt that she could taste the pussy of the girl she licked in the dreams.
“Today is the day. I can’t wait any longer.” She had made up her mind. Although Jane had been happily married to an extremely sexy man for almost 2 years, she craved something else. The sex she and her husband had couldn’t be beat. There wasn’t a day that she didn’t think about his huge, delicious cock, and there were very few days that she didn’t get to taste it. Nevertheless, Jane needed to be fulfilled.
After careful consideration of whom she wanted as her first lesbian lover, she decided. Breanna had been a bridesmaid in Jane’s wedding, and they were very close. Could she trust her good friend not to tell her husband? She knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it. “What if she’s not even interested?” she thought. Jane wished there was some way to get into bed with Breanna without having to say a word.
After she hung up the phone, she went straight to the shower. Her pussy must be freshly shaved for her first lesbian experience. She was filled with anxiety, and crazily horny just thinkig about the fact that she was finally going to do it.
The doorbell rang and she opened the door. Greeted with a huge smile and the sweet smell of Breanna’s floral perfume, she looked at her friend in a way hadn’t before. The thoughts she had immediately made her light-headed. Without a word, driven by her undeniable lust, Jane leaned forward and kissed her friend. She expected to be rejected. Before she could look for a reaction to analyze, Breanna’s stand point was clear. “I’ve thought about your pussy for so long.”
Jane was stunned, but very pleased. “Can we just not talk right now? I won’t wait another second!”
Breanna replied with that huge smile, then started slowly unbuttoning her silk, red top. Pleasantly surprised, Jane saw that there was no bra underneath the silk top. Immediatly her plump, fair-skinned breasts were rawly exposed. Her rosy pink nipples were hard, and begging to be licked and pinched. Jane did just that. In the blink of an eye, the girls were on the floor, Jane on top. She circled Bre’s nipples with her tongue, slowly teasing, then sucking harder and harder. Jane realized that the moans were constantly growing louder, and she was compelled to bite her nipples. Bre screamed, and Jane loved it. She could feel the juices flowing out of her swollen pussy lips and was ready to be satisfied. Jane took off her pants and then Bre’s skirt and thong. Bre stood up and looked at Jane’s naked body, and she was filled lust. It made her wonder why this hadn’t happened sooner, but she was glad it was happening now.
“May I please taste your cunt?” Jane wondered if it would taste like it did in her dream. She led Bre to the recliner across the room, brought her to her knees, and bent her over the chair. Jane loved the sight of a very exposed pussy and ass hole right in front of her to play with. She couldn’t decide what to do first. After staring for a little while in admiration, Jane started caressing. Her index finger traced Bre’s crack, starting at the top, moving so slowly down, down, over her beautiful ass hole, through the middle of her moist pussy lips, over her clit. She grew wetter. Jane then put both hands on Bre’s ass cheeks and spread them apart. She leaned forward and with no warning violently thrusted her tongue into Bre’s vagina. It made Bre shake, and moan in a high pitched voice that filled Jane with satisfaction. She flicked her tongue, which happened to be longer and stronger than Bre had anticipated, in and out, in and out of her vagina, and down to her bulging red clit, circling round and round. Finally, Bre shook with her orgasm, her legs twitched, and her voice shook as she moaned, “Yes!” Jane wanted it to last longer, but she new that her turn was coming up.
After a quick cigarette, Jane was instructed to lay down. She did as she was told, getting off on the authoriy. Breanna grabbed her thighs and pushed them apart with more force than Jane would’ve liked. She then reached into her purse, which made Jane very curious, and a little nervous. She closed her eyes for a deep relaxing breath, and was startled by the freezing cold touch of something strange on her clit. She quickly opened her eyes, and looked down to see what she was being probed with. A silver, metal replica of a rediculously huge cock. To her surprise, Jane felt a quick vibration from the cold metal wand directly on her pulsating clit. Bre knew just the spot to play with, and it drove Jane crazy. She spread her legs farther apart, inviting Bre too feel free to explore. She raised her ass off of the floor, making sure that her pussy lips were spread open, ready to take in anything. The dildo was still cold after being circled around Jane’s clit, and she could feel it moving lower. Bre had a tight grip on her toy, and rubbed the head just barely inside the lips of Jane’s cunt. Jane could feel that it wasn’t to wide, but didn’t fully realize it’s length. It entered her, forcing an abrupt scream, and immediatly sent her into climax. She screamed uncontrollably for atleast ten seconds, waiting for her muscles to finally relax. She was so relieved and satisfied. Jane assumed they were through and that a cigarette would soon follow. But as she started to sit up, she noticed that the toy was still inside her numb vagina. It briefly rubbed over her clit and made her jump. Breanna laughed at how sensitive Jane was at the moment. She was ready for the dildo to slide out, and was far to sensitive for anymore. Bre’s hand met Jane’s chest as she attempted to rise, and forced her back down on the floor. She felt her vagina clench as Bre suddenly pushed on the metal cock, forcing it so deep inside her, filling her vagina with near pain from the sensitivity. Even though she could feel the tip of the toy being pressed against her G-spot, it wasn’t all the way in. When she thought it was as deep as it could go, Bre pushed harder, forcing it too deep for Jane’s comfort.
“Stop! Please!” She was near tears with the over stimulation of her raw pussy.
All of a sudden, Breanna looked like a different person. Her eyes weren’t the same, and Jane was startled when Bre kept forcing the dildo into her. She laughed, and ignored the cries of the oversexed girl in her power. “This isn’t over until I say it’s over. I thought this what you wanted!”
Jane’s eyes filled with tears as her heart started to race. She knew she now had a long day in front of her, and thought, “Be careful what you wish for.”
It was a little late.

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