Blue Moon

It had been a late night and Jen was crashing at Renee’s house. She found the couch quite comfortable but needed a glass of water. She got up and went into the kitchen, trying to be as quiet as possible. At the sink she filled her glass took a sip and then felt someone lightly touching her butt. She quickly turns around almost spilling her water to find Renee standing there. “You scared me”. Jen says

“Sorry” Renee says but doesn’t move. She is inches from Jen in her pajamas which happen to be shorts and a shirt…while Jen is in a long button down shirt. Renee takes the glass from Jen’s hand and moves to place it on the counter, her arm brushing one of her breasts. Jen inhales sharply, the contact instant. Renee turns back to look at Jen…standing only an inch above her. Jen can hear her heart beating faster and faster, the smell of Renee’s hair making her knees go weak, all her senses heightened.

This is insane Jen thinks to herself. But her body is responding to this woman like it never has to anyone before and they haven’t even touched. Renee watches Jen’s eyes…her breathing even but heavy in the silent kitchen. Unconsciously Jen leans forward and allows her lips to touch Renee’s. There is no hesitation for either of them, they meet and Jen begins to nibble on Renee’s lips. This is like no routine Jen has ever learned before and although she has no idea why she is feeling like this; her hands go to Renee’s small waist, her thumbs rubbing tiny circles at her hips.

Although still kissing her, Renee hasn’t moved and Jen begins to panic. She pulls her head up and looks at Renee, her hands never moving from her hips. “I’m sorry….”

Renee silences her with another kiss, this time her hands moving to the nape of Jen’s neck, grabbing some of her hair, bringing her mouth tighter onto hers, tongues meeting and dancing in each others mouth. Jen pulls Renee’s hips closer to her, their bodies finally touching, the heat radiating between them. Jen hands begin to roam Renee’s body…she is small compared to Jen, her hands running up and down her back, squeezing her tight ass, grabbing her waist and pulling her tightly to her.

Renee breaks the kiss and turns to leave the kitchen. Jen quickly follows her out to the couch, her mind spinning. Their relationship is an odd one to begin with; this just takes it one notch further. Renee stops at the couch, looking around the room. Jen moves behind Renee and begins to move her hips against her. Jen had never danced like this, with this much contact with Renee before, even at the various night clubs the group had been to. Renee glanced back at her and smiled.

Feeling Jen’s hands on her hips, her pelvis move against hers and breasts on her back made Renee sway her body further back to feel more contact. It was apparent Jen was enjoying the moment as much as her and taking it slow, but Renee didn’t want it to be slow. She wanted to be close to Jen and felt like if she didn’t move quickly now, this moment would disappear. She too had no idea what her body wanted but at this moment, it wanted for Jen to touch her more. While she moved her hips harder against Jen she reached down and brought Jen’s hands up her sides. Leaning her head back on Jen’s shoulder Renee whispered, “Touch me.”

Jen felt like she was dreaming as she slid her hands over the curves of Renee’s hips and up her sides. No matter what Renee said, her body was one that Jen envied and only wished for. Lifting one of her hands up Jen moved Renee’s hair and kissed her neck. With her other hand she lifted her shirt slightly to feel the soft skin under it. Next to her ear she heard a soft moan and continued exploring Renee’s skin from her hips to her stomach then higher under her breasts.

Renee gasped as Jen caressed her breasts lightly. Her body felt like it was on fire from Jen’s touch. Renee turned, wanting to see more of Jen, wanting to give her the same pleasure she was giving her. Renee pulled Jen’s head to hers, kissing her hard on the lips. With their mouths still locked together and Renee’s hands quickly unbuttoning Jen’s shirt they moved around, finally ending up on the couch.

Moving her mouth to Jen’s neck Renee felt like her head was spinning. She wanted to taste every part of the woman under her. When she unbuttoned the last button on Jen’s shirt she opened it and caressed her stomach. The soft touch made Jen tremble slightly from embarrassment. Jen looked nothing like Renee did and could only imagine what she thought. But, when Renee squeezed one of her sensitive breasts all inhibition left her, Jen gasped and arched her back to feel Renee’s body harder against hers.

Feeling Renee’s mouth kiss a trail down to her chest. Jen grabbed the nearest pillow, gripping it tightly, her body beginning to respond to every little thing Renee did. Renee moved her hand over to her other breast and began sucking on the one she just let go of. Under her Jen moaned, “God, Renee that feels so good.” Renee moved her mouth over to the other breast and lowered her hand to the inside of Jen’s thighs.

Still determined to taste as much of Jen as she could Renee licked her under both breasts then lowered her mouth to kiss Jen’s stomach. As she slid lower she moved her mouth to the soft skin of Jen’s waist then licked over the curve of her hip. The soft moans she heard from Jen made her happy she was pleasing the brunette.

Jen’s mind was spinning and although she thought there was no way this should be happening, her body was on a different mind set. Renee was such a prettier and skinnier woman than she was and yet they both had similar weaknesses. They had bonded in a very different way than anyone else she knew and although at times their friendship was tested, they continued to understand each other. It seemed their understanding included the physical needs as well.

Jen felt Renee shift her weight and move lower onto her body. In an instant, the tip of Renee’s tongue licked Jen’s clit as she slid two fingers through her wetness and deep inside her. Jen’s back arched off the couch as she stifled the scream building within her and grinded against Renee’s mouth and fingers. Renee wanted to prolong the brunette’s pleasure, but Jen’s body quickly tightened around her fingers and her body tensed up. Renee moved her tongue faster on Jen’s clit to push her over the edge.

“You’re so hot and wet.” Renee whispered seconds later after she slowly slid her fingers out of Jen and kissed her neck. Jen put her hand over Renee’s hand on her thigh. Their fingers locked together and their mouths met for a slower and softer kiss than before.

When their mouths pulled apart Jen looked at Renee, pushing aside a strand of hair from her face. Jen trailed kisses from her mouth to her neck, nibbling behind Renee’s ears, loving the moans escaping from her lips. Jen’s hands moved to roam Renee’s body, squeezing and lightly tickling her ribs. Jen wanted to see more though and swiftly removed the shirt Renee was still wearing. Renee’s breasts were delicate and Jen’s mouth quickly found the peaks, sucking and using her tongue to make them harder and elicit moans from Renee.

Another moan escaped from her mouth when Jen moved her hand down over the front of her shorts. Renee put her hand over Jen’s and grinded against it between her legs. The pressure from Jen’s hand and the friction of the fabric rubbing against her made her body feel like it was on the edge. She wanted to thrust harder until she exploded, but Jen slid her hand out from under hers.

“No.” Renee protested. “Don’t stop.” Her breathing was hard and fast and she felt overwhelmed with need. Jen smiled at her and then moved to slide Renee’s shorts from her hips, finally marveling in the hairless body before her. Renee gasped when she felt Jen’s hot breath moving down her stomach, stopping to kiss and nibble around her new belly ring. “Please” Renee begged. Jen finally obliged, moving between her legs finally touching her clit with her tongue.

“Jen.” Renee whispered as the brunette slid her middle finger through the wetness between her legs then returned to her clit to caress it. “Oh God!” As pleasure swept over her body Renee moaned louder. Jen’s finger found the sweet spot inside and rubbed it faster while her tongue was sucking and licking Renee’s clit. Feeling her orgasm building, Renee grabbed onto Jen’s head, urging her faster and deeper. Within seconds her climax hit her hard and made her scream.

When Renee’s body stopped shaking Jen slowly removed herself from within Renee and moved to kiss her lips. “You said you were normally quiet.” Renee blushed, something Jen had never seen before and giggled…”I guess you changed that.” The two kissed again, nibbling each others lips, legs intertwined, arms roaming each others bodies, the heat building between them again.

Eventually the heat became too much and Jen knew she needed more. She moved first, slowly lowering her fingers to the heat and wetness between Renee’s legs. She slowly slid her middle finger inside Renee then pulled it almost out, only leaving the tip of it inside. Renee responded by moving her hips. Jen continued the slow penetration, moving her finger in and out. Renee arched her back and lifted one of her hands up to touch Jen’s face bringing her mouth down upon hers again.

Renee began to move her hands, rubbing up and down Jen’s back, squeezing her ass, trying to give back what she was getting. Without taking her hand from between Renee’s legs Jen shifted enough to allow Renee to move her hand between her legs as well. Renee took her free hand and slowly guided a finger into the brunette, returning the pleasure. Each was eager to please the other. Moving their fingers slower and deeper inside each other they kept eye contact. “What are you thinking about?” Jen asked and moved her face closer to Renee’s, their eyes were locked together and their mouths were close enough to feel each other’s breath.

“You.” Renee whispered and lifted one hand up to run through Jen’s hair. With her hand on the back of Jen’s head she pulled her face closer and pressed their mouths together. As Renee savored the taste of Jen’s lips the brunette took her finger out of her then slid two fingers in her. They both began to grind against the others hand, feeling their lover’s palm against their clits. Jen thrust harder and faster inside Renee and Renee returned the favor. Their mouths pulled apart so each could gasp for air as their orgasms overtook them, sending massive shivers throughout their bodies.

They stayed together like that for what seemed like hours before beginning to untangle themselves. Renee got up first, throwing her cloths on, turning and smiling to Jen. Jen grabbed her shirt and put it on, neither one knowing exactly what to say but each knowing that a night like that only comes once in a blue moon…

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