Pure innocence.. 

No one was home and I was so glad. It’s very rare I get the house to myself. Usually my older sister is here with all her mates but she’s out at a party and my mum and dad are on a business trip. 

My plan for the night ; 

Go in the shower.
Catch up with college work.
Watch a film. 
Go to bed. 

I went in the shower, did my college work. Then sat down on the sofa still on my towel and flicked through the channels on the tv. Nothing decent was on to watch then I came across the adult channels. I’d never watched porn before. To be honest I was still a virgin and very inexperienced sexually.. But temptation got the better of me and I typed in the pin. 

It was two girls, naked and touching each other. At first I thought it was gross, I mean I liked boys but the girls were really pretty and I started to feel a bit hot. I like watching them. My nipples started to harden. I carried on watching on them and then ran my fingers gentle across my breasts. It gave my a little tingle. I slowly worked my hand down to my virgin pussy and slid my finger inside. I was wet, it felt funny but good. I started to finger myself whilst still watching the lesbians. It felt so good and then… 

‘ well aren’t you a horny little girl ‘ 

Fuck. It was my sisters friend. I tries to cover myself up as quickly as I could. 

‘ don’t do that ‘ she said. ‘ I like to watch ‘ 

I stood up and she came over to and grabbed my hand. 

‘ I said I like to watch Emma… ‘ 

I felt nervous. She sat me down on the sofa and took my towel away. I was naked, horny and wet infront of my sisters best friend. 

‘ Touch yourself for me Emma. It’ll drive me crazy ‘ 

I looked at her, still nervous but wanted to be cool like her. I slid my hand back down and started to finger myself again. It felt just as good… But so bad because she was watching. I saw her smile she put her hands behind my knees, spread my legs wider and pulled my closer so she could get a better look. I could feel her breath on my cunt… It was turning me on. She stood and started to take off her clothes. I’d never looked at her in this way before. She was slim, not too tall. She had dark hair, in a sharp bob style, beautiful blue eyes. I’m guessing she’s a C cup but perfectly proportioned to her body. 

‘ I want us to play together Emma, would you like that? ‘ 

I just nodded. I was to nervous to say anything and to intrigued to say no. 

She knelt in front of me again and stroked her finger along my cunt. Her touch was soft. Took my breath a little. 

‘ Now then little girl… I’ll show you how to really play ‘ 

With that She started kissing it, rubbing my clit ever so gently. It felt so nice and knowing she was doing it was such a turn on. I felt her tongue on my clit where her finger was and her finger slid deep inside me. I let out a moan and she got faster and harder. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. She wasn’t going to stop until I came and my god I was going to cum. She was licking my clit so fast and fucking my cunt so hard. I called out her name. My back began to arch, my whole body was tense. I was cumming and it was fucking amazing. 

All my cum was in her fingers. She licked and sucked on her fingers. 

‘ Beautiful ‘ she whispered 

She came over and sat on top of me and started to kiss me again. I ran my hands over her perfect curves and grabbed her arse and pulled her closer so I could kiss her harder. I kissed her neck and made my way to her nipples. I licked them and bit them quite hard. I heard her let out a moan and as she I slid my hand between her thighs and up to her cunt. Fuck she was beautiful. I pushed a finger inside her and started to rub her clit to. I was pushing quite hard and she started to grind in my fingers. I was pulling her harder on to them. Fucking her so hard. Her breathing was getting heavier and her moans and screams louder. She stood back up and told me to lay back. 

‘ Now your going to taste me you dirty little slut ‘ 

She sat in my face and her juices ran all over my lips. She smelt amazing. She tasted amazing. Licking and fucking her cunt it didn’t take her to long to cum.  She started to shake a little, I could feel her tensing up on my fingers. I fucked her harder she was screaming for me to stop… I was determine to make her cum. And she did. She grabbed onto my hair and pushed my face into her cunt. I tasted every drop of her juices and it was lush. She took my hand tasted herself. The dirty girl. 

‘ You’ll be my little sex slave. When ever I want. ‘ 

That wasn’t a question. That was an order and I liked it. 
 She took a handful of my hair and pulled me closer . She bit my lip. 

‘ Now go and get yourself cleaned up , and don’t tell your sister anything ‘ 

She kissed me then pushed me away. That was it. I was her sex slave and there was nothing I could do about it. 

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  1. Amanda19

    I’d love to be her slave as well

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    I would love to watch!

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