Falling for you

This is the first time I have ever written anything and I really hope you all enjoy it! I would really like honest feed back. Thank you!

“Finally” Amber blurted out as her pitcher of beer was being sat down on the table, the waiter stuttered out how sorry he was it took so long but they had to change out the keg. “Its fine” Amber sighed, as a few of the girls she was with started to giggle. Amber was already feeling the pitcher before this one, and the one before that. “Don’t you think you have had enough” a deep gritty voice said behind her. Amber would know that voice anywhere, turning around with a huge drunken grin Mike was standing above her ready to catch her when she threw herself into his arms.
“You got my text!” Amber slurred out, as Mike nodded to the other girls at the table; “Someone had to come get you wild woman” smiling that bright sexy smile Amber began to feel something more than just drunk.
Mike sat down next to Amber and put his hand on her thigh moving it up and down slowly already knowing where this night was going to end up. It had been weeks since Amber had called him and he was just starting to get to the point where he would have accepted he was just a booty call to her. He wanted more, so much more than just a night of fun. As Mike ordered a coke he waited for Amber to finish her third pitcher of the night as the girls kept topping off their beers to keep Amber from getting too much more intoxicated, Mike sat back and enjoyed Amber’s company, nodding at all the right spots, and laughing when she would spill something. “That beautiful clumsy woman” he thought to himself, it wasn’t long after that thought she turned around and looked at him with a coy sex smile as if waiting for him to take her. Oh he was going to take her tonight; if they made it back to her place it was going to be a miracle.
“Are you ready to get out of here” Amber whispered into Mike’s ear as she grinded her body against his already feeling his pants start to tighten around his dick he kissed her lightly on the lips and said “I would follow you anywhere” As they were leaving the bar Amber slurred her goodbye’s to the girls she came in with, as one whispered to Mike “were all hoping she gets a clue and sticks with you for good”. At that comment Mike smiled that beautiful smile again and said “I hope so too”.

Holding Amber around the waist Amber stops and give Mike a wicked grin and pulls him into a dark alley right next to his car. “I want to suck your dick” as Amber slurs that out, she starts to undo Mikes belt and pants. Just then a police officer comes around the corner and Mike pulls Amber close to kiss her and cover his giant erection. As the police officer tells them to move along Amber begins to laugh, “I love your laugh Amber, Just one of the many things I love about you” Amber stopped laughing and kissed him hard. Pushing her whole body against his, pushing her tongue in deep into his mouth moving against his body. They fit perfectly together holding one another close. “Let’s get you home Amber” Mike whispers to her, breathing heavily.

“Do you want anything to drink Mike” Amber sounding a little more sober then when she was in the bar. “No” as Mike wrapped his larger arms around Amber he thought to himself “this is all I would ever need” Almost as if Amber read his mind she turned around and began to kiss him again. Almost with urgency with need, she needed him, she wanted him, and she loved him. She paused; “Mike, I don’t want you to freak out, but I’m starting really become attached to you”. Almost like a fire was lit under him Mike’s eyes burned with passion and he swept Amber off her feet and took her to the bed room. “Amber I have loved you for years” Mike breathed into her ear kissing her all over her face, down her neck, her shoulders, oh how he loved her sweet sent she gave off. He could kiss her and explore her body for hours, years; he hoped he would have that kind of time with her after tonight.
Mike laid Amber on the bed as gently as he could and started to undo her jeans, she was a beautiful woman with curves. Mike was never the type of man to want a girl whose ribs would stick out. He grabbed her and looked up at her and smiled, “I can’t want to make you scream” and with that he dived into Amber. Taking in the scent of her almost losing it right there Mike rubbed his hand against Amber warm center, wanting to enjoy every minute he had to give Amber the greatest pleasure she had ever received. Slowly taking her panties off Amber lay there naked before him, unsure of what Mike had in store for her next and unable to wait. “Fuck me” Amber moaned out, and Mike just smiled in his raspy voice he said “that will come much later”. He bent down to her warm, wet, center parting the folds and breathing in her scent, slowly putting one finger into her she moaned in approval, he started to slowly move in and out, she was tight, and wet, he couldn’t wait to put himself into her and taking her over the edge.
Amber moaned in pleasure, shaking as Mike slipped a second then a third finger into her, as her center began to cool with more moisture she let out a scream as her first orgasm ripped through her body sending her into shudders of pleasure. As Mike removed his fingers from her warm center he licked them feeling the strain of his still tight pants he started to unbuckle them and pull them slowly off. Amber watch in amazement, she had seen Mike naked many times before, but never like this. She was shaking from pleasure, from the need for him to be inside her. “Make love to me” she said in a raspy tone. “I always do” as Mike came up to her she moved her body ready to take his full manhood into her. He went in slow making sure never to hurt her with his massive size it could be easily done, she squirmed and moaned as he filled her of what she wanted, and what she needed. Mikes member began to slowly pump in and out of Amber slowly at first, he was so turned on he did not want to end too soon. She pressed her center into his member with each pump until they found the perfect rhythm. Both pumping into each other going to the state of pure bliss Amber screamed out and as she did Mike’s seed shot deep into her belly collapsing on top of Amber he laid still for a moment breathing heavily, “I love you Amber” he said in a husky tone. She finally said it back “I love you Mike”.

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