Gotta Love Those Rainy Days

I used to hate rainy days. I was driving home from the studio when it started drizzling. Pouring actually. Luckily for me I was inside, unlike that poor sap on the side of the road. With a closer look I realized it was actually a girl. A totally hot brunette, standing out there in the rain wearing nothing but short shorts and a tight white top. The top was totally soaked, nicely displaying her voluptuous tits, C cups or maybe even D I think, and perky nipples. She looked so good I just couldn’t resist offering her a ride when I saw she had her thumb out.

I pull over in front of her and opened the door. The look on her face alone when I said “Need a ride?” got me hard.
“Thanks so much. You really saved me there! My name’s Mary.”, she said with a smile.
“I’m Vincent and it’s no problem. But what the heck were you doing dressed like that in this downpour?”
“I was in the middle of a run when this stupid rain started up. Stranded me like 10 miles from my house. I though I was screwed until you showed up.”
So she’s a runner. It definitely shows, her body was so sexy. Nice and curvy with great legs and a totally smackable ass. And I definitely though about screwing her when she showed up.

“Hey I’m sorry about imposing on you like this, but do you have anything to drink? I really thirsty from my run and I forgot to bring any water along.”, Mary asked.
I looked around and I found a full bottle of beer from a christmas party a few weeks ago. She looked at it cautiously at first before shrugging, taking the bottle from my hands. She seemed satisfied so I asked her to show me the way to her house as I turned my attention back to the road.

I didn’t notice anything strange at first. She gave me directions, cracked lame jokes, and just made small talk, all the while thanking me over and over. It wasn’t until she started frenching me when I turned around to say goodbye did it hit me. She was pretty damn drunk. Of course being as fucking sexy as she was I couldn’t refuse when she offered to repay my kindness with a sex filled night.

I pushed her against the backseat, fucking her mouth with my tongue, pushing up her top to grope those heavenly tits. She was moaning and squirming under me, rubbing her wet pussy against my leg, begging me to lick her tits an nipples. I devoured, licked, pulled on her nipples, kneading her tits as she squirmed and twisted from the intense stimulation. I slowly worked my way down, seductively licking her smooth belly as I slid her shorts down to reveal her dripping wet pink snatch. I licked around her slit, teasing her pussy and spread her lips. I found her clit and started pleasuring it, eating out her erotic twat. She arched herself toward me, pushing her pussy onto my mouth, loving the feel of my tongue deep inside her. She shook from the pleasure as she came hard, leaving her pussy dripping wet. The naughty girl moaned softly as I licked up her twat juices. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and whispered, “Please do me anyway you like. Accept my body as thanks.”

After hearing that I got the hardest I’ve ever been. I flipped her over, pushed her against the backseat, and plunged my cock into her dripping wet pussy. My god was it good, she was so damn tight. She tits were swaying as I rammed her over and over, smacking that sexy runner’s ass of her’s. She was moaning, panting like a dog, begging to be fucked harder, harder. It was too much for the both of us. I blew an enormous load in her pussy while she climaxed, screaming out my name. She collapsed, her breasts pressed up against the backseat, my fresh thick cum oozing out of her cunt. It seemed she was so exhausted she had fallen asleep so I rummaged through her stuff, found her keys and carried her inside.
I left her there, sprawled on her bed, her legs spread revealing her still dripping pussy. The sight was so erotic I could barely tear myself away. I left her a note with my phone number and address. As I left I leaned down to whisper into her ear “Call or come to see me anytime you’re in need of something. I look forward to more fun days and nights with you Mary.”

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