lovers cove

it was a hot day in july, leah and jenny decided that they were going to go to the beach to cool down. the girls have been friends for a few years and treasured every moment they got together. what leah didn’t know was that jenny was in love with her. she never wanted to express her feelings for leah in fear that she would lose her friendship. what made it even more difficult was that jenny was in a relationship with jacob. she was madly in love with him, but he just could not fulfill her passion for wanting a woman. in fact, she had wanted jacob and leah.

the day started off a bit warmer and was a typical summer day. jenny and leah had been planning a day to the beach for weeks. after doing lunch they decided to head out to the beach to see if they could get a good spot. as they were getting ready to pull into the entrance jenny had noticed a side entrance. with curiosity she pulled into the entrance and followed the road. they came to a small area where they parked and got their things. as the girls walked up to the beach they noticed a secluded area to where they could swim and sunbathe privately. jenny thought this was perfect. she decided at that particular moment that she was going to express her feelings for leah in hopes that it didn’t ruin their friendship. she could not help the way she was feeling and jenny’s passion for wanting a woman; especially leah. her needs were becoming more and more significant.

they laid their towels out and stripped down to their bathing suits. jenny noticed that leah was so beautiful. her voluptuous curves were such a turn on for jenny. she just wanted to grab leah and kiss her beautiful breasts. leah’s breasts were so full and round. jenny could not help her feelings. she wanted to suck on her nipples. as the girls were getting relaxed, jenny told leah that she needed to talk to her. she made sure to tell her that what she was about to say could not ruin their friendship. leah told her that she could tell her anything. jenny was still a bit hesitant.

as they were laying on their towels jenny told leah that she needed to confess something to her. as leah listened jenny told her that she had romantic feelings for her. at first, leah though it was a joke and then she realized that jenny was being completely honest with her. she didn’t know what to say and then she turned to jenny and kissed her ever so softly on her lips. in the beginning, jenny was shocked and then she returned the gesture and kissed leah back.

jenny had many thoughts running through her head. leah was the first to say something to jenny. she expressed that she had the same feelings for jenny. she expressed that she was attracted to her the first day they met. she never had an experience with a woman and was a bit nervous. both girls just gazed into the others eyes and let the passion take control. as the kissing became more intense the heavy petting started. jenny caressed leah’s breasts, slowly removing her top and brought her mouth the tip of her nipple. leah let out a slight moan. jenny sucked lightly on her nipples and moved her hands down her beautiful stomach and into her panties. she entwined her fingers in leah’s love bush.

leah was so turned on that she thought she would burst. she could feel herself becoming more and more turned on. leah could feel herself becoming wet between her legs. it may have had something to do with the fact that jenny was caressing her. she had wanted this so bad that she could not believe that it was actually happening. she knew in her heart that her friendship with jenny was about to peak to a different level and she could not wait to see where the future would lead both of them.

jenny noticed that leah was becoming increasingly excited due to the moistness between her legs. jenny was feeling very excited at the fact that she finally had leah and it was everything she could of imagined plus more. she slid her fingers between leah’s pussy and stroked her clit and slowly inserted her fingers deep inside. at first, leah tightened up and then released with pleasure and jenny accepted leah’s invitation. as she was fingering leah she could feel how excited and wet she was becoming.

jenny knew that she wanted to taste her. she put her mouth down to leah’s pussy and tasted every drop of her. she could not help thinking that her juices were sweet like honey. it was a honey that she would love all of eternity.

leah was so turned on that she needed jenny at that moment. she pulled jenny up to her and kissed her ever so passionately. she pulled jenny’s top off and sucked her tits. as she was doing this she slowly moved her hand down and inserted her fingers into jenny. jenny moaned with pleasure. she then brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked jenny’s juices off.

they decided to take a break and go into the water. the girls needed to cool off after their afternoon of passionate love making.

when they got out of the water they laid back down on the towels and dried off. jenny and leah looked at each other and knew they couldn’t live without each other. they slowly fingered themselves while looking deep into each other’s thoughts. as soon as leah came she took her finger and put it into jenny’s mouth. jenny did the same thing for leah. it was a sweetness that neither of them could had ever imagined tasting.

on their way home the girls were discussing their afternoon and decided that they needed to be together and that there was no other way around the way they felt. jenny talked about jacob and the girls decided that jacob could still be apart of jenny’s life if he chose, but jenny and leah would be together no matter what happened.

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  1. Anonymous

    I enjoyed this story, but wished it was a little more detailed

    For instance, they seem to have a great love session on the beach, but where are all the other people on the beach?

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