Melanie taught me more than college…Part II

Where we left off….

My hips bucked into her face. I couldn’t get enough of her. I reached down and grabbed her head to steady it as I face fucked her for what seemed like hours. Melanie stood up after my pussy stopped twitching in her mouth. Her face was soaked in my juices. Something came over me and I grabbed her face with both hands. I licked every last drop from her lips, her cheeks, and her chin.

Melanie pulled away from me. She told me she would be right back and grabbed her purse. I lay there stroking my swollen clit. I couldn’t help but wonder where she had gone. As I was playing with my clit and slipping further and further into my next orgasm, I looked up and seen Melanie standing at the door with her purse in one hand and a plastic bag in the other.

“What is all that?” I asked.
“It’s the continuation of tonight’s activities. I have wanted to do this ever since I met you. Are you game?”
I was a bit nervous about what she had in mind but I nodded my head.
She told me to put the two chairs closer together and lie back on them. I did as instructed while she was fumbling around in the bag. She then dropped to her knees and told me to spread my legs. All of a sudden, I felt this cold liquid on my pussy lips. She then told me to reach down and spread my lips so she could see what she was doing.

I felt the liquid running down my slit to my asshole. The liquid felt slippery and oily. I asked what it was and she told me it was strawberry flavored lube.
“Lube, what do you need lube for?”
“You want to be fucked don’t you?”
I did want to be fucked but who was going to do it? Surely, she wasn’t going to invite a complete stranger in to fuck me while she watched.

I leaned up on one elbow to question her further and seen that she had taken off her pants and panties and was now adjusting a strap-on to her waist. It had a massive flesh colored cock attached to it. It was so life like with veins popping out of it everywhere. I couldn’t resist and reached out to touch it.

“Stroke it for me. Stroke my cock.” Melanie said with a wanton look on her face.
My hands ran all over her cock feeling the realistic material under my finger tips. The more I ran my fingers over it, the more my mouth watered. My pussy had also begun to drip from the excitement of all I was taking in. I grabbed Melanie’s hand and pulled her to a standing position right in front of me. As I sat there stroking what was possibly the largest cock I had ever seen, Melanie was running her fingers through my hair. Her touch was fantastic. Her nails grazed my scalp ever so slightly, sending shivers running all over my body. I lowered my head and began licking the shaft of her cock while looking up into Melanie’s eyes.

While I used one hand to guide the cock into my mouth, I used the other hand to snake under the strap-on’s panties to feel the wetness that was growing between Melanie’s legs. Her pussy was drenched. I slid my index finger between her lips searching for her honey hole. When I found it, I slowly inserted it up to the first joint. I swirled in around a bit, all while sucking on the plastic cock she was now pumping deeper into my mouth.

I began hearing her moans becoming louder and louder. I looked up and she was watching me sucking her cock, both hands grasping my head, hips gyrating on my finger and her knees bending trying to get my finger deeper into her dripping twat. I decided to give her some relief so as I would slide my mouth to the base of the shaft I would slide my finger into her as far as it would go. I would linger there for a moment and as I drew back off her dick I would draw my finger back.

I had to taste her. I lifted her leg up and propped it on my shoulder, pulling the panties to the side. I inched my tongue closer and closer to the sweet nectar that was shining on her lips but before I had the chance to tease Melanie and further, she shoved my head into her slit. I licked her clit fast and feverishly. Melanie pumped her pussy on my tongue harder and harder. All of a sudden, I felt her body stiffen.


I tried my damnest to keep up with her thrashing around. My face was drenched with her juices when she pulled off my face.
“Come here and let me taste what you did to me.”
I stood up and kissed Melanie and she licked her love juices from my lips. Our tongues tangled and wiggled around each other. I was really getting into the kiss when she grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around.

“Lean over. It’s my turn to make you scream.” Her voice was so forceful. I loved the way she took control. There was something about how she talked to me that made me want to do anything she asked. I bent over like she said and felt her running the head of her cock up and down my slit. She would use the plastic phallus to flick over my clit to make me jump. She teased my asshole with her cock too. She would take the cock and fuck my ass cheeks with it making my asshole get wetter and wetter from the lube. Melanie positioned herself and directed her aim straight for my aching cunt. With one thrust, she shoved her cock as deep into my pussy as it would go. She started off slowly pumping into me and fondling my tits.
“God, I wish I had a cock so I could feel how tight you are.”


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  1. Priesty

    Good to hear from you again, Again another good start to this growing story, however, it did seem to finish rather quickly which was a disappointment.
    However, if it made you half as horny as it made me then i can understand why you had to finish so quickly.
    Almost instantly it made my pussy burn with desire,my hands were teasing me all the way through this brief encounter and i don’t think i would have been able to carry on either without taking a well earned break.
    Whatever you do don’t stop now as the thought of having my pussy and my ass stimulated to the edge of reason and back has set my soul alight.
    Finish me ” er ” the story now don’t heitate go for it pleasure me through your mind.
    Too late you already have.

    Yours totally spent again.

    Priesty xxx.

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