Melissa's tales ch14

After being caught by Nick’s parents Melissa was very embarrassed. His mother told her it was nothing to be ashamed of and that she and Nick father uses that island when ever the mood hit. She,understood that they were young and that their passions was high. Melissa tried to calm down and Nicholas rubbing and kissing was not helping.
Later that night Nick’s parents took them to a local resturant near there house. The guys dressed up in suits and ties. His mom wore a beautiful green tube test that hugged her figure perfectly. Melissa had on a blue form fitting dress that Nicholas picked out for her to wear that stoped 4 inches above her knee. Melissa knew that if she bent over she would flash everyone in the resturant her white lacey thong. It was call Ricky’s with an italian them. Melissa went for the spaghetti with extra cheese. His parents ordered seefood dish. Nicholas go the pasta.
During the dinner Nicholas made little hidden comment about Melissa who’ll rubbing up her thighs. Even slipping his fingers into her dripping cunt and teasing herclit.
Nicholas leans over and whisper “This is good but that carrot I ate today was the best,”he sucks the finger in to his mouth that he just played with Melissa with and tasted her nector. His parents noticed but kept quite.
Melissa felt the wetness dripping down her thighs and decided to go to the restroom. She went over and when she looked back she saw Nick’s cocky smirk. It was time for some pay back. She knew he could see her and knew the dress was super short. She dropped her wallet and bent over. She hopes no one but Nick saw. She lingered for a few seconds and did a little show exposing her Pussy lips and ass. She knew he saw her juices leeking. She raised up and looked back Nick and quit a few others saw her display including his parents. She rushed into the bathroom. Damn she shouldn’t have done that. Everyone saw her Pussy that strip of fabric didn’t cover much.
Few seconds later a male server comes in behind her. Be rushes up on her shoving her against the sink. She tries to push him off. He shoves her dress up and begin shoving fingers inside her. She slap him and punches him but he is determined. Just then Nicholas rushes in he see that she is trying to fight off the guy and he looks pissed.

“Get the fuck off my women and your hands out of my Pussy!” The gut then rushes out.

Nicholas walks over and turns Melissa around and leans her over the sink. He moves the fabric over to the side and begins to slide into her. When ever she is almost rapes her Pussy seems to be alot wetter. Her thong was completely soaked. She was so tight and wet her Pussy always gripped Jim like a too tight glove. He kisses the back of her neck. Damn she feel so good. She is moaning so loud she hopes no one can hear them.

Slamming into Melissa he tells her, “That what you get for flashing the whole resturant your Pussy,” he moan “God It’s one of the tightest and mostly wonderful thing I have ever had.”

He wad pounding into her so hard that he didn’t hear someone come in. Shit they were both so close, Nicholas pulled Melissa head back by her hair, kissing her mouth. Melissa open her eyes as she is coming and see the waitress staring at them with her mouth open. Nicholas hated he had to cum fast and empted his cum into her warm pussy. Nicholas finally notice and begin to pull out of her still clenching pussy the girl watched amazed at how much cock comes out of Melissa’s pussy. She watched as Melissa body go out of control and still orgasm. She never knew a dick that big existed and wonders how the girl took it. No wonder there was screaming coming from the bathroom.
The girl then told them while staring at Nicholas’ cock that she had come to check on the noise. Melissa saw the cute blacked haired greened eyed girl checking Nicholas out and got a tad defensive and jelous. She hurried and clean up and grabbed Nicholas hand and went out of the bathroom. They received many stares as they went to the table and sat down. The cute vixen then became their waiter and Melissa did not like that. Nicholas notice he rarely saw her get jelous but this interes him. The vixen flirted shamelessly and Melissa was getting very pissed. She girl did shy smirks at Melissa.

Nicholas thought the girl was sexy her breast were almost the exact same size as Melissa . She was in better shape. Melissa had a few extra pounds but Nicholas liked that he didn’t like skinny girls. But he did want to fuck this vixen. Melissa saw him checking this bitch out she was angry. Nicholas wouldn’t get anymore of her if she kept that up!

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