My first girl part 1

My name is Kristen and this is the story of the only girl that I have ever been with. Her name is Tammy. We were best friends growing up and did everything together. Today we still are very close.
It all happened a few years ago. We were seniors in high school. Both of us had been sexually active since 9th grade. On early spring day we were in the back yard by the pool. We were always open and frank about our sex lives. We started talking about sex. Both of us had only been with 4 boys. As we discussed the sex that we had it soon became apparent that it was not what we thought it should be. We had both been told by others how good it was and thought that maybe it was us. As the conversation continued we both commented on how good it felt when we masturbated with our fingers and other items.
“Maybe it is not us. Maybe it is them.” said Tammy.
“I know it feels good when I get myself off.” I replied.
“Do they seem to rush through it?” Tammy asked.
“Yes.” I agreed.
“What would happen if they took their time?” Tammy wondered.
That started it off for us. I asked her if anyone had ever taken their time to make her orgasm. She told me that she only could if she used her fingers. I offered to try and give her one. She was hesitant and I said, “Maybe this could answer the question if the problem is us.”
“Have you ever touched a girl?”
“Should we start with a kiss.”
Timidly I leaned in for a soft kiss. It felt so good. We leaned together and wrapped our arms around each other and kissed deeply. Our tongues swirled together and it was soft and lustful at the same time. Both of us sighed and we parted.
“That was nice.”
“Do you want to go farther?” I asked.
“Let’s go into your room.”
Once inside we kissed again even deeper. My hands wandered down to her firm ass and gave her a squeeze. She replied by reaching behind me and untying my bikini top. As she stepped back it fell off showing her my breasts. She slowly reached up for me and it seemed like forever before she made contact. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her soft loving touch.
“I want to touch you like I touch myself. Can I?”
“Please!” I responded without opening my eyes.
She led me over to the bed and before having me sit down she removed my bikini the rest of the way. She bent down and kissed me deeply again and then let her tongue and fingers wander down to my breasts. She cupped them in both hands as she pinched and licked my nipples. I could feel the juices start to run.
Now she continued down past my stomach to my pussy. “I did not realize you were shaved. Maybe you can shave me sometime?” Without another word she gave my pussy the best fingering and tonguing that it ever had. “I did not realize how good pussy tasted.” She said as she looked up at me licking her lips. Then she licked mine all of the way from my ass. I started to moan and buck as she brought me to the brink of cumming. She stopped just short to let me catch my breath.
“No one has ever made me feel like that.” I said
“Im just getting started.” she replied.
She continued to work on my pussy with her fingers and mouth. Occasionally she would reach up and pull on my nipples. As is was about to cum she slipped a wet finger into my ass and I clamped my legs around her head as I screamed, “Oh My God!”
As I calmed down and let her go she looked at me and said, “You seem to work just fine.”
I said, “Yes. Thank you! Now it is my turn.”

To be continued…

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  1. Erica1

    i wish i was in your shoes ;-)

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