My First Time Sisters part 3

Well let’s recap in my last 2 entries having been stood up? by 1 gorgeous woman Jane, I meet up with a 2nd gorgeous woman June she just happens to be the sister of the first woman. What follows next is the best night’s sex ever. Finally I had lost my virginity; this will be the last of the Sisters – my first time saga and the starting of another called just Sisters. Oh yes and more sexual firsts times to follow. Part 2 continued.
Lying next to June in the spoon position after what was the most fantastic oral sex I’d ever had my cock begins to harden again, I snuggled up close the tip of my cock nudging against the entrance to her tight little ass. Exploring her body with my hands massaging her breast with one hand and fingering her soaking wet pussy with the other, I start to slowly rub my cock up and down between her ass cheeks she groans with pleasure each time I nudge her ass entrance, juices from her pussy lubricated her hole she thrust her ass back on my next forward stroke “oooh yes” she groan as my cock found its way into her second love tunnel.
Slowly pushing herself backward so that her ass swallowed my cock she groaned loudly “I need you now! FUCK ME HARD I just love cock in my ass Fuck Me FUCK ME NOW”. Oh? she loves cock in her ass how can this be she said I was the first Man she had been with? If you have seen part 1 and 2 you will remember her telling me a secret. Yes she had lost her virginity to her sister and a strap on OMG she is so hot, she and her sister have been fucking each other this really is such a turn on for ME. I’m thinking I just happen to meet up with the 2 kinkiest women ever? and I’m fucking 1 of them; if I only knew then how kinky they were I would have shot my load right there. I’ll tell you more later – back to the action.
Still fingering her pussy I slowly at first pumped that sweet ass building up the tempo faster and faster, her whole body was now bucking, I grabbed her hips with both hand and pulled her down harder with each thrust by balls slapping against her ass cheeks I could feel my orgasm build fast she whimpers slightly her body quiver I think she’s coming this brings me to the edge OMG YES YES I EXPLODE into her filling her ass.
Total exhausted from the effort I withdraw and role onto my back “don’t stop now” she says “I NEED MORE” “I need to rest my cock is all done for Now”. With this she gets to her knees straddles me and impales her pussy on my semi hard tool,” We’ll see about that she says I NEED YOUR COCK NOW” my head is spinning as she starts to slowly pump herself slowly up and down on by half limp manhood. OOH my its hardening I did not think I could do this again so quickly but the tip is throbbing a mixture of pleasure and pain.
I have all these Thoughts rushing through my head now ooh my what a lucky Guy – My 1st real date, My 1st Woman who turns out to be a total nympho, My 1st Oral sex, My first Anal and My first real fucking – the Lads would be proud of me you wait till next week when we go clubbing they “OOOOOOOOOH my ummm it feels so good” my throbbing cock is so wet with her juice the pain has gone its now total pleasure my thoughts are a blur – What a rush better than when I experimented with smoking WEED.
Pumping harder and faster now I can feel her pussy pulsate over and over again she’s having multiple orgasms, I start to move my hips in rhythm with her thrusting’s after what seems like hours of this I feel that aching in my groin my ball sack tightens “OOOH Baby I’m coming yes Yes YES YESSSSS”, only a minor explosion in my groins and I cum, BUT Wow how much semen can a man’s body make is this ever going to stop. She final collapses on top of me breathing heavy I think I’m finally finished Cumming all spent out I can feel my manhood dying quickly “ooh baby that was fantastic” – “I’m the happiest luckiest guy alive tonight I’m so glad I met you”. “Same here baby I’m so glad also” June says rest a while and you will be even happier, we lay cuddling and chatting for a while. I thought to myself – She Wants More I don’t know if I can, a Contented feeling came over me, I must have fell to sleep before this happened.
I don’t know how long I slept I awoke the room was in darkness the only light was from the slightly open door, I could hear voices it was June and her sister Jane “So he can stop? Thanks Sis” June said “You won’t regret it. The door starts to open I pretend to be asleep peeping through one eye I see Movement. June and her sister are standing in the door way June is totally naked, Jane is wearing a pair of very skimpy almost see through panties, they are hugging together their lips locked in a kiss – OMG I’ve died and gone to Heaven 2 angels are standing in the doorway snogging each other.
Am I feeling so turned on with seeing these 2 gorgeous women entwined in each other arms lip locked as they were or is it I need a PEE maybe both, I suddenly I realise I’m lying on my back totally naked on the bed my with a full hard on in full both of both I move slightly then murmur as if awakening and then role onto my to side hiding my embarrassment. “OH! Look Lover Boy is waking see you in a minute Sis” says Jane. June enters the room shutting the door “oh you are awake then?” – “Sis and I have been talking she’s ok now with you stopping here you don’t have to leave I’ve explained about the misunderstanding last night about you not standing her up”. “I’m going to have a shower you can join me if you want come wash My back”. June opens the door I grab my undies from the floor to hide my nakedness, Jane is still standing outside the door but now she is naked the panties are gone “Well sis are you joining me or not” she says “What’s the matter with Stud there look he’s gone all shy and covered himself up” with this she walked off. I hear the sound of running water – “looks like your sister has beaten us to the shower” “where is you toilet I need a pee” “in the bathroom” she says grabbing my hand and leading the way. I give her a look as we get to the bathroom “Your Sisters in there?” “yes So?” she says “Don’t worry!”. She left me standing in the door walked into the shower room/toilet. “Well do you need a pee or not?” “BUT YOUR SISTER” “come in you are spoiling my surprise” “COME IN NOW! AND GET ON WITH IT I’ve never seen a man pee this will be interesting and I’ll explain the surprise.
It turned out that our night of sex had kept Jane awake all night we were rather noisy. While having there little chat June had asked if I could stop over today Jane had agreed – but only if her sister joined her in the shower, she was feeling very horny from all the grunts and groans that had had been coming from her sisters bedroom and her masturbating she needed some relief. June explained she was to go and join her sister and tell all we had gotten up to during the night Jane wanted the full story while they made love.
The surprise June was planning was she was not only going to tell Jane what had happened, she was planning to show her. I’m so naïve I’m thinking – WOW she wanted me to fuck her in the shower with her sister there, OMG she wanted to have sex with her sister in the shower with me watching, then it hit ME How stupid am I she’s planning a 3some – OOOH she want us all to have SEX, am I dreaming or what? I do hope not! I pinch myself NO! I can’t believe what I’m
I really needed that PEE I enter the bathroom still naked with only my undies covering my manhood and my embracement I stand staring at both gorgeous naked women. Jane Nods – WTF I thought I need a pee they are both stood their naked staring at me waiting to see what I was going to do – I dropped my undies walked over to the urinal and started to Pee, June joins her sister under the shower they giggle as I urinate, as I finished June holds out a hand “well are you joining us or what?” “Come on you me a good fucking since you went to sleep on me wanting MORE” – “YES in a minute you keep your half of the bargain with you sister first then I’ll join you I need a minute to get over the shock and I’ve never seen 2 women together before only on porn movies I want to see you together first” – “Maybe You owe me this having just dropped this bombshell on Me and your Sister”.
Well that’s enough for now as promised a new saga is about to unfold so I’ll end this one here.
Maybe you can give feedback on what you have read so far and email answers to my questions if you want to stay private I’m so interested to find out maybe we can even become friends and start a new saga of our own.
WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? – If you did not go all the way on first date how long before you did and what happened next?
What sexual experiences have you had while love making?
What fantasies have you yet to fulfil in you love life.

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