My First Time Sisters part 3cont the end

I awoke the room was in darkness the only light was from the slightly open door, I could hear voices it was June and her sister Jane “So he can stop? Thanks Sis” June said “You won’t regret it. The door starts to open I pretend to be asleep peeping through one eye I see Movement. June and her sister are standing in the door way June is totally naked, Jane is wearing a pair of very skimpy almost see through panties, they are hugging together their lips locked in a kiss – OMG I’ve died and gone to Heaven 2 angels are standing in the doorway snogging each other.
I feeling so turned on with seeing these 2 gorgeous women entwined in each other arms lip locked as they were or is it I need a PEE maybe both, I suddenly I realise I’m lying on my back totally naked on the bed my with a full hard on in full both of both I move slightly then murmur as if awakening and then role onto my to side hiding my embarrassment. “OH! Look Lover Boy is waking see you in a minute Sis” says Jane. June enters the room shutting the door “oh you are awake then?” – “Sis and I have been talking she’s ok now with you stopping here you don’t have to leave I’ve explained about the misunderstanding last night about you not standing her up”. “I’m going to have a shower you can join me if you want come wash My back”. June opens the door I grab my undies from the floor to hide my nakedness, Jane is still standing outside the door but now she is naked the panties are gone “Well sis are you joining me or not” she says “What’s the matter with Stud there look he’s gone all shy and covered himself up” with this she walked off. I hear the sound of running water – “looks like your sister has beaten us to the shower” “where is you toilet I need a pee” “in the bathroom” she says grabbing my hand and leading the way. I give her a look as we get to the bathroom “Your Sisters in there?” “Yes So?” she says “Don’t worry!” She left me standing in the door walked into the shower room/toilet. “Well do you need a pee or not?” “BUT YOUR SISTER” “come in you are spoiling my surprise” “COME IN NOW! AND GET ON WITH IT I’ve never seen a man pee this will be interesting and I’ll explain the surprise.
It turned out that our night of sex had kept Jane awake all night we were rather noisy. While having there little chat June had asked if I could stop over today Jane had agreed – but only if her sister joined her in the shower, she was feeling very horny from all the grunts and groans that had had been coming from her sisters bedroom and her masturbating, she needed some relief. June explained she was to go and join her sister and tell all we had gotten up to during the night Jane wanted the full story while they made love.
The surprise June was planning was she was not only going to tell Jane what had happened, she was planning to show her. I’m so naïve I’m thinking – WOW she wanted me to fuck her in the shower with her sister there, OMG she wanted to have sex with her sister in the shower with me watching, then it hit ME How stupid am I she’s planning a 3some – OOOH she want us all to have SEX, am I dreaming or what? I do hope not! I pinch myself NO! I can’t believe what I’m hearing.
I really needed that PEE I enter the bathroom still naked with only my undies covering my manhood and my embracement I stand staring at both gorgeous naked women. Jane Nods – WTF I thought I need a pee they are both stood their naked staring at me waiting to see what I was going to do – I dropped my undies walked over to the urinal and started to Pee, June joins her sister under the shower they giggle as I urinate, as I finished June holds out a hand “well are you joining us or what?” “Come on you OWE! me a good fucking since you went to sleep on me wanting MORE” – “YES in a minute you keep your half of the bargain with you sister first then I’ll join you I need a minute to get over the shock and I’ve never seen 2 women together before only on porn movies I want to see you together first” – “Maybe You owe me this having just dropped this bombshell on Me and your Sister”.
I flush the toilet having put the lid down I sit and watch the sister in the shower. The show begins, soaping up they start to wash each other down. Starting in a hug their lips locked together they both place soapy hands on each other’s ass, together they start to caress and wash each other. My girlfriend lingers slightly sliding a finger up and down between her sisters ass cheeks then fingers the entrance to her fingers 2nd love hole “ooh yes” Jane says as she slips her soapy finger in the entrance slightly then withdraws repeating this over and over her sisters groans loader and says “stop teasing me go on do it” “No that’s Lover Boys little treat when he joins us you will have to wait” they carry on washing paying extra special attention to the ass breasts and love tunnels. By now both girls are groaning with pleasure riding each other’s finger with their pussies – Jane announces she is Cumming June drops to her knees sticks her face right up to her sisters pussy I see her licking away madly her tongue flicking in and out of her pussy pausing only to flick her clit with her tongue and suck hard on it then back to licking her sister slit her tongue entering deeply inside. While watching the girls play I’m masturbating myself faster and faster now the groans from both girls are getting faster and more intense. June’s Fingers are in her own pussy masturbating really hard while sucking and licking at her sister’s love tunnel, I can see both girls are about to cum, I’m so close now myself also. When I came about the same time as the girls I shot my seeds across the room with a powerful orgasm. “Oooh My yes you horny Devils I need you both now Here I come” I joined the girls in the shower their hands are all over me. By the time we left the shower room I fucked both sisters in every hole possible several times, Each time I came I was expertly brought back to life to Be Used again and again by both girls like their own personal Sex Toy – I did not know a man could cum so many time as I had over and over again. .
After the shower we ate breakfast I spent a little time with the girls chatting as much as I wanted to stay I had to leave I was meeting some friends for drink at our local Pub, I told them the tale of how my mates had been trying to find me a woman so that I could lose my cherry. The girls laughed as I left saying well you have definitely got something to brag about know you don’t need any help do you” ? I arrange a date with both girls for the following week and left, on my way home my mobile phone rang it was Terry a friend. If you have seen Sisters – My first time you will remember how my mates had encouraged me to find a woman saying at 20 I needed to lose my cherry well terry was one of these mates.
“What happened to you last night at the club?” terry asked “I saw you with that girl the next time I checked YOU HAD GONE?” “You will never believe me” I replied. I explained briefly how I was no longer a Virgin in fact I told him “I’M a bloody sex machine I’ll tell you later see you in 20 min at my place”.
Well much as I had expected as soon as we met up Terry started with the questions “What’s her name?, What’s she like? What happened?” “oh yes and does she have a sister for me LOL”?
I started to tell Terry the whole thing “I met this Girl – June, Yes she has a sister – Jane, No you can’t have her, they look like Angels but are Both Horny Devils, WHAT Happened? well you will never believe I started the night with 1 girl ended up the 2 – OMG these 2 girls are horny – I Titty fucked both girls fucked them in the pussy and ass, Fingered both to orgasm shot my seed all over them, I’d eaten so much pussy I have had my cock in one’ mouth while the other had my balls in hers, I’d drunk that much cum Thiers and mine mixed from their pussy’s I thought I was going to drown well I thought I was going to drown and I have cum so many times my body is drained of cum – If I could get him stiff and was to wank off now I could not even manage a drip my poor old man is dry and totally shagged out.
Terry had obviously told my mates the whole thing by the cheery greeting when I arrived at the night club the following weekend, “Where is your Girl” I was asked “powdering their noses I laughed” “Noses?” Terry asked – Just then both Jane & June came over Grabbed an arm each kissed me on a cheek And said “Well Lover Boy are you not going to introduce everyone”.
Here I saga ends and the Next Begins comments please on all 4 tales so far and answers to the questions in part 3 to

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