my night with my wifes best friend

So my story actually begins like 13 years before, when we were both in high school I had just moved and was starting a new school well the first person I met was Mandi she was 5’5 about 125pounds bruniet died blonde with a 38 dd chest, and she had legs that would not stop. for two and a half years I strugled with watching her with other men going home at night after school I would have to get myself off thinking about her. I am 5’8 262 and about eight or nine inches so, I was not a good looker but I dated and married her best friend ten years later.

Well me and susie had a child and mandi and her husband had two and we were all still good friends well one night about a month ago a new movie cam out in a series that we all enjoyed butI could not go becaus eof my job well mandis husband went in my place even thought it was still a late night showing. well I got to mandi about twenty minutes after this three hour long movie started at about 10:20pm well my baby and her two kids were asleep up stairs and we sat and chatted she said that her feet were hurting from all the walking she had done today, so I told her if she came and sat on the couch I would rub them for her she agreed well she removed the blank from her body and got out of the chair she was in to reveal she had on a night gown that was so low cut that the top of her nipples were visible and was so short that I could see were here tan line ended. I got so hard that it hurt I was glad it was semi dark she sat down and I started to rub her feet and we chated and I started to rub a little bit higher up her leg. I glanced over to her and she had her head back and a nipple in her hand rolling it around, so I toolmy hand a went all the way up to her pussy and started to massage it and she moaned for me to eat her out so I went to and started to run my tounge on the out side of newly shaved pussy I darted my tounge in and out. I could feel her starting to have an orgasim she came all over my face then she stood up off the couch and took her night gown off and beagain to lick my face clean as I beagn to finger her she said she wanted to taste me and she unziped my jeans and pulle dthem off of me and ripped my boxer shorts she begin to suck my cock with slow strokes I was so hard that I almost came right then but she made me last when I did finally cum all over face and tits she got up and walked to the bedroom she came back out wih a towel an told me to come fuck her pussy and tittes raw we never made it to her bed I took her right there on the floor as we fucked she had several more oragsims and so did I when we were done she looked up at the clock and saw that the movie should be getting out she gave along deep kiss and said this would be the first of many night s a dyas togther.

Stay tuned for our night at the hot tub garden

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