Sisters a New Beginning

Sisters a New Beginning

We have been together Jane, June and I for 6 months now; we have a great but slightly weird relationship.
The relationship consists of 2 girlfriends and 1 man, how lucky I am living every man’s dream, 2 bi-women (the Sisters) and 1man (Me).
The slightly weird bit, the girls are bi-sexual they live together in a rented flat they are both naturist spending as much time as possible naked at our local naturists club. In the flat which is clothing optional they seem to spend most of the week in just panties and bra but at the weekend its fully naked maybe because I generally get to visit more at the weekend and I of course have to follow their rules boxers during the week and naked at the weekend which usually mean sex Sex SEX all weekend for all 3 of us.
Times are hard having just lost my job money was short and I’m having trouble paying my rent; my landlord has given me notice. The girls were also struggling money wise; neither had a very well paid job and also struggled at times to pay the rent on the flat which they shared. Things are about to change, it’s the weekend; money being short were having a night in with 2 or 3 bottles of wine at the girls flat.

We had all just spent the last hour making love; I’m sitting on the bed feeling contented between my 2 girls having been used as their personal sex toy. One of my girlfriends June turns to me and says “If you had to choose between the 2 of us errr which would you choose to live with”? My worst nightmare had just come true. “Ooh Baby please don’t make me choose!” I replied. “I love you both equally with all my heart; I wish we could stay together as we are for ever”.
I suppose I knew one day the girls would get fed up of sharing our love and that I would have to choose 1 to be with. “I don’t know” I had thought about this, could I pick 1 of the 2 sister If I had to? Which 1 would I pick to spend the rest of my time with? “I would rather not upset either of you girls by picking 1 over the other”.
I’m living a fantasy life one that is about to come back to a life reality by the sounds of this conversation” “I will have to think really hard about this I DO LOVE YOU BOTH and wish that I could be with you both for ever; I know this will never happen so I’ll need some time to decide how long will you give Me”? No answer instead the girls look at each other and smile.
After a short pause they both then turn to look at me “We were hoping you would say something like that” said Jane “Maybe you could have your wish, How would you like to live with the both of us?” said June, then Jane says “We have a bit of a shock for You first though” another longer pause “We are BOTH PREGNANT !!” they both announce.
We could want you to be the father to both our children, to be our husband and for both of us to be your wife’s. if you agree we have the perfect solution” said June. “Wife’s”? I ask yes
It seems the girls grandmother who had recently died had left them a property in her will, the girls had nothing to pay THE HOUSE was theirs all death duties had been paid by the vast amount of money she had left them; with plenty to spare to live on and bring up our new families.
For the children’s sake the girls had agreed that I should marry June, Jane was to change her name by deed pole and we signed some legal document/arrangement together; this way all the children legally registered with the same name – my surname and we all lived together as man and wives in the one house.
It seemed My Fantasy love life was not ending It was to start a new beginning if all went well.
My head was spinning I could not take all this news in plus both pregnant and both wanting to be my wife. While you think about this lets have sex my head is spinning more as June was sucking on my cock, I turn to Jane and start sucking on her nipple of her left breast Pausing just once to say I agree Yes, YES I AGREE let’s do it Lets all get married.
Jane moves position we are now in my favourite position the LOVE TRIANGLE. Jane is sucking my cock her sister June is licking her pussy; I’m busy completing the triangle by licking her sister Junes sweet dripping love tunnel. June again switches position having just sucked and licked her sister Jane to orgasm; she now joins her sister who is deep throating my cock all 7inches are down her throat I swear I can feel her tonsils hitting the tip as she expertly glides up and down my shaft. June starts to suck and lick on my ball sack taking all in her mouth; OMG my whole man hood has disappear into the mouth of these 2 horny women I’m about to come I announce. Both girls stop what they are doing put their lips together around my shaft and pump up and down teasing the head with their tongues slowly at first then as my seed starts to stir in my groin faster and faster until finally I explode shooting cum into both of their mouths. They suck me dry and then lock lips together sharing my juices before finally swallowing all; OMG I love it when they do this is so sexy watching them share my cum. We fuck into the early hour of the morning finally falling asleep in a 3 body spoon position. The following morning we chat about our plans together.

A month later we have moved into the Girls House, we are standing looking at a pile of boxes in the living room; “what shall we unpack next” I ask. “This one” says Jane “Yes it the one with all our sex toys in” says June. Before you can say GET YOUR KIT OFF the box was empty we were all naked and about to have our first sex in our new house.
A week later – Well we are all settled in the house now the girls are both making plans for when the babies are born I’m busy helping to plan the Wedding and legal stuff for Jane to change her name and our agreement to become my 2nd common law wife. We have even set up a set of rules for our new living arrangements.
I’m so excited 2 wives of a sort, 2 families on the way; I do hope I can make both these Girls happy, well I be the happiest man alive if I can. I’m so lucky I think to myself if some had told me just those few months ago while I was looking for a girlfriend I would be in the situation I am now well I would have just LAUGHT at them, maybe now they would be the one’s laughing in disbelief.
Our new life together has just begun.

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