Start your engines

Another beautiful weekend was upon us and I had one thing on my mind…It had been a couple weeks since I had gotten a chance to be with him. I had been thinking about our next meeting all week. Just the thought of his touch made me so wet and horny I couldn’t concentrate on anything. We had planned for Saturday night to go to some car races. We usually went every weekend but the last weekend was rained out so we couldn’t go. But not this weekend, it was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky.

He picked me up around 5 and headed to the track…which was an hour and half drive. We made small talk for a bit on the way talking about how our week was. I couldn’t take it anymore every time he smiled at me and those brown eyes were making me incredibly horny…I reached over and ran my hand up the inside of his leg rubbing his cock through his jeans…as I was rubbing my clit with my other hand. He slowed the car down and looked over at me pleasuring myself. He said with a smile ”well, we can stand to be a little late… ” As he looked for somewhere to park I unzipped his jeans and began to lick and tease his throbbing member. Running my tongue from the base all the way to the tip…he lets out a moan of pleasure which just made me want him even more. He finally found a secluded wooded area to park. We got out of the car and found a picnic table in the woods where we started stripping each others clothes off. I sat on the edge of the table feeling a little vulnerable but I soon forgot all about that as my lips met his. Our tongues swirled together as I ran my hands down his strong back grabbing his perfect ass. He said ”’You are so bad today…I think you need a licking” He knelt down and began kissing and licking up the inside of my legs til he reached my wet waiting pussy. He began to swirl his tongue over my clit over and over sending my head swimming with ecstacy. Just when I was about to climax I whispered to him, ” I want you inside me.” With that he got up and pulled me closer to the edge of the table and plunged his cock deep inside me. Every stroke making me moan louder…I wrapped my legs around his waist as we both climaxed. I kissed him passionately and whispered in his ear, ”I guess we should get going…” We quickly got dressed and got back on the road to the race track. We got there just in time to take our seats for the national anthem. We smiled at each other as they said start your engines…he already had me all revved up.

Once it got dark it got colder… he had brought a blanket to keep us warm. As we sat there I couldn’t help but let me hands wander over to his side of the blanket…unzipping his jeans, I started to rub his member under the blanket. He leaned over and whispered, ” I don’t think I’ve looked so forward to the races being over. ” As the last couple laps were finishing up I zipped up his jeans again and let things calm down before we had to get up and leave.

On our way home he said ” You were very bad rubbing my cock during the races with all those people around…” He reached over undoing my shorts and ran his hand down my shorts rubbing my swollen clit making me squirm in my seat. “Mmmmm you’re so wet…I think we should pull over for a bit. I can’t concentrate on driving like this…” He pulled over in the same area we were in earlier that day. I got out of the car and pushed him against the car kissing him hard and long as I tore his shirt off revealing his smooth chest. I kissed down his neck and his chest as I undid his jeans. I started kissing around his package, teasing him as I rubbed his cock. I placed both hands around his cock and began to stroke him, I licked my lips , placed them around the head of his dick , swirled my tongue around and got my first taste of his pre-cum. I began sucking and stroking him with my hand at the same time. His moans and the taste of him was making me so wet… I made my way back up to his lips and he smiled as he took off my tank top and my bra. He caressed my breasts and sucked my nipples making me want him even more. I slipped out of my shorts and panties standing there naked dripping with desire for him. I leaned over the front of the car with my pussy waiting for him and told him to come here. He leaned over me and slid his throbbing member into my waiting pussy. Slowly thrusting in and out at first then he leaned over and kissed my neck as he started to quicken his pace. I moaned louder as he fucked me harder and deeper with every stroke. My head was swimming as I tightened my pussy around him as we both climaxed. As we got dressed…he said well, that’s a night I’ll never forget… :)

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