The Beach Side

We sit anxiously on the plane, awaiting our landing. It seems like it has taken an eternity to get to this paradise away from the smog and crowdedness of the city. We peer out the window, the most beautiful blue water below us, encircling small coral reefs and sharks swimming frantically for a meal. We brace for touchdown, your hand gripping my thigh tightly. I do the same, except under your skirt, I smirk at the gesture. You let out a giggle as we are finally on the ground. As we get off the plane the tropical sun at dusk hits us, warm, almost sensual in touch. We grab our things and hail a cab for the twenty-minute ride to the beachfront villa we have for the next few days.

We get into the cab and wind down the palm-lined road. Your hand reaching for my crotch, you squeeze and rub hard and slow, just the way I like it. My eyes watching the driver, I lean to kiss your neck and my hand darting for your pussy under your skirt. Hand slowly sliding up your thigh, pinching your pussy and rubbing your clit through your already soaked panties. You let out a soft moan and the driver looks, whatever dude. We both laugh as we continue to the hotel.

We check in, and walk down to the beautiful villa. We enter, drop our bags and grab some drinks from the top shelf stocked bar we have in the room. Our villa secluded from the others, I make us celebratory Mojitos. We walk out to the deck, sit, smoke, drink, making out.

As we finish our delicious refreshing beverages you whisper, “Porn?” I respond in typical fashion, smirking.

We go inside, I wash out the glasses as you grab some things from your suitcase and head to the bathroom. I toss my shirt and shorts to ground; boxer briefs will do just fine for watching educational material. I pop in the DVD and pause it on the first scene, awaiting your return. You emerge to my surprise, wearing black lace boy shorts, black lace bra and boots. God you look amazing, my cock getting hard just looking at you and your tits practically jumping out of your bra.

“Ready to watch?” you say. “Mmmm hmmm” I mutter just barely.

You lay beside me, reaching for the remote to hit play your tits smothering me, ahhh I forgot how lovely that is. You press play and you lay next to me. We wait for the scene to commence.

As the scene begins, your hand rests on my thigh just above the knee. Your other hand sliding slowly down between your tits and stomach, under the waist of your panties. You moan as your fingers glide over your clit, your other hand sliding up my thigh. We watch intently for a few minutes, studying the performers on the screen. Your hand reaching under my boxers, you grip my cock hard, like never before. Copying what you see on the TV, you are stroke for stroke with her. My hand next to you slides under your panties joining yours. I tease your pussy lips and ass, not entering you. Feeling how wet you are makes me harder in your grip. You rub your clit slowly while stroking me slowly.

My other hand joins yours on my cock. You push my hand away, wanting it all for you. We watch, studying, analyzing what we see. You tell me to lay sideways on the bed so you can watch. As the scene gets heavy, you pull my boxers off, diving for my cock. I brush your hair back to watch your mouth engulf my throbbing cock.

Your eyes glance up at me, then back to the screen. Matching her on the TV motion for motion, you are sucking my cock so hard it’s overwhelming. I buck my hips and you push them back down, having me play the same role of the man on screen. You stroke and suck deeply, your other hand playing with my balls. You lick my shaft up and down, stroking while sucking just the head of my cock. You lick downward and suck my balls, then travel lower and suck and lick my taint. Scene for scene you are performing, and its unfuckin real. Your tongue flicking on my taint, and then sucking my balls then up my shaft and into your mouth. Your hand and mouth working as one, up and down, twisting and stroking hard.

As the next scene starts the woman on screen begins to lather her body in baby oil. You look up at me, smiling you get up and reach for the bedside table. I had not noticed that you set a bottle of baby oil after coming out of the bathroom. You stand up one leg on the bed, and cover yourself in oil. Your tits glistening in the light, your boy shorts soaked with oil. You turn around showing me your delicious ass, pouring oil all over it. You climb onto me, straddling my face. I pull your panties to the side, oil dripping down on me. My tongue slowly licking between your pussy lips, tasting your sweetness. You are dripping all over my face, which has me grab your wet ass and pull you down onto to me.

Sucking hard on your clit, my fingers slide easily into your pussy and ass. You let out a light moan, approving of such violations. Fingers and mouth would together; you grind your perfect pussy on my face. I feel your pussy pulse, you grind harder and cum all over my face. My fingers clenched by your pussy, I thrust them harder and faster inside you. You cum again and grind on my face harder. Soaked in your wetness and oil, I push you back off of me, your head hanging off the end of the bed. I stand up and straddle your face, and stroke my cock above you.

“Yes please, ” you say seductively. I slide my cock into your mouth and start to thrust. Your hand gripping my balls, the other massaging your swollen clit. I slap your tits hard, turning them red and pinching your nipples. I keep one hand there, the other reaching for your pussy to join your hand.

I thrust hard and keep my cock in the back of your throat, you hitting my ass to release you. I allow it for a moment, before slamming back in. I pull out and grab a handful of hair, leading you over to the bar. I stand behind you, slapping your ass and removing your boy shorts. I tell you to sit on the bar stool with your ass hanging off. Watching the screen, we wait to see what happens next. I grab an handful of hair mimicking the TV, bite your neck, smack your again, grab my cock, and slam deep in your ass. “Fuck!” you scream in both pleasure and pain. You hold onto the bar for support, as I am balls deep inside your ass. Slow, deep thrusts into your tight ass. I pull out, holding your ass open as they do on screen and slowly slide my cock all the way back in.

I watch my cock disappear inside you, what a lovely sight. I fuck you faster, admiring your bubble butt hitting against my stomach, what a great ass it is. I lean forward and bit your neck, you turning to kiss me hard. Our mouths slamming against another, our tongues searching for one another. We look back at the screen to continue our mimicking. Thrust for thrust, I fuck your ass and then slam into your pussy. You moan as I enter your soaked pussy, squeezing me immediately as I enter you. I pull out and am back in your ass, then back to your pussy. We watch and perform awaiting what is next. The man on the screen grabs a handful of hair, guiding her to the bed. I do the same.

A blindfold appears both on the TV and in the room. I tie it firmly around your eyes. You lay blinded, not knowing what is next, I tell you what I see on screen. I grab a rope and bind your hands above your head on the bed. You are helpless. I see the man get a vibrator from near their bed and ask where the one your brought is, you tell me in a nervous tone. I grab it and await what comes next.

I spread your legs and suck your clit, fingers diving inside you. I pull away for a moment, letting you pondering what is next, and I slide just the head of my cock in your ass. You wiggle not expecting it, and I slide all the way in. I begin thrusting slow and deep, your legs wrap around my hips. As I turn the vibrator on, your head tilts towards the sound. You smile at the sound. As I thrust into your ass, the vibrator rests on your clit, sending shockwaves through your body.

Your ass tightening around my cock, I see what comes next on screen. Not sure how you will respond, I act out exactly what I see. I slide the vibe down between your pussy lips, up and down to give you a hint of what comes next.

“Oh my god” you say seductively as you know what is coming.

I slide the head of the vibe inside you, letting you get acquainted with two cocks inside you,You lift your hips to allow the vibe inside you. I slide it all the way inside you. Your ass and pussy completely filled, your body shakes immediately.
“Holy Fuck!” you scream.

I thrust in sync in your ass with the vibe in your pussy. Your legs pulling me inside your ass, you rock your hips like I have never seen before.

“Untie me and get this fuckin blindfold off now!” you command. I do as you wish.

You reach for neck grabbing hard. I let go of the vibe to support myself. I feel my stomach pushing the vibe deep inside your pussy. You kiss me hard, biting in a fury. Moaning and bucking, you shake again. We both look to the screen; this appears to be the end of the scene. I pull out of your ass and you slide the vibe from its perfect home. I stand stroking my cock, and you drop to your knees watching the TV and me stroke. Vibe in hand, I watch you lower it and it vanishes between your thighs. You grab my cock hard, and suck hard. You moan intently as you watch the TV and look up at me.

You lower yourself slightly and both hands are on my cock. I begin to ponder how the vibe is still inside you, but with your muscles and the floor working together, I put two and two together. I grab two handfuls of hair and pull your head hard onto my cock. You stroke my cock with both hands, twisting in opposite directions. I can feel cock pulse, watching you and the TV, as you do the same. You pull my cock away from your mouth, stroking hard and fast. Your mouth opens wide eyes darting back and forth from TV to me. I begin to shake, cock pulsing so hard. You pull me close to your mouth, and I explode. I look down at you and watch as I cum inside your mouth. This is the biggest load I think I have delivered, your mouth overflowing with cum.

You wrap your mouth around my cock and continue sucking and stroking. I feel my pulsing intensify and cum again. You pull away as it is too much and swallow and I cum another giant load onto your tits. My legs shaking, I drop to the floor beside you. Both breathing heavily, we are numb.

“Holy shit” we say simultaneously. “Shower?” I say in soft tone. You nod your head in agreement.

We both get up and I grab us two cigarettes. We head to the bathroom and light our smokes as I turn the water on. To our surprise the shower has a giant bench inside it. We run the water as we sit and smoke. And then another idea pops inside my head…

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