Wanted for a long time.

It was a hott summer night and two young best friends were gettin pretty bored. John was a 18 male 5’10” with brown hair and a muscular build. Mindy was a very sexy 5’4″ with C cups and brown beautiful hair. On this night two best friends were together. John was sitting in a chair thinking about Mindy (who was sitting next to him on a boat). She was returning the favor. John and Mindy were talking a while when Mindy suddenly thought about making a move on John. John was a good charmer and usually made the move but this was his best friend. Mindy suddenly let her hair down and took off her pants revealing her bakini. Then the shirt which showed off her nice breasts in that tight red bakini top. She shook her hair a bit and sat back down. Then John followed suit. Mindy then said, “John will you do my back?” John said, “Sure I’ll be glad to.” She handed him suntan lotion and to his suprise it was just lotion. Without him even squirting it in his hands she said, “That was nice now it’s your turn.” John was feeling dumbstruck because he didn’t even do anything. She then took the lotion from him and squirted it into her hands. Without another word she reached down his pants and started rubbing it on my shaft. If you haven’t noticed I am John. I instantly got hard from this. Mindy was now giving me a hand-job. I loved the way she twited her hand at my hed and pumped fast back. Then i said why don’t we get somewhere cooler. So I led Mindy into the water and she gladly followed. I knew she was waiting for what was inside my cock so i didn’t hesitate taking off my trunks. Then i cleaned off my lotion and started towards her. Mindy then said, “Please master don’t punish me.” And i said you’ll get a lot more than just that young lady. Then i undid her top and started cupping her tits and massaging them. She moaned at the sensation. I started licking around then to her tit and the same on each side. Then i started taking off her bakini bottom, which was not only wet with water by this time. I then mounted her on the front of me and put my shaft into her clit. She moaned again. She was a virgin so i told her this would hurt and we could stop if she wanted, but she said, “No i don’t mind just hurry and get the bad part done.” So i rammed my cock into her hard and she screamed like a school girl. Then she screamed with pleasure and i gently went in and out. Then just my hed and she said she was about to cum. Just then i set her on the dock and climbed up. I then buried my face in her puss and drank all of her juices. Then she again said, “That was great, your turn.” I could tell she was about to pass out from the multiple orgasms, but she insisted. So she got on her knees and licked my hed. Just my hed and my knees started to buckle. Just then she deepthroated my cock and rammed it 4 or 5 times. Then back to just the hed. Then one more time she deepthroated it and i came all over her. She cleaned up every last bit. Then she said anything else? And then i told her i always wanted to tity bang someone. She said, “Well i have some vaseline in my purse.” I knew that would work so she went and got it. She then smeared it all over her chest and on my shaft. I then started ramming my cock in between her tits. She squeezed them together real tight, and eventually i shot a huge stream of cumm all over her and again she cleaned it up. That truly was the best time I have ever had with one of my friends.

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