What A Ride Home Pt 2

Diane & I, my best female friend had sex for the first time two weeks ago. It was completely unexpected. I was married and never ever cheated on my wife before. The days after Diane and I had sex, we would often talk about it but both of us had the nerve to ask about an encore performance. We felt awkward. Seeing each other naked, having sex and remaining friends seemed like an impossible task. I think if we had consumated our relationship in a nicer place rather than this 4 hour cheap motel, we would have felt better. Finally after about 10 days of talking about our little indiscretion, Diane in a joking way tells me to relax because she wasn’t pregnant. I knew that already since she did use her diaphragm that night. When would one of us talk about doing “it” again? I was dying to sleep with her again. I was hoping she felt the same way too. An idea came to mind. I started talking about the quality of the motel we went to when we did it. We both knew that if we did it again that both of our homes were off limits. She had a boyfriend and he often stayed there. I had a wife and well….

I told Diane that if I had my choice that I would have taken her to this really cool hotel / motel that caters to people who have different sexual fantasies. She said she never heard of it. Since we lived in NY and the place was in Queens, I was surprised she did not hear about it. I told her of all the exotic rooms and what each room had. I felt bad when she said that she would love to spend a night there with her boyfriend. She joked back by saying she was just kidding. She said that if her and I ever do it again that we should try that place. She really was making my job tough. I wanted to just ask her for a second go round but felt so odd about it. She said that this upcoming Sunday night would be our three week anniversary. I laughed and thought that was funny. She then asked me out for dinner to celebrate what we did. I kidded her and said I would only accept her invite if we could go to the erotic motel too. She said sorry, I stopped fucking married men three weeks ago! She then laughed really hard and said well most married men but in your case, I think I will make an exception.

We skipped dinner that night and headed straight for this motel. We had a choice of rooms and picked out something called the Tahitian Room. As soon as we opened the door to the room you knew it was not a Red Roof Inn. There were mirrors all over the walls and ceiling. The bathtub near the bed was heart shaped, red and a jacuzzi. There was music being played. The bed was huge and a waterbed too. It was not the kond of place you would find 2 childhood friends and we felt awkward instantly. We thought the sex and lack of inhibition we felt the first time would carry over to this time but the room drowned those feelings. We were speechless.

Diane suggested we get into the tub and try and allow nature to take it’s course. We felt really odd about getting naked in front of each other oddly enough. We managed to slip into the tub without seeing each other get naked. We sat close enough so I could see her tits rise above the pulsating waters. I teased her about what i saw and that eased the mood a bit but we were feeling weird. I did not know how to make the first move so I got playful by blowing in her ear and “accidentally” touching her tits. It must have been working because I felt her hand grab hold of my cock. We started to kiss but even that took some getting use to momentarily. I knew I had to do or say the right thing to ease this fierce tension. Diane, if I do not feel my cock in your pussy in the next 5 minutes, either I will die or I will rape you!

With that, Diane stood up, naked, wet and better than I remembered from my first encounter. Let’s dry off and see if you die or I get raped. I stood up, hard as could be and Diane and I dried each other off. We lied on the bed and it moved like an ocean. We looked up and saw ourselves in a mirror. This was really fucking odd. Seeing each other lie next to each other naked? Hey, she’s my pal. Hey I am married. It was so strange. Diane was really feeling at ease now. Wanna see me fuck you? With that she gave me a funny peck on the cheek, rolled over on top of me and stuck my cock right in her. I looked up at the ceiling and saw Diane at work. So odd, not only watching youself get laid but watching the moves she made was really odd. Am I really fucking her I kept thinking. It was perfect. She moved her little ass as if she had a motor in it. As she began to cum she moved faster and faster. The first time we fucked she was loud. This time she was ten times louder. I never fucked a woman this loud and noisy. She slid off of me and told me the orgasm she had was the best she ever had.

We lied there for about 5 minutes as we both regained our limited composure. Now it is my turn to watch you fuck me she said. Before that though would you eat me a little? I want to see what that looks like. I obliged and she came again. She then wanted to see what it looked like to blow me. That weirded her out I guess because of our friendship so she stopped. I got on top of her and my cock found her pussy immediately. I do not think I was in her more than a minute before she came again. I was stunned. This is too hot she said. I am truly spoiled she added. Watching you fuck me instantly makes me cum she said. With that I got bold and jumped on her again and once again she must have cum in less than 2 minutes. It freaked her out how something like this could happen. We tried a few more positions but none was as hot as me on top of her. Our time in ther was ending and I held back all night. I was ready to explode and Diane offered me a ton of choice on how I would cum. I asked her if she would blow me and swallow it. She laughed and said if you fuck me me one more time on top, I will grant your wish. With that I did as she asked and once again she came in a flash but I kept on fucking her and she came again. She begged me to stop but instead I banged my cock deep into her and finally as she moaned in ecstasy, I orgasmed with her. It sent her incredibly deep moment even deeper and I knew we were feeling something neither of us ever felt before. It crossed every line we knew. Friends were not supposed to feel this. It was outrageous. When we finally stopped, we gazed into each other eyes and were without words but felt very in tune with each other. We both reached plateaus in the bedroom we never reached before.

We got dressed, left our history making room, worth every bit of the $150 it cost. As we drove home, silence permeated the car. Finally I said to her the thing that I wanted to say to her. Diane, promise me that we will do this again. She looked at me and said that she was thinking the very same thing. Did we ever fuck again? The truth is that after that night at the motel, we fucked every time we saw each other and on special occasions went to motels with both mirrors and water beds. The funny part is that we thought it was the mirror that drove her crazy. It was the water bed that made her cum so quickly and often. Boy do I miss those days!

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