What Are We Doing?

What started out as an innocent flirtation had evolved into something more. Much more. Both of them knew there was “something” there – but what was it? He appealed to her on many levels. At first, she only thought of him when she was having sex with her husband. It helped move things along. Sometimes, she would close her eyes and picture him there lying on the bed. It was her making him climax – because, he was a cop and used to being in total control of every situation. Or maybe, she would massage herself, while on top, and envision his mouth being there instead. Lately, it was lying in bed getting ready for sleep. She would close her eyes to start the fantasy that would ultimately keep her up all night with tension throughout her body. Why did she want him so badly? She was married. He was married. Sure, but both of them were unhappy. Both were in a situation that was easier to look at than to live in. But she couldn’t stay away. What was his excuse, she thought?

As their lives are often overlapping with social functions, they both were invited to an event. No one thought anything if they rode together. That was acceptable to both spouses and mutual friends, because they themselves were friends. She spent all day getting ready for this outing. You would think she was going on a date. When he got there, she could barely breath. The anticipation of spending some time with him away from everyone else was overbearing. After the event, she asked if he wanted to go out for some drinks before she had to be home. Knowing that they did not truly want to be seen by others, they went to an out-of-the way bar.

He ordered a beer and she had her usual, hard lemonade. They talked about all types of things with flirtation flying heavily through the air. They talked about fantasies. He asked what hers were about and although she was really nervous about it, she spilled it. She would love to have a lover take control of the situation – be the authority figure. Maybe his job was one reason he was so attractive to her? She noticed things about him, such as the small scar above his right eye, the way he smiles when he’s nervous, his chest hair and his gentle manner. As much as she knew that what was going on was probably inappropriate to many, she couldn’t help herself. At one point, he touched her hand during the conversation and apologized. How could he know that with that touch, he made her very aroused! She wanted to say please don’t apologize – there are more needy parts to touch than my hand. But she was nervous and in very unfamiliar territory.

After another round, she was feeling pretty light. They walked to the car and as he opened the car door, she turned around to see him right in her face. Before she knew it, he pulled her close and laid his lips upon hers. A flurry of emotions and thoughts raced through her mind. She should push him away? Pull him in closer? What exactly was going on? It didn’t matter, because, now they were pressed hard up on the car. Both of them were hungry for intimacy and understanding. Lips went from mouths to neck and ears. And as quickly as it started, he stopped and pulled away.

At first she was hurt that he brought this part of her out and was now going to regret it. But, just like that, He lit a cigarette, gave her a smirk and sat her down in the car. Now, she was really confused! They drove for a while talking about everyday things, like nothing had just happened. He confided in her about his Dad. It pained her to see him carry that hurt inside. As always, she told him that she would be there for him anytime, anywhere he needed to talk. They joked about meeting at on-line fantasy rooms and sex toy allowances. Back to innocent flirtation – not for long.

When she got home she thought maybe he would regret what had happened and treat her differently. She worried that others would find out and her family would be disappointed in her. But most of all, she wanted to see him again. He makes her feel like she is the only one in the room. Impatiently, she waited all day for a call – nothing. Finally, she was forced to call him regarding some business needs and he had to call her back. This is it – the brush off. Finally, the phone rang – it was him! Now, keep it business she said to herself. She didn’t want to scare him off. That lasted a full minute before the conversation turned. At the end of the conversation, they met in a local parking lot to exchange business papers. Very innocent, right? Not quite. For how was he to know that while he was taking she was visualizing herself in his car, on his lap, kissing his lips and sucking his tongue. She wanted to put her hands in his shirt and warm them against the chest hair she had notice before. It was almost more that she could bear. They agreed to go ahead and meet on-line for “conversation”.

Full of apprehension and desire, she waiting for him on-line. What the hell was she doing? She was married and not a player by any means. What did this man have on her that was so addicting? She tried to tell herself to stay away. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. Instant messenger just popped up – he’s here! After a little polite chatter, things started to get a little more adventurous. Hiding behind the keyboard is so much easier, she thought. She could say anything and do anything without his actually hearing or seeing! What freedom! At first, she thought this was game to him. And it may still be. But for the moment, she decided to let some things go. When he wrote that he wanted to hold her by the hair and kiss her deeply, it made her aroused. When he said that he got an erection when she lifted her skirt in the car towards the heater, that made her aroused. The thought of him being uncomfortable with an erection made her very aroused, indeed. She had to excuse herself for a moment. He had to smoke. Sounds like both of them were aroused.

When he came back to message board, he asked if dear hubby was home. No, he had left, she replied. He wanted to call her and talk. She thought for a moment and agreed. This was going to be rough. If he laughed at her, she would be crushed. But he did not disappoint. He went into graphic detail about pleasuring her pussy with his mouth and that was very good. He wanted to know if she masturbated while thinking of him. She replied that it’s not something that she does, she has hubby do that for her. If the situation were different, it would be him, she thought. Next time she would ask him if he thinks of her when he masturbates. He wanted to know if she came after this conversation and although she was aroused, she had not. At this point, she knew he was tired and had to go. So, they said their good-byes and she wondered if he would come back for more………meanwhile she went to bed for the second night in the row unable to sleep.

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