Girlfriend’s Secretive Adventures

JoAnn had been seeing her boyfriend now for over three years and wondered if she was in love with him or not.  This was a day of being bored and she wanted to feel loved and wanted, but her friend was out of town for a week and she was beginning to be desperate for attention.

She drove into town and looked at some of the clothes and thought that it was not a good day for this, so she started out of the door when a big man came in through the door and gave her the look and the once over.  She felt heat in her stomach and below and suddenly realized that she was getting hot and needed a man to make love to, so she turned back into the store and saw the man standing by the ladies underwear section, so she slowly walked that direction, but glancing often towards him, only to see he was keeping his eyes on her and would wait there.

Joann eventually ended up walking about 10 feet from him and browsed through the silky nighties and glanced at the man again and smilingly said to him, “Do you think this one is pretty?”

“Oh, Yes,” he said, “you would look good in anything or nothing,” he laughingly said.

She laughed and said that she would like to try it on and needed a man’s view on how she looked and he replied that he would be happy to help her.

“Why don’t we just buy it and go someplace else to try it on?” he suggested. “That way folks won’t think I am a dirty old man.”

“Ok,” Joann replied, “but I don’t live close to here, where do you suggest we go?”

He said, “Follow me and we will find a place close by.” And with that they walked around the corner and into the lobby of a Hilton Inn Hotel.  The man  told her to wait and said he’d be right back and walked over to the desk.

He walked back to her, took her elbow and led her to the elevator.  In room 369 he opened the door for her.  Joann, trembling now, both in fear and in anticipation, walked in and upon hearing the door close behind her, turned and the big man took her in his arms and kissed her heatedly  and moved his large hand to her tit and rubbed the nipple.  Joann began squirming and wiggling as his hand dipped between her legs and she felt the heated wetness start soaking her undies.

He growled, “I think you are hot enough to fuck now!”

He lifted her dress higher and stuck a finger in her pussy.  She was ready to cum already but the man knew what he was doing and took more time initiating the time he wanted with her, so he kissed her nipples, her pussy and ass and up and down her velvety legs causing sensations she had not felt in a long time.  He finally pushed her back on the bed, raised her legs and entered her in one smooth move.  He had a very large and long cock, but she was so wet that he entered her without any problem and proceeded to fuck her until she cried out, “Oh, fuck me baby, I’m cumminggggggggggg!” With that, the man grunted and shot a wad of cum up inside her already slippery cunt and she came again as the hot liquid did its magic.

They lay close to each other and the man said, “By the way, my name is John and I heard you say that you are Joann, well Joann, it’s nice to meet you and meat you, if you get my meaning.”

“I get it,” she replied, “but I don’t like those type of word games, if you don’t mind.”

He pulled her close and began kissing her lips, feeling her tits and pussy and turned her over on her stomach and crawled on top of her, driving his cock up her pussy from behind.

“I love lying on your soft ass,” he said as he pumped another load inside her.

“Come on baby, don’t leave me hanging, fuck me harder!” And he obliged, driving his softening pole back inside her as he got harder.  After thirty minutes of pounding her pussy, she screamed and shuddered as he brought her to another climax.

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