The Girls Go To New York City

It’s Monday and Bernie is hard at work at the hospital lab. The good news is Lydia asked to be put on days from the 3-11pm shift. She was greeted by Bernie. Lydia is a top notch med tech like Bernie.

Lunch time the girls ate together at the cafeteria. They were the same age 25 years old. Lydia is a single mom. Her son David is 6 years old. Lydia was born in Puerto Rico. Her parents came to New York City for work. Her mother Maria lives in town now that Lydia’s father died. Bernie noticed some tattoo showing by her neck. Lydia laughed and said it is bigger than what you see. She whispered to Bernie she has nipple rings. Bernie told her she wants to do the same thing. Lydia wants some more things done. They can go together as she knows her way around. Bernie said let’s call the artists, make an appointment, and tell them what we want. They went to the phonebooth with lots of change (1970’s). Lydia called someone she knew there. She told them what she wanted. Bernie took the phone and told them she wanted nipple rings, a belly button diamond, pierced tongue not showing, pierced Clit hood and a tattoo on her mound with red heart with letters “TE AMO.”or “I love you.” The person told them Friday 10am and the staff would be ready for them. Lydia was off and Bernie got personal leave day. She would meet Lydia at 6am. Lydia would drive them down.

Bernie came home and told Tom she and Lydia were going to NYC on Friday and she would have a surprise for him. He said be careful because of traffic there. She said Lydia knows her way around.

Friday came and the girls were heading to NYC at 6am. At 3pm the girls headed home after a long uncomfortable day of piercings. Bernie was sore when she got home at 6pm and had to clean everything done to her. Tom helped her and got her ice water as her tongue hurt. She told Tom the surprise would be delayed. He said he understood. Bernie was exhausted and went to bed early. She would rest the weekend.

After two weeks of healing Bernie felt better. On Tuesday night she showered early and attached a thin gold chain with decorative gold metal strips dangling from the chain to her nipple rings.She also wore the black velvet choker with a gold heart. And she bought a gold waist chain. She fixed her hair like Farrah the actress. Put on her short white robe and came to Tom in the living room. He looked surprised. She opened her robe. He said “Wowww.” He couldn’t believe how more beautiful she looked. He kissed and hugged her. She pulled his zipper down, pulled his cock out of his pants, got on her knees and used her new pierced tongue. He couldn’t believe how his cock was more stimulated from her tongue. He felt himself cumming. He shot cum with more force than he ever experienced before. She had a back splash to her throat and a mouthful. It was an incredible experience for both of them. She swallowed it all and licked her lips. Next test would be the clit ring. When Tom was ready.

Wednesday night Tom is sitting on the couch and Bernie’s head is on his lap. She had short shorts on. She fell asleep while Tom watched TV. He reached over with his left hand and put 2 fingers in her pussy. She experienced wave upon wave of feeling euphoria. She awoke having several orgasms. The clit ring worked. They both laughed about what happened. She said you owe me. Let’s finish in bed. They both stripped their clothes off. He layed on his back and she straddled him putting his cock into her pussy. The feeling of moving up and down on the cock was so stimulating she was yelling “faster, fuck me more, ohhhhh, ahhhhhhh, yessssssss, oooooooooh.” She never felt so stimulated like this before. The feeling could and would be addictive for her. Both of their orgasms were more intense. She would experience wave upon wave of orgasms.

Friday on her lunch hour she took her paycheck to the bank and deposited her check. She stopped by the mortgage officer’s desk to get some printed information about home loans. The loan officer was helpful. She had to get back to work but he told her to read the brochures and make an appointment with him. He was there to help. As she was leaving a very distinguished gentleman stopped by to say hello. He wore a double breasted suit. He was probably 50 years old, 5’9″ and very handsome. He was the President of the bank. He told Bernie his first name was Ernnesto, but everybody in town knew him and called him Ernie. He handed her his business card. She said her name was Bernadette but she preferred Bernie. She said you are too important to be called anything else than Ernesto. She gave him his card back with her phone number on it. She said call me. He said he would.

Ernesto called early Monday evening. Tom was with his bowling league. Ernesto asked if she would like go to a bar just on the other side of the mountain? It wasn’t far but it was out of town and more private. She said yes. She put on her denim miniskirt, low cut short sleeve blouse, crotch less panties. She also wore her velvet choker and a pair of short boots. She left a note for Tom so he wouldn’t worry. Within a few minutes Ernesto was there. He asked where Tom was and she told him about the bowling league. The mountain air was cool and pleasant that night. When she got in the car she kissed him.

They were at the bar in minutes and there were a few people there watching TV. He didn’t recognize anyone. He maintained his privacy because of his position at the bank. He ordered scotch on the rocks and Bernie asked for white Zinfandel wine. They talked, laughed and shared their sexual fantasies. She told Ernesto she would love to have a gangbang someday. He smiled at her. He said she might someday get her wish. He asked about Tom. She said they had an understanding. But Tom is her first love. He asked about the choker she was wearing. She said they are side partners/husbands. She loves them as lovers. She always goes home to her husband Tom.

After a couple of drinks and great conversation they decided to go back. They kissed in the car. Bernie reached over unzipped his fly. He was big. Ernesto drove down the other side of the mountain to secluded dead end. He shut the car and lights off. There was plenty of room in his “muscle car.” She slid over on the seat on her knees and worked her tongue on his cock. When he was about to cum, she stopped him and straddled Ernesto’s cock. He had about 10 inches of love for her. Her vaginal muscles pulled on his cock. She wanted his love cum. It wasn’t too long he let out a loud, long, strained grunt. He had been licking her nipples and discovered her nipple rings. She told him she would show him her secrets sometime. She took her fingers and scooped up what cum she could and ate it. He was amazed. It was time to go home. Everyone had to work tomorrow. She got home before Tom and showered. Tom came home. His team won the trophy and he had too many beers. He changed his clothes, came to bed, kissed her good night,and went to sleep snoring.

To be continued……..

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