graduation group

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We had just graduated… all the class of 2010 of eupora high. Kylee McMinn was throwing a graduation party that night… kylee was the most beautiful girls in school… beautiful blonde hair, breast that were 36DD and an ass that was bigger than my head… she had announced that 5 lucky guys were gonna get to have her at the party tonight… i hoped i would be one of them. The party had been going on very long before kylee announced the people she wanted to fuck… i thought it was a complete joke when she called my name!!!! We went into a room me and 4 other guys. She sat me and 2 other dudes on stools right beside each other and told us to take all our clothes off. The other 2 guys were to stand there and take all there clothes off. Finally kylee stripped down where we could see her whole nude body. My dick shot up to full attention at 9 inches. She then placed her hands on both the guys dicks on either side of me and started stroking. She then told the two guys that were standing to fuck her up the butt and pussy. She then turned to me and said,” im gonna give you the best blowjob of your life and engulfed my dick with her mouth. It was the best feeling of my life and even better was that we started in each others eyes as she deap throated me. I cummed all in her mouth until it was leaking out of the sides. When all the guys finished she told us all our clothes had been thrown out and we had to find them naked. We were all walking out the door when i felt her grab my dick and start stroking me and whisper in my ear “except you… were gonna fuck some more”… after we had finished i asked her why did she pick me and she said because my cum tasted the best… haha high school… college is gonna be great

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