What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

If you read “Lani and the Marlboro Man” I alluded to something happening in Vegas as we passed through on a cross country road trip. This is the story.

First of all I would like to introduce you to my wife Lani. She’s a drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian Filipino with long black hair and an hourglass figure. Throw in exotic eyes, full kissable lips, a built in tan and you have the full picture. Our trip started in Seattle where we took delivery on a new cargo van and headed East.  Before we get started, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Nearly every night Lani has vivid erotic dreams. They usually arrive in the last few hours before dawn. More times than I can count I’ve spooned up to her back, watching as her eyeballs flutter rapidly behind closed lids. She’d begins to murmur, sticking her tongue out slightly, licking and sucking her sweet lips. She softly murmurs such things as ”Suck me. Let me suck your cock’ etc. It’s possible to initiate things by holding a thumb up to her lips. In no time she’s sucking it deep. I’ve actually made love with her in her sleep. She has strong orgasms but still remains asleep. After she wakes up I tease her about it and tell her about sucking my thumb. She denies it but doesn’t know whether to believe me or not. She does admit one of her favorite dreams is dancing and teasing guys. She’d make a great exotic dancer but isn’t about to actually do it. Someone we know might see. On this trip I planned to make one of her erotic dreams come true.

We arrived in Vegas about 2:30 in the afternoon. Being from the islands we weren’t used to the heat. After checking in we headed for the pool to cool down. Lani decided to wear a thong bikini. Yellow material covered in shiny pink dots, for those of you who want a visual. To say she drew attention would be an understatement. Her gorgeous body was a sight to behold. I was only too happy to apply sun screen. Whenever she entered the water she was the center of attention. After about an hour we headed to the room for a nap. About eight we headed out to check out the night life.

My naughty wife had decided to have a little fun, after all what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Lani picked out a skin tight off one shoulder yellow top which contrasted well with her brown skin. A thin bra strained to contain her 34D’s leaving her dainty nipple rings visible through the thin material.  A pair of okole hugging white short shorts with white patent leather spike heels completed the outfit. With a Plumeria in her hair she was ready. I could only shake my head. My wife was drop dead gorgeous. As soon as we got off the hotel elevator people began to stare.

It had started as soon as we got off the plane in Seattle. To begin with she was really nervous and dressed down to try and draw less attention, but her exotic beauty is hard to hide. By now she’d become accustomed and began to enjoy the attention. We started in the hotel casino, dropping a few coins in the slots. Lani loved the noise and excitment. She’d squeal and clap her hands whenever she won. I’m not into gambling so I mostly sat beside her and sipped my drink. I’m a people watcher. It was more fun to watch the crowd. It soon became apparent men were coming and going then coming back for another look. Our row of machines seemed busier than the others and most of our fellow gamblers were men. She knew the effect she was having and loved it. The guys went out of their way to cheer her on, congratulating her on winning. As we roamed from casino to casino it seemed the same guys would show up each place we went. Several were security which made us feel better. Getting tired of that, she wanted to check out a piano bar and do a little dancing. I was all for that. I couldn’t wait to pull her in close. I won’t bore you with the rest of our “husband and wife” night.

The second day I informed her I had a surprise planned for that evening. She got excited and pressed me for information, to no avail.

I’d checked the Internet before leaving home and had it all planned out. A little after dark we headed to North Vegas, pulling into a strip club advertising amateur night.  As soon as Lani saw the sign she gave me a shocked look, but couldn’t hide the smile and look of excitement on her sweet face. I grabbed a bag I’d stashed in the trunk and we headed inside. Since this was her first time in a strip club she was wide eyed and excited. The club was a big room dominated by a stage and runway. Tables all around and a bar along one wall. After paying the cover charge we found a table near the stage.

Sipping our drinks as we watched the professional strippers. Lani commented on how beautiful they were and began to get anxious. I reassured her the crowd would love her. When the MC announced the contest and asked for volunteers I had to coax her to stand up. I handed her the bag and watched as she disappeared behind a curtain at the back. Making my way over to the DJ’s stand I handed him a CD and asked if he would play it when it was Lani’s turn. He told me they don’t normally do that but since we were all the way from Hawaii he would make an exception. I returned to my seat and excitedly waited.

The DJ announced the first dancer and started the music. Out came this pretty little redhead with enormous tits. It was pretty obvious they were implants. As she danced around removing one piece after another the crowd hooted and hollered. The next was a cute brunette, followed by a buxom blonde. As they removed each piece of clothing the crowd cheered. Then the DJ made an announcement saying there was a special treat all the way from Hawaii before starting the music I’d provided.  The first song was a slow hula. Lani (and every other girl who grew up in Hawaii) had taken lessons as a child. She’d dance at weddings, birthdays, etc. But not like this of course. My shy wife stepped from behind the curtain and a hush fell over the crowd. She was wrapped in a snow white pareo with big lavender orchids, a white flower haku lei on her head and the white patent leather heels from the night before.

She seemed to glide down the runway, her hips slowly swaying to the music. Using her arms, hands and fingers she interpreted the song. Palms trees swaying, ocean waves, the moon overhead etc. All the while looking intently into the crowd. Her exotic brown eyes fixing first on one guy and then another. At the end of the runway sat a table full of young guys watching as if in a trance. Upon reaching the end she slowly reached between her breasts and untied the wrap, slowly lowering it before again tying it loosely at her hips. All the while locking eyes with her audience.  Her pierced 34d’s were now swaying in rhythm with her movements. Instead of the expected hoots and hollers the crowd remained silent.

The slow hula ended and a fast Tahitian followed. It consisted of just drums and pulii sticks.  Kicking off her heels she held her arms out wide and bumped her hips hard to one side, then back to the other.  They then began gyrating wildly to the beat. She was a sight to behold. Brown feet stamping. Hips bumping and then again gyrating at a dizzying speed. The loose pareo fell to the stage leaving my wife gloriously naked except for the flowers in her hair. The crowd erupted in cheers as she continued to dance, a huge smile on her face. When the song ended everyone was on their feet. Lani beamed as she bent at the waist to retrieve her discarded wrap and shoes. The guys at the end table had a close up view of moist pink lips peeking from between brown cheeks. The cheering continued as she disappeared behind the curtain.

The contestants returned fully clothed for the judging. One at a time each girl did a quick strip to the music amid  hoots from the audience. When my naughty wife dropped her pareo it was apparent who was crowd favorite. After collecting her prize and waving, she walked over to the table. Instead of joining me she dropped her prize along with her wrap on the table in front of me. Then with a naughty wink she turned and regally walked to the bar in just flowers and heels. In no time a drink magically appeared. She was in her glory and wanted to make it last as long as possible. I watched as a crowd gathered around. Her sweet Aloha personality dazzled her rapt admirers as they stared at her charms, not daring to touch. It was nearly half an hour before she returned to our table. Bending slowly, big tits hanging in my face, she sweetly kissed me on the lips. Then after slowly wrapping the pareo around her prize winning body, sat down beside me. I was glowing with pride. Her dream had finally been fulfilled.

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