Hiding in Mr Marcus's Neighborhood

Okay I tired of being caged in like an animal. A Diva like me, prison is not VIP ever. Three damn years because I was in an old Boy friend’s apartment/ methadone lab visiting and painting my nails, when the cops raided. That punk bitch lied and said I was a customer. I knew my love for thugs would be my downfall one day. So after 6 weeks of that hell hole I bribed the 1 of the female CO’s that if I dropped the dime of the dope dealing hoes I would let her eat me. What I did was stole her keys and helped my ass out of there. Dumb ass!!!
So I ducked and dodged everywhere for what I think was a day and a half when I found the interesting and quiet home. I took my shank and cut through the patio door and helped myself in. No one was home to welcome me so, I looked around. Seemed to be a man home. He had a couple of guns lying around so I grabbed one. It was empty and I could not find the bullet but I took anyway. I also took a quick wash up in the shower. Enough to be clean but not rosy fresh. I was still scoping things out when I ended up face to face with the owner of the house. Black porn Star Mr. Marcus. OOOOOOOOh thanks to my perverts for a brother and cousin, I saw this fine mother so much it’s sad. He looked so much better without a cap on.

I held the gun up “Freeze hoe”

He looked stunned. Raised his hands in the air and said “Hey what ever you want have it. Just don’t shoot”

I screamed, ” Shut up and sit down” He backed into the bed in what looked to be a guest room. Never taking his eyes off of my face. “Alright I know who you are Mr. king of black porn, Mr. Marcus. My question is do you know who I am”

Yes you the chick the cops are after for breaking out the pen. He smiled for a moment. “You look better in person”

All right stop grinning, this ain’t no laughing matter. It seems you have a clue. So you know you have to help me hide”

No I need to call the cops” He went to try to get the phone, I grabbed it and yanked it out the jack.

Now before you zeroed in on my face you thought I was a run of the mill thief and it was all “take what you want” now you big and bad and now and wanna call the police to Mr Marcus’s Neighborhood. Uh huh”

Well, ya cute ass is holding my gun and I heard you some prissy miss on streets so yeah I thought could break for it. As he was talking, he held himself. And thought of him in a flick was making me horny as hell. My clit was throbbing and needed to be touched badly. I fought 2 big berthas off me not to be a dyke in the joint. I lifted the gun to his head.

Oh really, My true story is on the streets. Good!!! You know Mr. Marcus I’m going to act as though your scaredy cat offer is still good and take you up on it.

He looked straight ahead and asked, “What do you want”

I wanna fuck you, right here, real god. So if I get caught I’ll have a real memory to finger myself to after light out” As I made my request, I unzipped that horrible jumpsuit and stepped out of it. I was naked underneath after the shower it grossed me out to put on the same underwear so it was my pocket.

This must have been up his alley because he sized me up with a vulgar grin. “Damn you kinda thick ain’t ya” He took off his shirt, sweatpants, and shoes before reaching for me to get on the bed.

I did and he rub my clit for a moment and said, “Shit, you get real wet”. Then dove into my pussy like I was one of his flick stars and ate away. My Moans became violent as he stuck his tongue in and out of me. I rubbed and rubbed my hand over his baldhead, that alopecia should have set in.

“Turn over”, He ordered. I did, I knew the doggy style drill. He stuck his ass dick in my pussy, grabbed my titties and said ooh this shit is tight and hot. He went to town on it too. it was like he was tearing me in two as he slapped my ass and went deeper and deeper inside. My moans turned into Pleasurable screams. I came so much I think the room spun for a moment. He pulled out and pushed my ass on my back aimed his dick at my face and shot his cum all over my mouth. I licked my lips and his dick lick I wanted more. Hell I did.

He reached down and picked up the gun that I don’t and said, “I knew the shit was empty” I looked confused and scared. “I bought it this morning.”

He laughed as he stuck the tip of gun my pussy and motioned it in and out. My body shuddered.

After five minutes of gunplay I remembered I was on the run I looked up at Mr. Marcus and said, “Can I at least wash up real quick and I’ll be gone before you know it. I promise” The room got quiet.

“No you won’t. Pussy this good don’t belong in a state pen. Let’s just say this was your audition and you got a job with me tomorrow. Plus you owe me for the phone jack” He laughed.

I was a porn star off and on for maybe a year. It took another year for me to get caught. Damn Tabloids. I but I only did 3 months for escaping seemly my punk ass ex decided to tell the truth about me not knowing what the hell was going on.

Even after porno scenes to be done When the light went out in my cell on one of those “lonely moist” night I still had the real memory to get me off!!!


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