hot birthday

My best friend and I share a birthday, and we decided to spend our 18th together, at a hot night club downtown. We spent hours together getting ready, and even dressed similar, she in a tight black strapless dress, and I in a low cut long sleeve velvet black dress, both very short. We thought we looked great, she even said to me before we left, *someone is going to take that off of you tonight!* We had a few drinks before we left, and both having fake ID’s , had several more at the club. It was very busy that night, and we enjoyed all the attention we got from the hot guys at the club. We danced together, close, grinding, just for the attention of course…. Like all girls, we had to take a restroom break together, and what a long break it became… I was tipsy enough to need some help with my clothes and she was happy to oblige.. I turned around for her to fix my dress when I felt a very warm hand on my ass.. Surprisingly to me, it felt great, I looked at her and she was holding the back of my dress up and admiring the curve of my ass around my thong.. she looked up at me and said, * I told you someone was going to take this dress off of you tonight, I think it should be me.* I was shocked, I had no clue she was interested in women, let alone ME! But I instantly felt a warm rush between my legs, up to my cheeks.. she led me into the large stall at the end of the restroom, and proceeded to do exactly what she said, she removed my dress totally, leaving me in only my thong and bra..I was embarassed and excited at the same time, my pussy suddenly felt hot, throbbing like it never had for a man.. She reached out and ran her hands through my hair, and brought our faces together for the sweetest kiss I have ever had, her tounge flicking in and out of my mouth, as her hands slowly made their way down my body, caressing my back, and then tugging my panties down. She gently pushed me down onto the seat of the toilet, and undressed herself, I had seen her naked plenty of times before, but never thought to really look, her plump tits were straining against her sheer bra, and I realized that she had conveniently forgotten to wear panties, her pussy was shaved, and her love lips were shimmering with moisture.. On impulse, I reached out and ran a finger along her clit, and she gasped with pleasure.
We heard giggles in the restroom and I was worried that we would be caught, but forgot about it promptly when she came toward me and buried my face in her hot cunt, running her fingers through my hair, guiding my face with her hand on my chin, I got my first taste of pussy, and it was wonderful. Hotter, sweeter, than any cock I had ever had in my mouth… Just then, the door opened, and I was flush with shock and embarassment.. until I realized that it was two older women, kissing each other, who had obviously come here for just the thing that we were doing right now..
The were just as shocked to find us as we were to see them, as my friend had forgotten to lock the door. I expected them to close the door and laugh their way out, but they did just the opposite. They looked at each other, then looked at us, walked into the large stall, closed and locked the door, and began kissing each other again…
Watching them, still paralyzed with shock, I began to realize that this could turn into a hell of a night.
My friend, as casual as you please, said to one of the women, *If you plan to share the stall, I plan to share your girl.*Appearently this was fine with the woman. The two of them started to strip each other fervently.. I was dumbfounded, sitting nearly naked on the tiolet, my best friend stroking my hair with one hand and her pussy with the other, both of us watching them closely..she with hungry lustful eyes, and I with the interest of someone who has never seen such a thing.. She turned back to me, *Ive wanted to tell you for a long time that I prefer women, and that I’ve wanted you for just as long.. I hope this doesnt change things too much* she said with a sly grin..
I did’nt know what to say, I was still in awe of the two women in the stall with us, one tall and thin with small breasts, and short blond hair, the other petite, with flaming red hair and tattoos and piercings , ravaging each other with abandon..
I realized that I had never been so hot, wet and blatantly horny in my life.. *it’s ok* I told her.. And with that she got down on her knees on the floor of the stall, spread my legs wide, and buried her face in my dripping slit. I braced myself on the handrails, and watched as her pink tounge flicked back and forth over my swollen clit. I was instantly cumming, juices flowing down to my ass, watching her chesnut hair flow around her face as she smiled around my wet cunt.
The women with us were beginning to take a great interest in us, the petite one nibbling the blond’s nipple as she watched me writhe with pleasure..
She asked me *Do you eat pussy well??* I replied *I dont know, I havent really tried yet..* she came over to me, caressed my face, leaving her girl to watch, and kissed me deeply as my friend continued to lick, suck and toungefuck my pussy.. I was in heaven.. As she explored my mouth with her tounge and I moaned with pleasure, she removed my bra and roughly pinched my right nipple, I gasped harshly, not sure wether what i felt was pain or pleasure, I quickly decided it was both.
She positioned herself above me, and guided my mouth to her waiting clit. It was pierced. *X marks the spot, kiss it lightly, then suck.* she said to me.. I obliged happily, running my tounge along her clit, tasting her salty juices… She directed me to pull up gently on her clit ring to expose her swollen pearl drop, as I slid one finger deep into her wet hole, and I must have been a great student because she began grinding her cunt into my face as i slid another finger, then another inside her.
She came within minutes, my mouth filled with hot salty juices, and she released my face from the grip of her pussy.. *She’s a fast learner,* she told my friend, who had sat back to stroke her own clit as the blond played with her plumb tits while they watched the two of us..
She agreed heartily, and I was still sprawled, spread eagle on the toilet, as she stood up, and leaned the length of her body against me… her tits against mine, mound to mound…she kissed my lips gently and reached between my legs to stroke my clit again..
*Your turn to cum* she told me. *I know you like it in the ass, youve told me so..* she then asked the blond beauty if she would like to help her get me off…
My friend instructed me to turn over, with my ass in the air…I did and immediately felt her tounge teasing my tight ass hole… It felt so good, I inhaled sharply in anticipation of the penetration, but it didnt come… she licked around slowly, teasing and tickling my ass, I felt strange movement, then a second tounge was attacking my already dripping pussy.. I had never felt anything so hot, so wonderful. at once I began to quiver, to shake from head to toe, the blonde sucked my pussy as my friend teased my ass with her tounge… I couldnt help myself from crying out *Please! Go inside! I want you in my ass!* but the rest of the thought was cut off by the hot redhead, in a flash, she sat in front of me and again smothered my face with her cunt. It was hot, wet, red and swollen…*Eat it.. Lick my pussy. I want to cum on your face again.. That hot little mouth feels so good on my clit… * I set to licking at her clit again, and busied my fingers inside her throbbing hole.. I decided that this hot girl deserved the same pleasure i was recieving.I buried three fingers inside her pussy, as I sucked on her clit, and slowly slid one finger of the other hand into her very tight ass. She jumped, and her eyes widened as i looked up at her, but she smiled.. As my ass was deeply fucked by my friend’s tounge and fingers, and my pussy was vigorusly eaten, and by now almost fistfucked, I came in great gushes all over the blond’s hand and chin, groaning into the redhead’s pussy, finge
rfucking her ass and pussy h
arder, and faster, eagerly awaiting the hot rush of juices from her beautiful pierced pussy..
It came almost immediately, and I brought myself up to her, kissing her red lips, letting her taste herself on my mouth, slipping my fingers between her lips..
We were all spent, happy, and in need of a drink..
Needless to say, My frined and I left soon after that and spent the night together. A very long night..Now that we are even closer than before our birthday, we plan to go out ALOT more…

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  1. hottexanslut

    damn! this got my puss wet, I want more!

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    That was DAMN GOOD!

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  3. littlegirl

    This story got me so wet I had to fuck myself.
    I want more

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