Hot Summer Day

It was a hot summer day, and Bonnie was very horny. Her husband, Tom wasn’t home so Bonnie took it upon herself to relieve her sexual tension. Bonnie put on her husband’s favorite play outfit, heels, and did her makeup just the way he likes it. Bonnie positioned herself on the couch lying down masturbating lost in her own little world. Bonnie was unaware that her husband had come home and was standing at the window watching her. He quietly entered the house. To her surprised he was very upset with Bonnie. As he watched her masturbate before and normally really enjoyed it. He began to scold her as if Bonnie was a child. Then there was this look in his eyes that instead of lecturing her on the dos and don’ts of masturbating with the blinds open he would teach her a lesson Bonnie would never forget. He walked up to her and told her he was going to punish her for being so careless and teach her a lesson. He grabbed her hair firmly with is right hand. Bonnie had no choice but to get off the couch and kneel in front of him. Tom said, “If you are going to act like a slut you are going to be treated as one. What if a stranger seen you? What if that stranger wanted you?
He grabbed her hair more forcefully and told her to undo his pants. He said, “Suck my cock, slut!” Bonnie said, “that is enough, stop doing this, you are hurting me.” To her surprise again, he just said good. He pulled her head on to his cock and buried his cock in her mouth. Bonnie always dream of him being rough with her, but this was beyond what usually happened. He started fucking her face so hard she couldn’t breath. It was so primal and raw. “How’s that you slut?” Bonnie could not answer or even breath with his large bulging cock deep inside her mouth and with her hair pulled so tight couldn’t even shake her head or fight him off. Tom lifted her up by her hair with no choice Bonnie stood in front of him. Bonnie, I’m not done with you yet, so don’t get too excited.” Still having a firm grip of her hair, he walked her backwards to the kitchen table, spun her around and forced her down so her stomach. Her cheek hit the table with such force. Tom pressed her face down on the kitchen table and with his foot forced her legs apart. When Bonnie tried to get up he would push her down again. His hand still firmly holding her hair, he took her rabbit vibrator and shoved it deep inside her dripping pussy with such thrust she screamed. Bonnie was screaming and trying to get up off the table. Tom slapped her on the ass with his left hand, pulling her head off the table with his right and in a firm voice said “You better start behaving or it will get worse” and slap her ass harder than before. Bonnie’s pussy was dripping wet and she was cumming for the second time. Bonnie now looking forward to her next orgasm and stopped fighting against Tom. Tom released his right hand from her hair. Reached into his pocket and pulled out his pocket knive. Bonnie could hear the sound that his pocket knife made when it opened. Tom pressed the cold steal of his blade and placed it on her skin. Bonnie trembled as the cool blade lay on her back, and with one swipe of Tom’s wrist her outfit was being shredded off of her. Tom pulled her legs farther apart and pressed her toy deeper inside her pussy. She felt the throbbing rabbit vibrator buried deep inside her pussy. Bonnie gasped in surprise as Tom’s rock hard cock went deep inside her ass. Tom fucked her ass with long hard thrusts while the vibrator was buzzing deep in her pussy. He grabbed her hair again and said, “I have both your holes stuffed slut. Does it please you?” Bonnie couldn’t answer or even catch her breath as Tom slammed harder and deeper with each thrust. With one last thrust he came so hard that Bonnie almost slid across the table.

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