I was used and dumped by my Boss


Her Boss had gone away for two weeks and while he was away she told her Husband about the Affair. She wanted to leave him and told him how she didn’t Love him anymore and he couldn’t satisfy her the way her “Boyfriend” did. She wouldn’t tell him who she was seeing which pissed him off greatly. He called her a Tramp, actually punched her in the face and threatened to kill this “other guy”. He took her clothes and threw them on the front lawn and told her to get out. She moved back in with her Parents and waited for her Boss to return.
Once he did, unaware of the events of the last week, they met at their usual spot and went to a Drive-in. He had not seen her in two weeks and she told me he had his hard dick out of his pants before they had even stopped the car. He went right for her Boobs but she stopped him and told him they needed to talk first.

She explained what she had told her husband and how she had moved out and now they could be together. She could tell the change in him instantly, for one thing his erection was suddenly limp. She asked him if there was a problem and if he still Loved her. (Here I have to give the guy credit because he came back with one of the all time great lines) and she told me she remembers each word because they were “burned” into her memory forever: “I don’t think I could spend the rest of my life with someone who wouldn’t Suck My Cock”.

She had never had oral sex before, either giving or receiving, and simply didn’t know what to do. She was now trapped between a Rock and a hard place (excuse the pun) and didn’t see anyway out .

She asked him if he would “instruct” her and got down on her knees on the floor of his truck and carefully slipped his now erect again penis into her mouth. He told her to think tongue, lips and no teeth and that he would help her with the motion. He placed his hands on both sides of her head and started a slow and steady in and out motion. She had placed a napkin on the floor next to her so when the time came (another pun) she would have the option of either swallowing or spitting his load into the napkin. She figured she must have been doing pretty good because after a few minutes she felt his erection start to swell even more and then all of a sudden one of his hands went to the back of her head and he pushed himself in deeper to the point where her chin pushed up against his ball sack. The first shot hit her in the back of the throat which changed her options from spitting or swallowing to swallowing or choking. She realize they had not seen each other for two weeks but was still surprised at how much he came. He wiped off her chin, told her she had done really well, for her first time, and they settled in to watch the Movie. She noticed he didn’t say much, he just sat there with his arm around her and playing with her Breasts with his free hand.
After the first Movie they left and drove back to where she had parked her car. They got into the back seat of her car where there was enough room for her to lie back and they could “make Love”. She was a little nervous because they were parked in the back of a Supermarket parking lot and he wanted her to get totally naked, shoes, socks, everything.
They started to make love and it felt really good, but he was spending most of his time licking and sucking on her Breasts. When he had her Breasts really wet he pulled out of her pussy and crawled up and placed his erection between her Breasts, grabbing both of then roughly and squeezing them together with his penis in the middle. He pumped very hard, to the point where she could feel heat coming off his penis, and then he did something he had never done before, he put on a condom. He slid back down and entered her pussy again. She asked him why he was wearing the “rubber” and he told her he needed to be careful because she wasn’t a married woman anymore. For the first time in their three month affair she felt like they were not making Love, he was just fucking her. He was very rough with her breasts and pinched her nipples to the point of pain. When she asked him to be more gentle with nipples he reached down and forced a finger into her ass. He complained that she was not the Wild girl she used to be and then started pumping her like he was trying to get his money’s worth out of a rented car. He blew his load, pulled the rubber off and dropped it on the car floor and as he was pulling his pants up told her he need to be going.
As he drove away she sat there in the back seat of her car, bare ass naked with her clothes on the front seat floor. She looked up and there were two people in the car parked in front of her (there was an empty space between them). They were employees from the Supermarket having a beer after work. She could not reach her clothes and needed to get out of the back seat and open the front door, which turned on the dome light, to reach them. As she stood there putting on her pants the car with the two strangers started up and pulled up next to her. The driver asked her if she was “OK”, she turned to him and told him she was fine. He said you are more than Fine and then drove away.
That was the last time she would see her Boss alone

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