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Meagan: An Unexpected Classroom Encounter


Meagan dropped her books onto the desk, flicking the eyes of John toward her. “Hia John”, she chirped with her bright face and childish voice.hey… John tentatively replied. John watched her sit down next to him, confused.

Why wasn’t she sitting next to Cassie? Did they have a fight? The rest of the tech students flooded into the small classroom, followed by Mr Rudge. Something brushed against John’s leg. He looked down and saw stocking-covered legs rubbing against his leg. He looked back up to Meagan to see her smiling face turned to the front, seemingly enthralled in the teachers lesson. John turned his face back to the front, not knowing what to make of it.

As Mr Rudge’s lecture continued, Meagan’s leg continued to coax John’s length harder and harder. He breathed in as her small fingers started caressing his knee. He felt like he was about to burst out of his pants, he reached down adjust himself when Meagan snatched his hand, pulling it toward her. She held it for a minute, rubbing it, while John panicked, not sure whether to pull back or start rubbing her hand back. Her hands guided his slowly lower, until she lifted her skirt and quickly jabbing his hand into her crotch. She let out a light pant but left it there, sliding two fingers at a time in and out of the tight panties, the tiny space wouldn’t allow for much more.

She let go of his hand, letting him stroke her small lips as she jolted slightly, trying to contain her cries. No one suspected a thing, she took a smiling glance over toward John before moving her hand onto his thigh, slowly unzipping his pants and rubbing the raging boner through his boxers, panting with her realization of size. Her hand dived into the boxers, grasping the base of his cock; her fingers couldn’t touch each other. With surprise, John slipped a finger up into her, causing her eyes to widen and legs to shake against his hands. He smiled and continued, trying two.” alright, time to get to work, those of you still writing plans stay in here, the rest with me”, Mr Rudge exclaimed, John and Meagan, too distracted to have paid attention to the instructions given, stayed in the classroom with Mac, the only other not going out.

Focused as always on his work, Meagan saw this as her opportunity. Her hand slid up and down John’s shaft, just to the head, stroking it rhythmically, changing paces from fast to slow. She leaned over, checking both ways to see if anyone was watching before plunging her small lips over the base of his cock, filling her mouth. John looked, mouth wide with ecstasy as his load started filling her mouth, each squirt coating every crevice in there. She rushed her hands to the side of her mouth to pick up the excess milk that wouldn’t fit in her already more than full mouth. John smiled and wiped her chin as she looked back up, lifting her head backward and, with struggle, gulping down the seed. She looked down at the excess in her hands for a moment, before pulling the strap of her panties and rubbing it over her pussy lips, giving a delighted smile toward John.

“Thanks, Johnny Boy”, she beamed before jumping up and darting back to Cassie’s side.


A young man that loves to write and share his erotic fantasies

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