Jack's Surprise

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Like all wives I always knew like any man my husband always wanted a little more, well maybe now was the time to let him experiment……

This party seemed like the ideal time to plan my special gift. I wanted to give my husband a surprise…….. One he may not quite be expecting.

I’d thought about a professional but had decided to choose from the party guests instead, I wanted the to put a situation together that had that lustful urgency about it.

A couple of hours into the party and of course by now sufficiently loosened I noticed that my husband had found a flirtation. With a dark hair and a funky short haircut, size 10 body and jeans that looked like they were painted on I knew the combination was a winner.

Her name was Sarah and she was looking to score…………..

Jack looked great, with a body that comes from hard work outside……tanned and muscular……….he knew the chicks got hot when he flirted with them, all harmless of course after all he was married, but that didn’t stop him from fantasising. He’d spotted Sarah, she had that sassy I know how to suck and fuck look and the thought of that gave him a buzz………if only he knew.

Sarah didn’t know that Jack and I were together so encouraging her obvious lustful looks wasn’t that hard so all I had to do was sit back watch and enjoy.

Sarah walked up to Jack and offered him the drink she had gotten for him, she stood slightly to his left allowing her to rub her breast over his bare arm, this did not go unnoticed by jack who was surprised how quickly it went to his nob which for some reason seemed over sensitive to any thought or site that had passed by him so far tonight.

Sarah thought fuck this guy is hot I would really like to fuck him. Wanting to up the anty a bit she leaned into Jacks ear and said “I want to fuck you right now”. Sarah turned to leave thinking she should let Jack ponder on this suggestion when she felt a hand on her back and teasing fingers reaching inside her jeans gently teasing the top of her arse crack……..Jack leaned over and whispered…….follow me…………….

I could see Jack turn and leave with Sarah closely following behind. I knew this story was about to get interesting. Jack and Sarah went downstairs and into the internal garage. Only 1 car was there – ours with its blacked out back windows. I watched as Jack opened the back car door and hopped in pulling Sarah in behind him. I followed them into the garage and them quietly closed the door behind me, I wanted to hear this in private.

I couldn’t see what my husband and Sarah were doing but boy could I hear it.

I could hear Jack sucking and teasing Sarah’s firm young nipples, I knew his cock would be straining against his jeans and I could just see him grabbing her hand and pushing it towards his crutch urgently begging her to grab his cock. I hear Jack tell her how hard she’s making his cock and that she should suck the precum that he can feel oozing out already in anticipation of her hot little cunt.

Listening to them making out was making me hotter than I ever thought and I couldn’t help but put my hand up my dress and start rubbing my hot little mound………

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