Jim, Marilyn, and Me

The following sounds like bullshit but I swear to God every word is true:

Beginning with the spring of 1991. My wife had just left me, and I found myself in a parkĀ in April of that year, which was unseasonably warm.

I sat down on the shore, near the band stand. A woman was lying on her stomach on a blanket, in a very short skirt. She was slightly uphill from me, and the walking path was between us.

Whenever I looked her way, her legs were spread, and I could swear that I could see all the way up to her pussy, although I wasn’t too sure. The odd thing was, every time somebody came by, she would close her legs, and then open them again when they passed.

Finally, she turned onto her side and greeted me. “Great day, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Sure is,” I replied.

“I was just doing some reading; would you care to join me?”

I almost said no, because I was enjoying the view from where I was. But I set that stupidity aside, and joined her on the blanket.

“I was reading these,” she said. “They make me warm.” She had a collection of Penthouse forum magazines.

That emboldened me. “Are you wearing anything under that skirt?” I asked.

“No,” came her reply.

“I’d love to get a better look.”

She looked up and down the path to make sure the coast was clear, and then pulled up her skirt, showing me her pussy. It was covered in fine red hair, matching the hair on her head.

“I’d love to do something about that,” I said.

“My car is up there in the parking lot.”

I helped gather up her blanket and as we walked toward the car, a man approached us. “That’s my husband,” she said. “he’s totally cool with this.”

We made our introductions. I don’t mind using the names they gave me, because I am convinced they were false. Jim and Marilyn, they called themselves.

We walked to the car and Jim stood guard outside while Marilyn let me fondle her pussy and her tiny breasts. She pulled my cock out and began to stroke it, making me cum in just a few short minutes.

I gave them my phone number and we had several meets that year, including a few where I actually got to fuck her with Jim watching.

Absolutely my hottest unplanned event, and my closest brush with threesomes (Jim NEVER participated..he only watched).


(Image Source: Sandy Bunz and Flashpoint Productions)

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