JoAnn Goes To Vegas

JoAnn walked around her home in Las Vegas very much uneasy as she had just fought with her husband about him not being home much and wanted to somehow get even with him for paying little attention to her and her needs.  She began to feel naughty and thought it would serve him right if she went out on the town and let what happens happen.  She thought of the slogan, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

She  lived about three miles from the strip, so she dressed sexily, short dress, low top to show off her 38dd tits and put on high heels.  She knew she looked good, her legs tanned and long and beautiful plus the top part would make any man get a hard on, and she giggled at this thought.  She caught a cab to the casino, paid the cabbie with an extra tip by parting her legs as she got out.  She walked into the casino, enjoying the smell of smoke, booze and people.  She watched as people moved from machine to machine and noticed that a lot of men appeared to be without mates.  She sat at a black jack machine and began playing, enjoying a drink that the bunny brought to her.  After a while, she got up and walked slowly up and down the aisles and enjoyed the looks she got from the men, some of them even reaching down and rubbing themselves as they apparently fantasized about her.  She watched a large man, handsome in a rugged way mover with ease around people and end up standing close to her.  She looked up at him and he smiled at her.  Later on, she ran across him again going into the restaurant.  She walked up just in back of him and he said, “Hi, we meet again.  I would love to buy your dinner.”

After dinner, we walked out and he invited me to a drink and dance, which I accepted.  We had three drinks each and soon we were moving into motion on the dance floor.  It was a slow dance and I melted into his arms.  He was tall and my head was by his chest and he replied that I was short, but beautiful and danced divinely.  We continued drinking and dancing and at last when we went back to have a final drink, he made his move and asked me to come up to his room for another drink.  Finally, I thought, maybe I will get fucked yet tonight and we proceeded to his room.

Once inside, he wasted no time but picked me up, kissed me on the lips hard and pulled my skirt up around my waist and finger fucked me for several minutes until I reached down and unzipped him and pulled out a huge cock.  I put my lips around the head and sucked him until he finally threw me over on the bed and pushed his huge cock up inside me.  I shuddered as he begin pumping that shaft up me and I suddenly reached a climax that made me pass out.

He splashed water in my face and laughing said, “Hell, I didn’t mean to knock you out but that was fantastic!  I shot my load in you while you were out so we will have to do that again, but we’ll have to wait for an hour before I can do it again.  If you want, I can call my buddy up for a piece or we can wait.”

“Hmmmm,” I said, “why don’t you bring him up anyhow.” And in ten minutes there was a very handsome large man coming through the door who proceeded to undress.  I watched in anticipation as his large cock came into view.  He lay down with us and I began stroking his cock and soon I had him between my legs and he was fucking me hard and fast.  I felt the heated cum blow into my cunt and I cried out as I came and passed out again.

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