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As I looked into those eyes I knew this is where I was meant to be, and nothing was going to stop me from getting what I wanted. He just stood there staring at me as if it was the first time he had ever seen me, although it was in the flesh he has seen plenty of me online. I did not know what to do or say ”just go with the flow Babydoll “I heard come from his lips, It was the softest touch I have ever felt before as he placed his hand on my mine, he tangled his fingers in mine then lead me to his room, All I kept hearing in my head what are you doing girl go home, but my body had a different idea.
He looked so good in his jeans and black shirt which had a couple of buttons undone, I could not help but stare at the chest I could see, I just wanted to rip his shirt open, and lick every little inch of his chest, I could feel my heart start to race faster as he ran his finger down my right arm. We just stood there starting at each other, and then it was if everything in the world was telling us to go for it, He grabbed me and threw me on the bed pulling my boots off, then he crawled his way up to my jeans and started playing with the buttons. I grabbed his shirt and ripped it open I pulled him closer and started biting his neck he could not help but lean right over the top of me, and I could breathe him in. He leant down and started kissing me, I did not resist and kissed him back then we just got out of control, it was like we could not get our clothes off quick enough, harder and harder it became to pull and tug and slip off. Finally he pulled me up and bent down in front of me, looking up at me pulling my jeans down and kissing every bit of skin that got revealed. I just moaned it felt so good. My head rolled back and I could feel his hands all over the back of my thighs as he pulled me in closer his face on my thighs, I could feel my pulse racing and his hands felt hot. I grabbed his face and started lifting him up he grabbed my singlet on the way and it was off. He just wrapped his arms around me we were just absorbing each other, I could feel how hard he was he let go and dropped his jeans I did not need to look I knew it was good. Just the fact we were there our skin against each other was enough I was happy, but not satisfied yet I knew I wanted more and was not going to stop.
Johnny Boy picked me up and took me over to the mirror he stood me in front of it I could see myself, my long dark wavy hair and falling all over my natural breasts and my pierced bellybutton he was standing behind me, so hard against me all his muscles looked so good I could eat him, I turned around and dropped to my knees I ran my fingers up the inside of his thighs, the grabbed my hair and started tightening it around his hand, if it hurt I did not feel It adrenalin took over, I grabbed his shaft with my right hand and this ass check with my other, I stated kissing his knob softly, my tongue took over running up and down his shaft all around making it wet, the pre cum on my lips tasted so good, I could not get enough, then I opened up and ran him inside my mouth without any hesitation, He moaned so long and hard and I got faster and faster sucking him harder and harder, staring up into his eyes I could see he was enjoying it as much as I was. Fuck he tasted so good I could not get enough, I just kept pushing harder and harder till I was nearly dry reaching, taking him all the way.
I could feel how wet I was getting the inside of my thighs were sliding together as I moved him in and out, my juices were flowing down like honey I needed more, but he ripped my head back and pulled me up and slid his tongue into my mouth tasting himself on me, he turned me around and rubbed his body on my back it felt so good then he grabbed me by the hips and threw me over onto the bed I landed on my back he dived at me tearing me legs apart and diving into my hot wet pussy, licking and sucking I lost it. Moaning and moving around he held me down wrapping his arms around my thighs so I could not move it felt so good I was losing control, I just felt his tongue sliding in and out of me I was going to cum all over his face any minute.
Then he stopped I nearly lost it he let go and jumped on top off me pinning my arms above my head, then he looked into my eyes he smiled and I knew, he slid inside me and we both moaned at the same time. He dropped his head into my neck and just kept pumping in and out of me, harder and harder I was trying to move but he would not let me, I wanted to roll him over but he just held me down saying no, then he got up on his knees pushed my legs up and started fucking me, it felt so good he was watching his cock slide in and out of my wet pussy, this turned him on as he got faster and faster, I could feel myself building up. I’m going to cum I screamed out he slowed down fuck you I screamed at him.
He got off and told me to get on my hands and knees so I did he got behind me slapped my ass told me how cute it was then he bent down and bite my right ass cheek it felt so good, he leant over me whispering in my ear, ” I’m going to fuck you so hard Babydoll your going to wish you never meet me” , I just smiled at him and said “bring it on I dare you” , then without any hesitation he grabbed my hips and forced his cock deep inside me again pounding inside me I could feel I was going to be sore tomorrow but I did not care. He ran his hand around and started playing with my clit, that sent me over the edge, he could tell I was going to lose it so he slowed down again, I kept thinking I hate you right now, He knew it laughing to himself as I was getting to pissed off just fuck me please, he pulled out and got of the bed. I just collapsed you’re the biggest asshole, I have ever meet you know that.
He told me to get up and I said fuck off he said it again I said the same thing, he came over and stated running his fingers down my back, just his touch was enough to make me shudder, I rolled over and he leant in and kissed me, I tried to push him away but my hands would not listen to my brain, He ran his fingers over my ass again then kept going around my ass, I stopped him and rolled onto my back he bent down and took my right nipple in his mouth nibbling at it, I let go closed my eyes, my right hand found his cock and stated rubbing it, he had not gone down still hard as a rock he let out a soft moan, his hand found its way down to my thigh then back up sliding two fingers inside my wet pussy I felt so hot like the inside of my thighs were burning, I stopped and pushed him out of me, I rolled him over and straddled his face he dived inside me, I wrapped my mouth around hid hard cock and took it all in as he was working his mouth and tongue around my clit, I could see his toes curling he was going to cum, I could feel it building up inside me. I knew he was trying to fight it.
I took him out of my mouth and started nibbling his knob it drove him nuts he was trying to lift his hips up to slid back in my mouth but I just kept teasing him, rubbing him with my hand, then I opened up and took him all the way inside down my throat, he shuddered and let out a moan and this cum came streaming out into my mouth and down my throat swallowing it all, as I came all over his mouth while he was lapping it up with his tongue. When he had finished blowing in my mouth I rolled off him laying next to each other head to toe, I whispered Johnny Boy and he just laughed, He pulled his head up and said round two Babydoll, We both stated laughing.

I hope you enjoyed that one my loved readers there will be much more Johnny Boy and Babydoll stories to cum soon! XoXoXo Your NaughtyMistress

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